Friday, February 26, 2010

Women are so mean to each other.....and I love it

Cut-throat, nasty, dirty, bitchy, mean, bitchy, down right hard core.

What am I talking about?  Hahaha, I am talking about the women that are on the MckMama forum that go after each other like they have just stolen their boyfriends  before their senior year prom.  I go on there because there are usually some good topics and Tgot me hooked into this shit, but some topics posted earlier today and tonight just have me laughing my ass off.

One woman makes a comment and 5 women attack her like a pit bull.  That is right you pit bull lovers I said it. They dog each other out for decisions they make on how to raise children.  I have read it all, breast or bottle, cloth or disposable, paper or plastic?  This shit gets crazy. 

See guys who have blog forums like this dont try to hurt feeling, we dont f-ing care.  Lebron sucks and Kobe is a rapist and shit like that and we tell each other to go F yourself, but I would never say to a guy "Hey man Brett Farve is a F-ing loser and his wife didn't breastfeed so she is stupid"  But the women would.

One woman started a topic about post being stupid.  The first thing I thought of then was,  what was the most stupid thing I could make a topic about?  The topics crack me up, I mean seriously they do.  That shit is like crack, I feel like I gotta go there to read and see what women are talking about. It does give me and T a chance to talk about other things other than me wanting sex, sports, more sex, more sports. It is always about me.

Look the only reason I am blogging about this tonight is because there were some funny topics on MckMama forum tonight and I couldn't stop laughing and I was in tears.  I looked at T and said "You women are so mean to each other" But I guess I will still check the forums out and see what trouble I can cause.  I am like one of the only husbands that go on there and I will talk shit with the best of them, when the proper topics comes up.  I am not going to stick my big ass nose in a conversation about something that men really have no business being in.

So guys if you want to talk shit, lets get at it and ladies I promise you if you want to talk shit I will hurt your feelings......until T tells me to stop.



Wanna come to work with me?

Remember when we were kids and there was a day when your parents got to take you to work for a day?  It was called take your child to work day or some shit like that.
Well today I am going to do a

Take a blog reader to work day.

I work for a Repo Company
I am going to give some insight to what it is I do all day long. (LONG is the key word)
I get up at 7 am and get ready to make my hour drive to work so I can be there by 8:45 am.  I am the first one to the office so I open up shop.  Then I get all of the paperwork out of the trucks from the nights repos.  Our night drivers have anywhere from 10 to 15 accounts that they will chase on a given night.  Our good drivers will on average get 5 cars a night, and the average drivers will get 2 to 3 cars a night.

I write up the invoices on all the cars we picked up and get them on the boss' desk.  Look throught the files and see if there is anywhere we can go look for some of the cars during the daytime.  Jobs, people may work nights so we go back to the home, impounds, voluntary repo's, those kind of things.

After that is done I get to my own work

I have my own files to call, trying to find where these
people are hiding their cars.

These are my WMR's = Weapons of Mass Reposessions

Here are some examples of the way a call to a debtor might go

Me- Can we pick the car up
Debtor- Yes

Me- Can we pick the car up
Debtor- No
Me- Ok (so I then call and trick the debtors family for new info)
(hours later)
Debtor- You sorry M-fer you came and stole my car
Me- Yes, thank you

Me- Can we pick the car up
Debtor- When you find it! Asshole
Me- Ok, well we can get a warrant for your arrest for theft
Debtor- I aint stupid, no you can't
Me- Ok
(weeks later)
Warrant Hearing Filed and Date Set

Me- We filed for the warrant, can we have the car
Debtor- F You
Me- Ok
(weeks later)
Warrant Issued by the Judge

Me- Can we have the car NOW
Debtor- (crying) yes
Me- Thought so----stupid ass

After a long day that usually ends about 8 pm, I head home to T and the 4 C's

If it was a good day, I made alot of people mad.

These are some of our trucks
We have 9 total

Very Nice trucks
And a impound yard full of cars....Is yours in here?
Oh, just a reminder, there is always a way to get your car

We also use boots.

So I hope you have enjoyed coming to work with me today. 



Fridays Final Thoughts 2-26-10

I started this little thing called Fridays Final Thoughts when I first started blogging, something like a week in review or something that is on your mind.  If you want to do this then just grab my BUTTon, T won't mind. Then just put it on your blog and let me know.  If I knew how to do the MckLinky thing I would do that but I have a hard enough time just typing.

This Daddy's Blog

My Fridays Final Thoughts for today are about the Olympics are they come to a close on Sunday night.

The USA is kicking everyones ass in Medals, proving that the US is the most dominant SPORTS country in the WORLD.

I for one was happy to see the Canadian Figure Skater win a Medal last night, but with that being said I think she should have gotten Silver instead of Bronze and I think the girl from Japan in no way shape or form outskated the girl from the US.  It should have been the South Korean girl- GOLD, Canadian girl- SILVER and the USA girl- BRONZE

I am so pissed that the USA womens hockey team lost last night.

