Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweet Dreams....maybe?

Recently C1 has been coming into our room in the middle of the night telling us he had a bad dream.  I am not surprised by this, I think that this is something that every child goes through. I mean I know I went through it, so I am not that concerned.  Our children slept in our bed for a long while, I guess it is what T & many others call co-sleeping, and when we made the change a long while ago C1 made the transition very smoothly.  Well last night he came to our room at some point and told us he had another bad dream and got into bed with us, ALL of us, the whole family ended up in our bed last night, no big deal.

Well, we all are in the kitchen Friday evening and while I, yes I am doing dishes, T and C1 tell me about the bad dream he had last night. C1's bad dream was about someone throwing him into the fireplace. Probably because we have had alot of fires lately.

Here's where it get's good.

So try to picture this....I really mean it, close your eyes and think of me a big, goofy, always clowning around over aged child. I start out by telling C1 about his dream and how I use to have the same one and when I did, I used to believe that when I was thrown into the fireplace, my fire protective suit came on.  I am jumping around the kitchen and making sound effect and dancing around and going nuts. Mean while T and the kids are laughing and looking at crazy daddy....All except C3, who is looking at  me like I have 12 eyes and 5 noses (which is not a far stretch, I have a big nose). So I take it a step further, I duck around the corner and come jumping out screaming about how I am ICEMAN and I put out fires and I have ICE shooting out of my hands. (I mean that is what is suppose to be like) Use your imagination people.

Now it gets really good, I mean really good.  What puts out fires?  That's right       


So I proceed to take a bottle water and while yelling "I am ICEMAN and WATERMAN and FIRES cant stop me" I pour water all over my face and body in the kitchen and drop to my knees and spray water out of my mouth, kinda like the crazies from WWE Wrestling do and the kids and T are all laughing and C2 wants me to do it again and C1 is laughing and C3.....still looking at me like I am an IDIOT. T is laughing cause my shirt is wet and the floor is wet


I am ICEMAN and WATERMAN....Fires cant hold me down..

Maybe, just maybe tonight if C1 starts to have a bad dream, he will become some wild and crazy super hero and save himself and feel good about it and have a great night sleep.

My lesson to you and trust me I don't ever really have anything great to spread about parenting......

Do whatever it takes to make your children feel better even if it means making a complete jackass of yourself....Hope my C's sleep well tonight and I hope your children do as well....Goodnight from This Daddy



Anonymous,  January 16, 2010 at 4:10 PM   Reply to

It will probably work! When TRex would tell us about his bad dreams, hubby would tell him that when that happens he can be this superhero or that one and win in his dreams. Since then, he tells us about bad dreams and how he turned into some superhero and beat the bad dream.

Just keep reminding them they can control their dreams!

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