Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It seems we might have a scheduling problem

Ok so the NEW schedule will get put to the test tonight.  I came up with a great schedule for me and T, and she countered with her own schedule.  We seems to have a scheduling conflict.  I am sure we can both sit down (or lay down) tonight and find a way to mesh the 2 schedules together.

This all stems from a post earlier in the week.  (Sex...Is it all guys think about....well yeah)
My proposed schedule

Monday is The Bachelor so I will give her a pass
Tuesday we watch the dvr'd 24 so I will give her a pass mean 1 thing....."Pants Off- Dance Off"
Thursday is Survivor so I will let it slide
Friday usually we have a date night and that mean we stay home......."Pants Off- Dance Off
Saturday we have nothing to do but watch the sun go down so that means only one thing "Pants Off- Dance Off"
Sunday we watch Amazing Race but we can fit another "Pants Off- Dance Off" session in

T's proposed schedule

Mon- clean up kitchen

Tues-Help with Laundry
Wed- clean Carly's room
Thurs.- Clean the boys room
Fri- I will give you that night off. How nice of me, huh?
Sat- Laundry day.Grocery shopping. Family Movie/Game Night. And maybe I can work you in that night.
Sun-Oh gosh let that be a free night for you too. ;)

Then she added this to the mix

Oh I forgot to add pay bills, teach Carson, clean bathrooms to that list.

Oh and bath the kids, make b'fast,lunch and dinner too.

 Guys is you have any suggestions let me know.  Ladies, if you are not on my side, keep them to yourself




Doug February 24, 2010 at 6:21 PM   Reply to

Umm ... umm ...

Learn to clean quickly?

Sorry ... no help here ... When my wife and I got together, we had a schedule very much like T's proposed ... and we still managed to have 4 more and foster another on top of that. Get with the program, so you can get on with the ... wait ... OFF with the pants ;-P

Helene February 24, 2010 at 11:55 PM   Reply to

Okay, I asked Tim his opinion on this so I'll share that with you first. It's kinda vulgar but I know as a man you'll totally appreciate it.

He said why not kill 2 birds with one stone. See, he doesn't need me to necessarily be an "active" participant, meaning I could be bent over the sofa folding laundry while he...well, you know. As for movie night, no reason why I can't be on all 4's on the sofa watching the movie while he's behind me...well, you know.

As for my opinion, I'm usually too tired at the end of the day to bother with sex. But, if he's willing to help me clean up the house, help with laundry, help get the kids in bed...I may be more inclined to say yes.

Basically, I tell Tim if he's a team player outside of the bedroom then I'll happily be a team player inside the bedroom.

Hope that helps. I swear, I really am starting to think you and Tim are long-lost brothers from another mother.

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