Apolo Anton Ohno is one bad ass.  He is like a human nascar, weaving in and out like he does when he makes a pass.

Shaun White- You have my heart, just kidding, I have a man crush on that dude, I love to watch him on the half pipe.

Lindsey Jacobellis- Please stop screwing up in the big spots.  You suck

Curling.....Serioulsy Curling....If you like this sport, cleaning activity do me a favor and go look in the mirror and laugh at yourself.

Chant with me now....all together


sorry if I come off as a dick, but I love my sports, actually im not sorry



Thursday, February 25, 2010

TOP 3 Thursday 2-25-10

What are the Top 3 reasons why you blog?

If you want to do this too you can go over to Confessions From a Working Mom  and link up.   She blogs about some funny shit and likes to call us men "Drama Queens"  Yeah real funny....haha.

So here is my Top 3 Thursday 

3.   Blogging for me is a stress relief.  I used to sit up at night with a million thoughts running through my head and now I don't.  I blog about daily feelings and happenings and it has opened me up to be more relaxed. 

2.  It adds another thing that T and I can do together. She helps me so much with my blog and it is something that we can discuss and have laughs over.  I am always at work and I love my sports, so blogging just brings T and I closer that much more.

1.  Aside from all the stupid shit I write and joke about I want my blog to be something that years down the road T and the kids and I can look back at her blog and my blog and get carried away in the memories that we made.  I want my C's to be able to read my blog and see how much I loved them and how I was always willing to share our fun stories with everyone else.  I want the kids to read about things they did when they were little and laugh at themselves and me and T.


Dr. Oz will help you get more action than a G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu Grip


I am going to make all you men a promise today.  If you watch Dr. Oz with your wife.........YOU WILL GET ACTION!!  This is not a test, fluke or a scam.  I speak the truth.   How do I know this, well I am not the kind to kiss and tell........well ok I am but I can't go into too much detail.  For some reason this dude is some kind of aphrodiasic.  It never fails everytime we watch Dr. Oz we end up doing the Pants Off - Dance Off. 

One time we watched it and he was speaking to men saying that if men just cuddle with their wives, the wives would be more willing to give it up........IT F-ING WORKED.  I am a cuddle monster now.

Last night he was talking to men about the  erogenous zones on women, I still remember them now....Feet, Arm Pits, and Ears.   Guess what........He was right.  He is 2 for 2.

He also started talking serious about different exams men need to give themselves and he talked about the  testicular exam and it was the perfect oppritunity to get the wife involved....You know just in case I break my hands or arms and I need to have a self exam done.

T did think it was funny that Dr. Oz brought up the point that men need to play with themselves alot, I think the number he said on average was 21 times per month. So I can spare all of you and you I will not go into that one.

I will make the point for men and women

Men---If you feel like you are not getting enough action put on Dr. Oz.  I promise you that you will score more than Kobe and LeBron combined

Women---If you want to get more out of your man, do the same turn on Dr. Oz and let him sink into your mans mind.  If he can work his magic on a sex crazed, porn addicted, pit bull hating man like me (sorry those are all MckMama rants) he can do the same for your husband.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It seems we might have a scheduling problem

Ok so the NEW schedule will get put to the test tonight.  I came up with a great schedule for me and T, and she countered with her own schedule.  We seems to have a scheduling conflict.  I am sure we can both sit down (or lay down) tonight and find a way to mesh the 2 schedules together.

This all stems from a post earlier in the week.  (Sex...Is it all guys think about....well yeah)
My proposed schedule

Monday is The Bachelor so I will give her a pass
Tuesday we watch the dvr'd 24 so I will give her a pass mean 1 thing....."Pants Off- Dance Off"
Thursday is Survivor so I will let it slide
Friday usually we have a date night and that mean we stay home......."Pants Off- Dance Off
Saturday we have nothing to do but watch the sun go down so that means only one thing "Pants Off- Dance Off"
Sunday we watch Amazing Race but we can fit another "Pants Off- Dance Off" session in

T's proposed schedule

Mon- clean up kitchen

Tues-Help with Laundry
Wed- clean Carly's room
Thurs.- Clean the boys room
Fri- I will give you that night off. How nice of me, huh?
Sat- Laundry day.Grocery shopping. Family Movie/Game Night. And maybe I can work you in that night.
Sun-Oh gosh let that be a free night for you too. ;)

Then she added this to the mix

Oh I forgot to add pay bills, teach Carson, clean bathrooms to that list.

Oh and bath the kids, make b'fast,lunch and dinner too.

 Guys is you have any suggestions let me know.  Ladies, if you are not on my side, keep them to yourself




Mr.G from HH Gregg Corporate Office is the man.

