Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bachelor 2-1-10 Views from This Daddy........Final Four

T and I watched  The Bachelor late last night and I have to say that as of tonight I am declaring that Jake is the biggest dork of all the Bachelors. 

Ali is turning into the biggest bitch.  Shut your mouth.  Vienna and Ali just need to get in the mud and get it on and fight. 

His date with Tenley was ok, Tenley is just a trophy wife.  All she is going to do is sit there and wait for him to get home with his slippers in her hands, I mean she is pretty and all but I think she is fake and that voice just drives me nuts.

Vienna and Gia go on the 2 on 1 date and maybe Vienna will fall out of the limo. She is such a dog. Now Gia, Gia is pretty and maybe the only girl that does not have that bitchy attitude.  Push Vienna over the wall at the castle Jake, be a man and do it.  Vienna cant wait to explore. Yeah, we know what she wants to explore.  Now Vienna is crying, I am laughing my ass off, I mean this dude looks like a lady is crying.  Dumbass Jake listening to Vienna.  Gia tells Vienna in the lesbian moment of the night as her and Jake go off  "You can eat my salmon".  That is the funniest shit I have ever heard anyone say on this show.  And Vienna goes hunting for them?  Hey loser, let them have their make out time and get lost. And then to make it even better he kicks her nasty ass out of his bed.  Probably for the best anyways, this isn't going to be the night he finds out she has a penis.

Sorry Corey, the truth of it is that you got kicked out because you are a Virgin.  Better for you that you didn't marry this clown.  Besides your kissing plan of him coming 90 and you going in 10 didn't work.  I would rather you be there than Vienna but just not the right show for you.  You will be missed.......Yeah not really.

Ali, if this girl wasn't the biggest bitch on the show she might be the odds on favorite to get the final rose.  She just can't keep her mouth shut about Vienna and enough is enough. Just shut your trap and change your tune or you will be getting served your papers and you can go to the little flower stand and pick out your own shit.

Final Four.  So now I am finding out that everyone knows the f-ing spoiler. T tells me she got an email from my mom about the spoiler.  All I am saying is that if Jake picks that skank Vienna than I am going to...well I am not going to do a damn thing.  I will cry my own river and watch next year and bitch and moan about it then too. 

As for Jake,  you are so correct man, every girl looks beautiful in the dark....dumbass



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