Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Headlines from USA Today 1-14-10

So while todays headlines don't really compare to the "Pant's Off--Dance Off" post below, I still had to give my take on some of the headlines out of the USA TODAY for Thursday

Study: Men, women respond to stress differently....No shit, really!!! And all this time people wondered where husbands got black eyes and bruised balls.  I would love to meet the genius that got paid to do this study

Tony Romo's next test comes vs. boyhood hero, Brett Favre....But that plan might get put on hold because Brett Farve can't make his mind up about playing in the game or not....breaking news...Farve Retires....uh..change that....Farve just get the point...Stupid ass Brett Farve

'A few minutes' with Andy Rooney becomes 91 years....And he hasn't trimmed his eyebrows once

Garlic prices soar in China amid flu fears....In related China news, Vampires seen leaving China as fast as teenage girls flock to theaters to see Twilight Movies

Who should lead the next 'Spider-Man'? Begin the debate....I was going to throw my name into this debate, but I seem to have a problem climbing buildings, I fall just a little to often



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