Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day......part II

Happy Valentines Day part II

So I had a gut feeling that today was going to have some kindof weird twist.  It started out great and it actually ended great.  All the stuff in between threw me for a loop.

So the C's gave Mommy T her cards while she relaxed in bed and then I got up to make the C breakfast and make T a ham and cheese omelette. 

Like I stated before T never wants anything for herself and is always buying stuff for the kids.  So today when she said that HH Gregg had a deal going on for some new kitchen stuff, I agreed we could go check it out.  Our dishwasher has sucked for a long time now, not really cleaning the dishes good.  So the main goal was a new dishwasher.  But.........

See HH Gregg has this sale going that you can get the dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, overhead microwave for a discounted price and then you get rebates for different shit. 

How many times today at the f-ing store did I get asked "Honey, do you like?, What do you think?"  My response "I don't care, this is your deal"  Just get whatever I kept telling her.  The only input I had was to hand the my dl so she could look up my HH Gregg number. 

Needless to say that on Monday we are going to have a new fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher delivered. 

We came home and I somehow took out the old dishwasher and cleaned for the new one. Cleaned behind everything.  You know how much shit builds up behind your kitchen appliances?  LOTS

So as I get ready to go to sleep on what was a great Valentines Day, I am asking myself 1 question - Does my wifes wants today make her high maintenance?  NO, she finally wanted something and I was happy to let her get what she wanted.  Something she will use everyday and I will use it also. 

Happy Valentines Day honey and now that you have this new stuff, I should always have a hot meal when I get home, never have to clean dishes and I better always be able to find stuff in the fridge. 

just kidding babe.   Love Ya

Check out T's blog later, I am sure she will post pics of her new stainless steel appliances.



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