I am hard at work at work today when T IM's me and let's me know that a Mr. G called from the HH Gregg Corporate office.  If you have been reading my  blog then you know we have been having trouble with our new electric range oven that we got for HH Gregg. 

C4 burnt his little fingers from touching the space in between the storage area dn the bottom of the stove door.  OK so we went through the procedures and I wrote a couple blog post about it.  Now to the funny part.

I call this guy Mr. G back and we are talking and he is asking me how everything is and if C4 is ok. Let me stop and say this Mr. G is one hell of a nice man.  Very nice man.

He finally says to me "Wanna know how I found out about your problem?" Shit I am thinking he probably found out because of my calls and us going back to HH Gregg and talking to managers.  Nah couldn't be that, I never threatened anyone THIS time. He told me "I found out from your blog".  I started laughing and said no shit really, that is crazy, T will never believe this.  Mr. G tells me that everytime HH Gregg is listed over the internet it sends him a notification.  This is crazy, I can't stop laughing. He tells me that he saw the post about T and the watch and then getting all the shit from store and then....yes and then he reads about the problems. 

Now the next thing I am going to say is that the reason I will put HH Gregg to the top of my list is because of this Mr. G.  He took the time to read my blog and notice that I didn't have our names on it. So he gave up.  Bullshit he did not, he then found out about T's blog and then read hers and found out our first names and then found out we got snow in Ga.  What did he do next?  This man went through his delivery invoices for our area and then found out the store we got our stuff from and that is how he contacted us.

This is a classic example of great service. This guy took time to find us and make sure my family is ok and that we are happy.  That never happens. He did not make any money off of me.  I am not paying him.  His day will not be any different if I give this shit back to HH Gregg or if I keep it.  This guy is the reason I will go back to HH Gregg and buy more stuff, and I will let everyone know that . 

I was laughing with Mr. G and said to him.....You know what I have to do now right?  I have to blog about you and HH Gregg and this is going to pop up to you.  He laughed. 

Wanna know how he proved to me that he looked at my shit and wanted to know what the deal was.

Anonymous said...

Has the repair company been out, or has hhgregg exchanged the range?

He put his comment on my post.

So to you Mr. G, since I know you are gonna read this cause it pops up to you,  I really appreciate all you went through to make sure my family was happy and satisfied.  But.......I need you to do me one more favor......Call the home number and talk to T and tell her to buy me a new tv for our bedroom...thanks



Question....Have you ever been hit by a Weiner?

MLB Mascot Accused of Gruesome Wiener Attack

Sluggerrr the Lion -- the mascot for the Kansas City Royals -- is accused of poking a fan's eye out with a steaming hot wiener (ouch a f-ing steming hot weiner) during a Major League Baseball game last year ... and now the team is being sued over it.

It's all in a lawsuit filed in Jackson County, Missouri in which John Coomer claims he was just chillin' (this means he was not ready to catch a weiner in the eye) at a game on September 8, 2009 -- when Slugger "climbed atop the third base dugout and started shooting wieners (remember steaming hot weiners) into the stands from an air gun."

Coomer claims Slugger eventually put the air gun down -- and started firing off the wieners by hand (I have always thought it was better to fire off steaming hot weiners by the hand)... when, according to the suit, things went horribly wrong.

In the docs, Coomer claims "Slugger lost control of his throw or was reckless with his throwing of the weiners, and threw the weiner (I am thinking he was not warmed up enough) directly into the Plaintiff."

Coomer claims the weiner (The STEAMING HOT WEINER) hit him right in his left eye -- leaving him with a detached retina and the development of cataracts.

Coomer is now suing the Royals for more than $25k for negligence and battery -- claiming they "failed to adequately train its agents in the proper way of handling weiners... and in the proper method in which to throw weiners into the stands (I thought that was in the employee handbook--How to handle steaming hot weiners) at Kauffman Stadium."

Remember, when handling wieners -- it's always safety first.

I would like to say that T has never thought about suing me for Improper Use of my Steaming Hot Weiner, and I have never and I say never been so out of control that I hit her in the eye with my steaming hot weiner.



What the hell did you just say?

We live in the country.  Not really B-F-E, but we kind of live in the country.  So T is driving the #48 Minivan and we are behind a couple of semi junkers

When all of a sudden we hear someone scream something.  Not sure what but T and I think they are yelling that they are leaking some kind of fluid.

