Saturday, January 9, 2010

T left me in charge today

So when I woke up this morning I knew I had alot of stuff to do today but I never knew I would be in charge of running the house today.  See if you know me, or T and our family then you know T runs the show, and you also know that I don't have a problem with it at all.  If you don't know then consider yourself schooled.  So everyone is still sick, except me and C1 and that meant I was in for a fun filled day, yeah right.

Ok before I begin, I am sitting in bed and T is snoring so LOUD right now, I know she is sick and  all but damn. Anyways, it was not easy pulling it off today but I did and I think T was pretty pleased by the way the day went. I cooked breakfast (don't normally do), lunch went ok, but dinner oh shit, I don't know anything about what my kids eat. T said fix spaghetti, so I could have do it the way I do it or her way, so I bugged her and got it done.  Fixed the kids plates and sat with them and looky what we have here......NO ONE IS EATING!  Never occured to me that C1, only likes the noodles, C2 wont eat the meat , and C3 well she had some of it and T did also after she got up from her 2nd nap today.  So C1 and C2 then went back into the kitchen and finished the 2nd wave of dinner.

We really did have a great day today, even though the kids and T are sick.  We watched movies, played games and we had a steady fire all day.  The kids really enjoyed the games and C1 even stayed up a little later tonight to have some daddy and mommy game time. T is still snoring so F-ING LOUD. I keep waking her and she goes right back to it. If not for the sick kids, tonight would be an IPOD night.

The biggest problem today came in the early afternoon when our heat stopped working and we had no idea why. I have no idea about that shit and, I was stressing out and wondering about keeping my family warm, cause it had dipped below 60 in the house. So I am getting ready to get online and or go outside and try to figure out what the hell to do then T says she is on the phone with LM and that they say try this or do that, and I scream WTF do they know?  Well BM's family owns a heating and air business, so I think that gives him a say of what I could do. So to BM and LM sorry for being an asshole on the phone and thanks for the help........yeah checked the breaker box and that was it.

So I hope tomorrow goes as well. I will be finishing the laundry and cleaning the bathrooms all along with the 3 meals and making sure everyone feels better.......oh shit that sound like something a real dad would do.

Right now I am going to watch Saturday Night Live with my man Charles Barkley and listen to T snore, and wait for C2 to come come climb in our bed.  Not  feeling well and coughing means come to my bed.  And now he is already here.  So I will be falling asleep to the gentle sounds of T snoring, and C2 coughing.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..



The Mullins Life... January 10, 2010 at 7:56 AM   Reply to

Its ok. We love you even when you are mean.hahahaha

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