Monday, January 18, 2010

Random Headlines from USA Today 1-18-10

St. Louis fans cheer McGwire in public debut....Only people in attendance we those who thought he was handing out steroids.

Sighted, blind men both wowed by women's tiny waists...Blind men get the better end of the stick as they get to touch and feel the women's tiny waist and sighted men get to look and then get yelled at for staring

Man accused in JFK security breach says it was a mistake....It was a mistake because he was meaning to breach security at Atl's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, dumbass didn't even know he was at the wrong airport.

Obamas celebrate first lady's 46th birthday a bit early.....This was a 2 person party....bow chicka  wow wow...And party didn't last long as secret service breaks it up, due to loud screams being heard from Oval Office. Yeah Pres. Obama taking care of business



Anonymous,  February 7, 2010 at 11:27 PM   Reply to

The Center for Media Research has released a study by Vertical Response that shows just where many of these ‘Main Street’ players are going with their online dollars. The big winners: e-mail and social media. With only 3.8% of small business folks NOT planning on using e-mail marketing and with social media carrying the perception of being free (which they so rudely discover it is far from free) this should make some in the banner and search crowd a little wary.

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