Well after minutes of going back and forth T finally says to me
"I think she yelled that she was leaking BLINKER FLUID"
I look at T, "What the F**K did you just say"

We both start laughing because T is more car smart than I am and we just keep looking and laughing at each other.
Then I swear if you could see us we had those flash bulbs light up over our heads and we both thought the same thing at the same moment

Next time someone cuts us off instead of yelling of screaming and shooting birds

We are simply going to pull up next to them
Ask them if

They need to refill their BLINKER FLUID

"Excuse me sir, I couldn't help but notice as you cut me off that you are leaking BLINKER FLUID"

"Im sorry lady, please tell your husband next time you get an oil change to have them check your BLINKER FLUID"


I think this happened a couple weeks ago when T took the kids to story time at the mall.  Her cousin KenZ and her 2 daughter met T and the 4 C's.  I am not sure of what went down or what exactly was said but this is kind of what I got.

C's running around the house with super balls (bouncing balls people)

T tells me that C1 was playing with KenZ's 2 girls and then she tell's me C1 asked the girls if they liked his BALLS.  I just started laughing.  I looked at C1 and said to him  "Did the girls like your balls" he just giggled and ran off, he had no idea of what I was saying.  Still it gave me a good laugh.

I can't be the only one.....

Who has kids in the house that no matter what time and or bathroom all of a sudden yell out

at the top of their lungs

Last night in the kitchen I get home and my sweet C3 is running in circles shaking her butt and saying "Spank Me" I looked at her like what the hell, you better get out of this phase real quick.



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh what a night......

Late December back in 63'..........(Great song, has nothing to do with my post...just a great song)

So every Monday night T and I have appointment tv.  The Bachelor.  We have watched this show for years.  We laugh, we talk shit, I cry.......well only when dorks like Jake pick  trannies like Vienna and helium inhalers like Tenley.......but I still watch.

Last night was the annual Women Tell All episode where all can we put this kindly.....all the,  I guess the nicest I can put it is that they are losers.  The thing that was funny about this year is that none of the women were bashing Jake.  You know why?  Cause he is a f-ing dork. 

I really hope next week in the finale that he picks....NEITHER.  Leave both of them crying at the flower stand.  Take the roses and throw them on the ground and piss on them.  Whatever, at this point I don't care who he picks they are both ugly and nasty and annoying.  At least Tenly doesn't look lke a dude.

And who that watched this show last night believed a word of what the super freak Rozalyn said.  Ali, who is going to be the next Bachelorette is so fake. 

Oh well this is what I get for watching this shit.

Last night was what I call "Do it yourself dinner night"  These are the nights that I get to come home and make myself dinner.  Well since I am too lazy to fix me something and I was so damn hungry, this is what I decided to eat for dinner

Now a certain wife thought it was funny that I was using this big ass bowl to eat cereal out of.  What the hell else am I going to use.  It is a big bowl and I was hungry.  The cereal was healthy and the milk organic.

That shit was good too.

So after The Bachelor was over I went and got C3 and do the late night pee-pee so she doesn't pee in her bed. This has been working for the most part to curve the peeing in the bed.  After that I come back to bed to watch..........

The Ice Dancing Medal Final.

The couple from Canada won but while I was watching this all I kept thinking about was how the pair from USA who won silver

And how the dude looked like the one guy from Blades of Glory

I don't know....Im just sayin'




Monday, February 22, 2010

SEX.....Is it all Guys think about? Well YEAH!

So I am looking at this funny ass blog this morning Out-Numbered and he has a new post up.  This dude is funny. I like to think of myself as being funny but when I read this guys shit, I laugh more than a 8 year old saying the word penis. 

I went to his page this morning to see if he had blessed us with his words and sure as shit he had a new post up.  I thought his post was funny not because its funny bur because its true.  (You should now go read it and then come back)

I too have to get T to shave my back and shoulders and whatever else she is in the mood to shave. Ohhhhhh yeah, she is good with a razor.  So I sent an IM to T and told her to go read the new post on this guys blog.

Few minutes pass..............few more minutes.................and then..........

T sent me back and IM that said "Is that all you guys think about....SEX"

Where have you been T? And have you been listening to me over the last 10 years? 

That is all we I, well shit I am gonna take a leap out of the 1st story window and say that all men think about sex, pretty much all the time.  I also responded to T saying that the guy wanted to be shaved too.  T know that I am a sex craving maniac.  All the time, every night every day on the weekends and then again at night. 

Ok just to be fair about it, I know that T is busy all day and has kids hanging over her and she is tired at night.  So I am going to propose the following plan to her.

Monday is The Bachelor so I will give her a pass
Tuesday we watch the dvr'd 24 so I will give her a pass mean 1 thing....."Pants Off- Dance Off"
Thursday is Survivor so I will let it slide
Friday usually we have a date night and that mean we stay home......."Pants Off- Dance Off
Saturday we have nothing to do but watch the sun go down so that means only one thing "Pants Off- Dance Off"
Sunday we watch Amazing Race but we can fit another "Pants Off- Dance Off" session in

4 out of 7 nights.  I think that seems fair. And to make it even better and a plus for her, I will even suggest that we go on Dr. Oz's studied time frame that his show says all guys go by.  His show did a study that says men usually last from 3 to 7 minutes.  I like to think that I am closer to the 7 minutes but you might have to ask T, my clock runs slower during these moments.

