Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bachelor 2-8-10 Watching from This Daddys eyes

So on Mondays I come home from work and do the things I look forward to all day long.  Being greeted by the C's, getting them snack, brushing teeth and reading a book before bed.  I usually punch myself in the face a couple time after trying to get C3 ready for bed, she knows how to push the buttons and for some reason I let it happen. But then after the kids are in bed, it is time for a guilty pleasure....The Bachelor

This is not your Mama's The Bachelor post.  T and I have watched this show for years.  I always find the humor in how the girls fall in love in just a matter of hours.  I keep the kleenex's right next to the bed, for when they get their ass kicked out.  You can go elsewhere and read other blogs about how Jake is searching for love...screw that I am telling you like it really is from a guys point of view.

So Jake is now down to the Final Four and could he really have done any worse?  Let's take a look at who he has left....
1. Ali - Nice looking girl, but she is too jealous and can't keep her trap shut about Vienna and concerns herself with useless shit.
2. Vienna - I swear this thing when all is said and done will come out and show the world the penis that is hidden in that dress.  To ugly for words.
3. Tenley - Kind of pretty, but the voice is annoying as hell and she is too much like a puppy waiting at the door with the slippers.  That shit gets old
4. Gia - She is my favorite of the girls that are left, which automatically mean she is going to be the loser.  She is (I think) by far the hottest girl left but Jake wants a outdoor's type and she is too much the city girl.

Wait a minute I just said Jake want's...........He does not know what the F**K he wants.  This guy is by far the biggest dork out of all the Bachelors.  He tells the girls how hot they look and how beautiful their eyes are.......when it is pitch dark outside.
Dork with a tv show

Now time to see how the hometown date will go. 

Gia's hometown date, Mom is a nut breaking out those cards and the step dad didnt say shit.

Tenley, can you do me a favor and please please talk about your ex husband  a little more? I dont think you are giving him enough air time.  You only mention him every other f-ing word. I would so throw that shit back in you face. And you danced like shit, thats why your ex never wanted to watch you.

Ali, I dont care how your hometown date went cause you are the biggest piece of shit anyways. I don't know if I should stay or go, my job is gonna fire me....GOOD. I think you are full of shit anyways and I think you are lying about it to begin with.

Vienna, the daddys boy, opps I mean girl.  Jake you should have told her dad "Yeah pops, I am gonna have your daughter ride me like your bike there" 

And when all the parents tell Jake how precious their daughters are to them NO SHIT!  What are they going to say, "Hey you don't want to pick my daughter she is a cold hearted bitch"

So good Ali left and now she is going to cry next week to get back on like a little baby B**CH that she is. Go cry to your boss.

Sorry Jake, looks like you have only 1 choice and that is Gia. Sorry Gia, since I have picked you to win now that means you are going home a loser.



S.I.F. February 12, 2010 at 1:29 AM   Reply to

I auditioned for the bachelor (Jason Mesnicks season) and made it through to the second to last round. When I got the rejection, they sent me a letter that told me I shouldn't be disheartened because I could find love elsewhere. I about died I was laughing so hard! I just wanted to be able to wear fancy dresses and go on cool vacations (and OK, it's possible I was crazy in love with Jason's little boy... he was just such a doll!), and this letter made it sound like people give up on all hope after being rejected by The Bachelor. I always watch now and wonder "What does that girl have that I don't?"

I typically determine they are just slightly more crazy!

For all that build-up to Tenley's dance, I really found myself thinking "I could do that." That was the most random thing in the world. Like, she had to come up with something she could show him, and so she decided to take him to the dance studio she hadn't been to since she was 12 and show him her "passion". It was very random, and she obviously doesn't do any dancing in real life.

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