Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekend Fun

What a nice weekend, even though the weather was very cold for us here in Ga. it was still a nice weekend. It was a well deserved 3 day weekend and T never once mentioned has happy she was that I would be going back to work tomorrow. Friday was great, relaxed with the kids while trying to get C1 better from the flu. Played some Wii with the kids, watched football (all weekend long LOVED THIS) and T's best friend L brought us some awesome greens, black eyed peas, and my man B smoked a couple chickens and sent them to us. Now for you that dont live in Ga., smoking chickens is not some crazy shit we do to have fun, you know just a different way to cook them. ( Just making sure you knew we didnt party like that)  Saturday B and L brought her 2 boys C & C over to play with our 4 C's, C1 was feeling a little better and no fever so that was good. They exchanged gifts and so did the adults, I want them to know I loved my Falcons hat (yeah honey..another hat) and the headphones. Now the girly calendar was um how do I put this, um, um, I really cant say, T would kick me in my vasectomisized nuts. Love you honey.   So B and I decided to get the kids off the Wii and he and I would hook up a little Tiger Woods. I bought the game before the upgraded version came out with all the caddies being women he has slept with, so we went at it...You know for someone who has never played before he did quite well....Well enough to beat me. It was fun and I had a good time with them over, they are great and awesome friends and I am love them enough to consider them family. They are always there for us...yes even you B, but I do want you to know I coughed all over everything you came over with. (Inside joke).  Ahh Sunday, NFL football Sunday. Atlanta Falcons, today with the win over Tampa Bay this makes the first time in history that the Falcons have had back to back winning seasons. And for something that makes me the happiest man alive tonight...I am a simple man, easy to please and some of you may think this is gross or nasty, but I thank my hot, sexy wife for shaving my back. I am as hairy as Tom Selleck in Magnum PI and I hate my body hair, so she did my back, I did my arms and chest and I am a smooth operator now. Yeah feeling good...And with that, goodnight...



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