So I think that this is a WIN / WIN for both of us.  I get the action 4 nights a week, and I get out of her hair (oh wow, that does not sound good....but I am leaving it) in record time.

See honey, you can tell by this post that I do not just think about sex.  I thought about you, your time, how hard your days are, Dr. Oz, our tv shows. 

So babe, give it some thought and let me know.......oh say by........Wednesday Night.



Weekend Fun

After the great meltdown of 2010 (well at least the first one) I knew I was going to have a good weekend.  Saturday and Sunday were great days.  To kick it off the weather was FINALLY awesome. The 60's man it is about time.  Time to get the kids outside to play and run around.

Our insurance guy came out and I didn't even want him to at first but he ended up saving us money on the whole thing. Another good thing. Saving money is never a bad thing.

T's mom took us out to eat Saturday and I don't care what anybody says, you get treated great when you take your kids to the strip club for a buffet lunch.  Well not really.  We just went to a sports bar/resturant and between the wings and taking C3 to the bathroom like 50 times.  So it was a good lunch with the kids Nana and Uncle E.

It was so nice to be able to get the kids outside after a long, cold, wet winter.  They were able to ride the scooters and play and get dirty and do it all.  Jumped on the Jump-o-lene (as the kids call it), ran around the backyard and played on the playhouse.  C4 even got to enjoy the outdoors for bit. 

T and I got a chance to clean the playrooms downstair and I got into the store room and brought out like 10 tubs of kids clothes for spring and summer and she is going to be able to sell some of them at the church consignment sale next month.  Laundry room got cleaned and re-re-re-re-organized.

 C4 ridin' in the Big Red Car

C3 gettin' her ride on

C2 Crusin' on a Sunday afternoon

C1 Takin' a break

T say's I take bad pic's, so she can add
this to the list
Love Ya babe



Friday, February 19, 2010

God...I was such an asshole to my kids tonight.....

I feel like I am responsible for this.  My son C2 did this today to C3. He bit her on ther fucking face.  T told me to call her at home when I was at work and she told me about C2 doing this today.  At first I was so pissed and then she told me she had it handled and C2 knew what he did was wrong and that he should not have done it.  Time out and other things that were taken away from him were strong enough punishment. 

C2 and C3 both went through a biting phase.  It hasn't happened in I don't know how long.  C2 used to be really tough to deal with, well at least for me he was.  But for the past several months he has changed and he turned into the sweet, helpful, polite, nice little boy that we try and teach him to be.

Well that all changes when I get home because I am the biggest fucking asshole and don't know how to deal with my kids and when I am a asshole to them, they must think it gives them the right to be assholes to each other.  Tonight C2 and C3 were doing something and next thing I know he threw her down on the floor.  I fucking snapped and carried him to timeout but then sent him to bed in the most hateful way. 

That is not how we T does it around here. And why should I mess up the good thing she has going and she has gotten the kids to mind by using certain methods.  I am like a ticking time bomb as T calls me and I have to change or my kids will only know me as being a silly goofball or a fucking asshole dad.

I am sitting here starting to cry because all I ever talk about is how much I hate my parts of my life because I am never home, but when I am home I am an asshole to my kids.  Yeah real good father I am.  Are my kids gonna remember that I work hard, long hours to provide? NO, they are gonna remember that daddy was a jerk with a temper and snapped on us all the time. 

One of my resolutions was to be a better dad and husband and when I do this stupid shit I am NEITHER.

I wish to god that C2 hadn't bit C3 but it was over and I can't carry shit over.  Kids play rough and they play each other and parents like fiddles. I have to learn to identify the problem and make calm decisions. 

I tucked C3 in and told her I was sorry for being ugly to her and that we would have a good day tomorrow.  I did the same for C2 and told him I was sorry for jumping his ass and being ugly to him.  I also told him that we would both have better days tomorrow.

Kids do what parents do.  They love us, look up to us and try to duplicate everything we do.  I have never bitten T, but I am sure they have seen me be ugly and they think it is ok to be ugly to each other.  I am sure this will not be the last time I am an asshole but I sure need to make some changes in my attitude for the sake of my family.  I am home 2 hours a night and on the weekends, I should be able to conduct myself as a good father and try to keep the guidelines that T has set in place.  I mean she does a good job, I really mean it.  Kids act up and do things but she has them on a great path for young kids and I don't do much to help sometimes.

To T, sorry for being a dick and messing up our Friday night.
To C1 sorry for showing you what an asshole your father is and how I jumped your brother and sisters ass.
To C2 sorry for making your bad day worse.  We will have a great weekend
To C3 baby you had a bad day too and I should not have yelled at you
To C4 I just thank god you were sleeping so I didn't scare you with my loud screaming

For those of you thinking I am being to hard on myself and I know certain people out there like family and close friends know it is tough, save your shit, I was really an asshole tonight. No excuse for my behavior.




