Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are my 4 C's future X Gamers? I sure hope so!

So much is going on in the world of sports these days.  The Super Bowl is this weekend, the Austrailian Open just finished up, The Winter X Games are now done, the Winter Olympics will soon start and there is always so much going on. I am a HUGE sports guy. I love sports. I mean I can watch any sport, any time, any where.  Mens, Womens, I don't care.  Put it on ESPN and it is watchable.

My favorite sports of all time are Basketball and Football.

With the kids coming into my life I have changed gears and now for some reason I love, and I mean I am infatuated with the X Games.  Summer and Winter.  They both kick the shit out of anything else that is on tv.

Got me thinking.  C1 & C2 already look the part. They have the tools or should I say the rides. Well not snowboards but they have the skateboards and they have some kick-ass scooters, that they ride.  C3, shit she is even more daring and does some crazy shit herself.  C4, just give him a little time and I am sure he will be there right along with them.

Used to be that skaters, boarders and all these other X Gamer types would be looked down at and thought of as looters and thugs and trash.  I say people it is time to look at these young men and women as Sport Trendsetters.  When was the last time you heard or read about a X Gamer getting locked up or getting caught doing something they were not suppose to be doing?.......Yeah me neither.  Making my point even easier is that alot of these X Athletes are in the Summer and Winter Olympics.  Which mean they are drug tested under a bigger microscope than most of the NFL, NBA and for sure MLB players.

I would love it if my kids came up to me and said they want to do these sports instead of the stero-typical main frame sports that I listed above.  Doing crazy tricks and stunts and yeah they do get hurt alot and scars but you know what they say "Chicks Dig Scars"

Tony Hawk- Turned Pro Skate Boarder at age 14.  Look at him now.
Shaun White-He was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect for which he endured two open-heart operations. The condition was discovered when he was five years old. Turned Pro at age 13. Dude is the badest Snowboarder around now.  
Ryan Sheckler- When he was just 18 months old, Sheckler found his dad's old-school skateboard. Sheckler taught himself to push it around using one knee, and eventually stood up on the skateboard.  Sheckler turned professional in 2003 at age of 13. 
Gretchen Bleiler - Bleiler aspired to compete in the Winter X Games from a very young age, and found her passion in snowboarding at age 11 (1992).  She has been riding ever since and became professional in 1996. Among her accomplishments, she jump-started the invert revolution for female riders as the first to land a Crippler 540

Kelly Clark - She has been snowboarding since she was 8 years old, and began competing in 1999. She became a member of the US Snowboard team in 2000, and later won a gold medal in the Winter Olympics.

These are just some of MANY, MANY examples of Athletes that have turned the X Sports into something bigger than ever imagined.

So again while alot of you push your kids into some sports I am going LET my kids make their own decisions on what they participate in.



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