Saturday, February 13, 2010

Easy like Sunday (Valentines) morning

Happy Valentines Day
"Wanna know what you can get me for Valentines Day?" That is the question t came to me with last week. I found this strange because T never and I mean never comes to me and asks me those questions. She is the most low maintenance woman there is. Usually that is a great thing, I mean what guy out there doesn't want a wife who never wants anything. I buy her noce shit, she returns it. I buy her shit she needs   I think she needs and she returns it.  I finally learned this at Christmas, let her get her own shit and I come out better in the end.

So back to the question she asked.  I said "Yeah, tell me what I can get you for Valentines Day."  I am finally expecting her to say something great.  Then since I am such a dirty minded man I was thinking, yeah sex not that lucky.  Something for her camera, or somekind of editing thing for her pictures, nah, way off.

When she told me, my heart melted and I didn't tell her this but it just made me realize all over again that my wife T, the sometimes loud, mouthy, opinionated woman I married is so satisfied by the little things in life. But this gift she wanted is not just some little gift.

T's Aunt Donna who passed away years ago was a crazy woman.  She was one of a kind.  When she passed, T received a beautiful silver watch that belonged to Donna. A very old watch. T wore this watch all the time.
Well one of the C's got a hold of this watch and somehow broke the band.
The answer to the question she asked me was
"Get my watch fixed"

So I went to the mall on Wednesday and found a little watch fix it store and went in and told the guy I needed a band just like the one above.  He looked at me like I had bleeding sores all over my face.  He looked at the watch and the band and said "This is a very old watch, I don't know if I even have that kind of band"  In my Jack Bauer ways I grabbed him by the neck and told him "Find One"

Ok seriously he looked and looked and finally found one, and you could tell it was an old band because the white price tag on the case had turned yellow.  He said to me "You know how I know this is an old band?"
Because it is only $8
Looks good, hook it up. Guy put it on for me and I was on my way
I got home and showed T and she was pleased. New band, same watch, good fit.

Price of gas  $2.34 a gallon
Price of watchband  $8 plus tax

Seeing my T happy



x February 14, 2010 at 12:41 PM   Reply to

Awesome story! Thanks for the visuals too. Great job! Happy V Day to you and T and the 4 C's. -Pippi

Taxi Driver February 14, 2010 at 2:39 PM   Reply to

Smart man: wife speaks, he listens. Great, meaningful gift for the best woman that side of the Mississippi.


Nikki B. February 14, 2010 at 3:12 PM   Reply to

nicely done, scott...nicely done! isn't it a wonderful place to be in your marriage when you can just say, "what do you want me to get you?"...get it...and be done with it. when it's realized that the surprises, and the romance, and the expectations of magical a truckload of B/S!!!

Tracy February 14, 2010 at 8:06 PM   Reply to

How I know this post is going to change, after our HHGregg trip.

Thanks for the Samsung refrigerator,oven, dishwasher,and microwave.

Bet ya don't think I'm so low maintenance now, huh?

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