HH GREGG we have a problem

Frigidaire Elec. Oven

So during Valentines weekend T wanted a new dishwasher.  We ended up getting all the kitchen stuff.  Not going to redo the whole story, read earlier post for the details.

She was happy with this one.  Bought it Sunday and delivered Monday. She used it the other night and I noticed later after I got home that it was still hot on the inside when I went to attach the pull hinges for the auto door.  An oven still hot hours after being turned off. Hell NO. I asked  T "Did you turn the oven off?" She told me yes and I didn't think anymore about it.

Until I got home last night and she told me that C4 touched the bottom of the oven where the storage area is and between the oven door.  He burnt his little fingers.  Thank god he is ok and he doesn't seem to be hurting but shit, why is an oven hot 30-45 minutes after being turned off.  Our old oven didn't do that. 

So now I have to get the oven back and get a new one.  I called the company and they have to send a rep out to look at it before they can do the return/delivery/exchange for the new one. BULLSHIT, I have to jump through hoops to get a new oven.  They are going to take this oven back, they are going to do it with no issues, they are not going to give me or my wife any hassles or, I will have a similar problem like I had many years ago at Babies R Us when they f-ed up our crib order.  Wasn't pretty and in the world of the "NOT ME MONDAY" rules, I did not in anyway threaten everyone in the store and have the police called.

Oh well. I have finally told myself that sine my wife is not high maintenance, that I am going to be the one this time and I told her that I dont care money is not an issue. Safety is NUMBER 1 and we are getting one that we are happy with and feel safe having in our house.



Tigers Press Conference

Tiger Wood Press Conference is now over.  I am glad it went well for him and now let the has been haters and the new haters jump on him even more. He admitted it and now he has to try and fix it, if Elin lets him.  If she doesnt then he needs to at least try and be a better father.


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- A watery-eyed and contrite Tiger Woods said Friday he was sorry for the "irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in," the first time he has publicly addressed the shocking and sordid sex scandal that has consumed his life since late November.

Tiger Woods Statement

"I know I have bitterly disappointed all of you," Woods said, speaking in front of his mother, Kultida, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem, friends and selected media inside the TPC Sawgrass, home of the PGA Tour. "I am embarrassed that I have put you in this position. I have a lot to atone for.

"I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated. What I did was unacceptable and I am the only person to blame."

His wife, Elin, did not appear to be in the room.

Woods, who was wearing a blue blazer and button-down shirt, spoke for 13½ minutes. He said he does not know when his indefinite break from golf will end, adding he would not rule out playing at some point in 2010.

"When I do return, I need to make my behavior more respectful of the game," he said.

Woods said he was in therapy from mid-December to early February "to receive guidance for the issues I am facing." Woods said he will continue therapy and treatment "starting tomorrow."

"I have a long way to go," he said.

Woods also addressed two matters in particular that clearly have angered him.

On the night of Nov. 27 when he crashed his SUV outside his home, which signaled the unraveling of his personal life, Woods said he and Elin did not fight prior to the accident and that there have been no instances of domestic violence at any point in their relationship.

Woods also said speculation that he has used performance-enhancing substances "is completely and utterly false."

"Every one of you has good reason to be critical of me,"

"I want to say to each of you, simply and directly, I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in. I know people want to find out how I could be so selfish and so foolish. People want to know how I could have done these things to my wife, Elin, and to my children. And while I have always tried to be a private person, there are some things I want to say.

"Elin and I have started the process of discussing the damage caused by my behavior. As Elin pointed out to me, my real apology to her will not come in the form of words. It will come from my behavior over time. We have a lot to discuss. However, what we say to each other will remain between the two of us."

"I was unfaithful," Woods said. "I had affairs. I cheated. What I did was not acceptable, and I am the only person to blame."

This Daddy supports Tiger Woods


Fridays Final Thoughts 2-19-10

This Daddy's Blog

My Fridays Final Thoughts today are about the Tiger Woods press conference
Im Sorry, Elin and I are going to work this out together, I was wrong, I messed up, Im not worried about golf my marriage is more important now. 

What do you want to hear Tiger say today at his press conference?

I personally want to hear him say,  "I made mistakes and I hope that Elin will give me a chance to rebuild our marriage."

Really I won't know what to think until after I watch the interview (11 am. ESPN).  I don't want to hear him say Im sorry, because that usually does not mean anything. 

I more than anything want to see Tiger become human.  Not the stone faced cold blooded golfer that kills his prey on the course.  I want to see a MAN who made mistake and bad choices own up to HIS problems.  He needs to ask Elin for forgivness, if she does than they can work on their marriage.  If she doesn't then he needs to work on being a better father.

