Friday, February 12, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-12-10

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Grab my BUT-ton and do your own Fridays Final Thoughts

So as I am sitting at my desk today I have these thought running through my mind

Is it really going to snow here today or am I going to be left looking at a bunch of cold rain.  I want it to snow so bad I think mother nature is just f-ing with me.

Am I going to live long enough to see C3 grow old enough to torture someone else.  Tearing up books, coloring on her brothers carpet with markers.

Can someone please tell me why in the hell Dr. Oz would announce on his show that the men last the average of 3 to 7 minutes during sex. Come on can't he at least round the numbers UP a little.  The only good thing about that is maybe  I can tell T that I only need 3 to 7 minutes of her time. 

Staying on the sex subject, I have been reading alot the past few days about John Mayer and how he is this legendary Cocksmith.  Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Simpson......Guess their body is a "WONDERLAND"

Work related - Wan't me to act and react like I own the company?  Make my deposit a little more every 2 weeks.

I am planning on doing a post about this later but as Valentines Day gets closer, I am lucky to have a great, loving, caring, passionate, low maintenance wife that does not want anything but to be happy and spend time with me and the kids.  She is much happier if I make her dinner, than taking her out. She would much rather stay home and watch a movie than go out.  She doesn't care about flowers and candies and material things.  She is happy with all the little things that make life better.

With that previous thought I saw something yesterday that made me feel good to be a real man. I started reading this new blog  MumsNotebook  and she did a post that included a love note from her husband. Very cool and I think men that do little things like that are what make you a REAL MAN. A handwritten love note.  So to him I say very nice and thanks for the reminder of how to be a REAL MAN

My last thought is this, I am maybe one of the biggest assholes out there, I make this point time and time again, that I take offense to people talking shit to my wife. Now she can take care of herself and tells me to stay out of her business, but and this is tough for me but, when I see people make personal attacks on the MckMama forum I get very close to attacking those same people.  I might have to just not read certain things.  Any husband would same the same thing and if they don't then they are lying.  T does not let things like that bother her, but for some reason it bothers me.  She is her own person and like I said she can handle her own shit, so I try to be the bigger person and just stay out of shit that doesn't concern me.  Guess maybe this blogging stuff has opened my eyes enough to see that there are so many different opinions out there and not everyone agrees.  Guess that is what makes this blogging stuff to great.



roadrunner201 February 12, 2010 at 7:56 PM   Reply to

She definitely holds her own on that forum, though;-)

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