Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Headlines from USA TODAY 1-27-10

Been a few days since I have blessed your eyes with some good headlines, so I thought these would be good for a laugh today.
PETA calls for robotic groundhog to replace Punxsutawney Phil....PETA is not going to be happy when this damn robot comes out and is covered in fur.  PETA, do you not have anything better to do?

Attacker hits Israel's chief justice with sneaker in face....Then screams Nike made me "JUST  DO IT" and "GOTTA BE THE SHOES"

Truth about sex: 60% of young men, teen boys lie about it....No kidding.  Get this, about 100% of married men lie about it too.  Sure I get it ALL the time

Book tells of John Edwards' affair, his disdain for 'fat rednecks'....Sweet, asshole's book tells how he cheats on his wife who has cancer and fathers her kid, and how he likes "skinny rednecks"



Heidi January 28, 2010 at 10:58 AM   Reply to

Seriously PETA? That's one I haven't heard. Found your blog from Nikki's Life as we know it...

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