I am a huge Tiger Woods fan.  I will stay a huge Tiger Woods fan.

That is all I have to say for now on this but you can bet your ass that after the press conference that I will be catching a sneak peak of here at work I will come back and chime in with more.

I dont know how to do the McLinky shit but if you want to do your own Fridays Final Thoughts
just go and grab the button and post it on your page and let me know so I can come
to your page and read yours.



Thursday, February 18, 2010

How my life is like the Olympics

So in the spirit of the Olympics I thought I would do a post about how my life compares to the Olympics.  Ok, ok I love sports and I a msure I could do a post about how my life compares to any sport, but I have to stick with the Olympics because that is what is HOT right now and I am HOT right now.

As the Opening Ceremonies begin I am the Flag carrier for the USA because I am a LEO and like T tells me I have to be the center of attention.  I carry the flag and wave it proudly.

My first event is Curling.  Give me a f-ing break. Basically sweeeping or mopping.   I hate to sweep or mop but I do it to help out in the house.  BRONZE Medal

Diaper Changing.  Oh shit, I would not even make it to the podium on this one. Ask T how many diapers I have changed out of all four of the C's.  Nevermind don't ask.

Laundry.  I have no problem and as a matter of fact I do alot of laundry around the house.  Problem is I usually leave it all around the house. I hate the putting up the clothes act.  SILVER Medal

Cooking meals. Well since I am really never home during the day this might not be the best event for me.  I will fake an injury and pretend I can't compete.

Cleaning.  I can clean and I do alot of cleaning.  No contest.  GOLD Medal

Taking Care of the kids (by myself).  This is a team event so since I have T on my team we win.  GOLD Medal

Bathing the kids.  I can hold my own on this one.  Took a long time to qualify but I made it and finished strong.  BRONZE Medal

Garbage duty.  Been doing this forever and have some slip ups but this has been a life long event.  GOLD MEDAL

SEX.  Please, I am like the Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Apollo Ono of this one. I own the Olympics when this event comes into play.  I am the biggest star out there.  I finish, T finishes and we both finish in record time. (Shit is that good?)  GOLD Medal.

If I missed some events im sure T will let me know.




A man blogging...Yeah, I blog, I love it and this is why I do it.

Blogging.  What is it?  You ask different people and you will get different answers.  My wife blogs (MyCrazy4 ) to chronicle our 4 C's lives in photos and in a beautiful storybook setting. ....

Not me.  I started blogging in December because I thought it would be a neat thing to,  do to show a different side of my life as a husband and a father.  Everyone knows that dads do shit  differently than moms, and alot of times not nearly as good. 

I don't handle shit as calmly as T does.  Everything from getting snack, to helping with homeschooling and god forbid I have to change a f-ing diaper.  I would rather jump in a bathtub full of pee-pee than have to change my little C4's diaper.

A big reason for blogging to me is that this is a HUGE stress reliever.  I work for a repo company and I work long hours.  I get up early and drive and hour to work and sit at my desk from 8:30 am to 8 pm and then drive an hour back home.  I get home anywhere from 9 to 9:30 pm and get little time to spend with the C's.  Thank god T homeschools so the kids can stay up later and it gives me a chance to hang with them.  My job sucks.  A family owned company and I have been here 8 years and all I get is one week vacation and no sick days.  I bust my ass for this place and all I get is a pay cut which lost me 20k from last year to this year and guess what...I am still here EVERYDAY.  I used to love working for the company but now it is just a job to have to keep the family afloat.  I love what I do, finding people who don't pay for their cars and then sending drivers out to snatch em' up.  But........I am getting back to a place in my life where I was so unhappy and depressed everyday and it is because of this place.  So what to do?  I guess I will find out one way or another.

My wife T is another reason I blog.  She is so f-ing awesome and I am not saying that because I am scared of her and I am trying to be on her good side....Truth be told, I am scared of her.....scared of her leaving me...No really, T is a hard working woman.  She worked 3 jobs to help pay for her own wedding, and has always been a hard worker, where I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, certain people may not agree but it is true.  She busts her ass to make sure everything is taken care of at home.  She is very passionate about everything she does for the C's and if you read her blog you will see what I mean.  She has never been into drinking or smoking or drugs or any kind of addiction where I have been hooked on painkillers, weed, steroids, and have now been sober for a year.  She is a great woman and I am lucky to be married to her.  I try to be a good husband and do right be her and part of the reason for that is I always saw how my dad treated my mom. My dad showed me how a good man treats his wife.

My wonderful C's are a very big part of why I blog.  I love my kids and love them more each day.  My oldest C1, has the creativity that I love and that all kids should have.  C2 has the strong willed nature that will never let him give up on anything.  C3, just like her mommy.  Can really piss me off and make me want to punch myself in the face, but I can't ever stay mad at that girl.  C4, so happy and lights up the room with his smile and I love to see him get excited when I get home.  I don't think I am a good dad, just yet.  I have alot of work to do and a lot of growing to do.

