Monday, February 15, 2010

Let it SNOW

So Friday it started to snow....yes actual snow, and I am not sure who was more excited me of the kids?  I so impatiently sat at work and hoped and prayed that our boss' would think of our safety and let us leave early.  Well I did get to leave at 5 pm which is early but with the traffic and the stop I had to make I actually didn't get home till late anyways.

C1 wanted to go out and play in the snow so bad but I wanted him to wait until I got home so I could play with all of the kids outside.  T made this great ham dinner and after we ate I decided I did not care how late or dark it was we were going outside.

Wanna know how you can tell we live in Ga., a place where it hardly ever snows?  It took me like 45 minutes to find warm enough clothes and gloves and boots or shoes and hats.  I mean if this would have been Saturday we would have missed all the fun because it took me forever to get the kids ready. 

Boy once we got out there we had so much fun.  I pulled the kids on this make shift sled.  A cow on some plactic, this is a little rocker for little kids, but I took 2 dog chains and wrapped them around the neck and started pulling the kids around the driveway.  Throwing snowballs the kids chasing me around. 

I love the snow, I wish we would have gotten more but we did get enough to where the kids and I could play outside Friday night and Saturday morning before it all started to melt.



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