Sometimes when I feel empty or blank inside I will even go to some outside sources or writing services such as these  Article Writing Services and get great ideas. You would be surprised at what you can come up with.

I blog about shit I like from sports, to entertainment and just shit in general.  I am a goofy clown.  I try to be funny so often and sometimes it comes out wrong.. For instance, I love T's ass. Well I love all of her buTT (get it BUTT-ASS) I am a ASS MAN.  I have a bad habit of grabbing her ass ALL THE TIME. Very disrespectful and T lets me know and I have gotten better, but C2 a while back smacked T's best friend LM on the ass.  Not good.

I started this blogging stuff and T had to constantly remind me that I was doing this for me and us (family) not to worry and or care what others think. Took me a minute but I really don't care if people like what I say or not.  I love to flatter my wife and boast about my kids and I am a sappy, sentimental, sensitive mutha f-er.  I do appreciate all the people who have chosen to read my blog and those who have helped me do little things to mke it more eye appealing.  So if you like it...........Thanks and come anytime, if you don't Thanks and come anytime, I love to talk shit and get into it with people.

In ending there is a certain person that T and I met many months ago that really made me look at things in a different light. His family was going through some things that made me realize that I need to be happy for what I have and not what I want.   I still struggle with alot of things in my daily life but this blog is an outlet and I am going to continue to write about my journey.



TOP 3 Thursday

So I found this blog Confessionsfromaworkingmom.  This woman has a husband who is a cop, he played college football so being the sports junkie that I am, I have to go read it daily, with the hope that she might  talk about her husband.  You people don't think I read your blogs to find out about you ladies and your kids do you? Psssst, don't tell anyone but yeah I kind of like reading all these blogs. But can you all talk about your husbands a little more?  Hey heres and idea, maybe get them to blog.  I started blogging and now I only bug T about sex 6 days a week instead of 7.  Anyways back to the point.....This lady Elizabeth does this thing on Thurdsays called TOP 3 THURSDAY, so I thought I would do it to.

What are your Top 3 favorite TV shows?

#3.  Reality Shows - (The Bachelor & Survivor right now) I know that is a pretty wide range, but T and I like to watch mindless reality tv and it gives us a chance to get on each others nerves with our own comments we make to each other.

#2. Sports - Sportcenter, Espn, Olympics, Basketball, Football, Nascar....hell any sport I will watch it. The Olympics are hot right now.  Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn the 2 hottest name in Winter Sports. One request....can you get rid of Curling?  Curling

#1.  24 - I have watched every season and Jack is the shit.  A bad ass.  Ladies man, father, grandfather, and just one tough man.  Who else can save the Country in a day.  Did you see Monday night when he took out the whole Russian Mob in the matter of minutes after being jump started like an old car.

Join in and have fun and go to Elizabeths site to link up.




Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Say Hello to my little friend

There was no cursing.  No yelling, no screaming.  I did not take a baseball bat to items in the garage or a tree in the front yard.  I stayed away from the bathroom and shed no tears. All of the above USUALLY happens when I try to install, build or put things together.  Just ask T. She was so surprised that I didn't lose it last night.

What I did do was spend 30 minutes at Home Depot w/ some old guy who didn't know his shit and tried to sell me every thing in the plumbing dept.  Hey f**ker can you just sell me the shit that is on the paper where it says "Items Needed-Not Included"  Well no he couldn't so I have some shit to return tonight.

The fastest crawler in the south was on the move again last night.  As I was attempting to get the dishwasher installed C4 would pop up right there grabbing stuff.  I would pick him up and move him to the other room and by the time I got back to the kitchen and got ready......he was right there again. This happened like 5 or 6 times.  I think his nickname is going to be.........FLASH

By the time the clock struck 11:30, if you paid close attention you could hear songs playing in the background.  Songs like Tina Turners "Simply the Best", Queens "Champion", and Right Said Freds "Im too Sexy"

Remember the classic line from Ghostbusters "We came , We saw and We kicked its ass!"  That is what I did. I installed this dishwasher, like I had been doing it for years.  Read and re-read the instructions, took some time to figure out about the extra tube I had and then I finally got it.  Wired it up, cut the breaker back on and guess what happened......


But then...

I turned on the water and noticed....

A leak...yes a leak...


Never fear....

This Daddy is here.

I tightened up the piece on the water intake valve and damn straight, we were in business.

I ran a quick rinse cycle to make sure we worked.....


*small disclaimer I still have to raise the peg legs and attach it to the counter.
But it works and that is what is important*

So now we have our new dishwasher

And we wont have anymore of this

*Another note...I am sure T will have the finished pic's on her blog after everything is done*



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