Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mr.G from HH Gregg Corporate Office is the man.

I am hard at work at work today when T IM's me and let's me know that a Mr. G called from the HH Gregg Corporate office.  If you have been reading my  blog then you know we have been having trouble with our new electric range oven that we got for HH Gregg. 

C4 burnt his little fingers from touching the space in between the storage area dn the bottom of the stove door.  OK so we went through the procedures and I wrote a couple blog post about it.  Now to the funny part.

I call this guy Mr. G back and we are talking and he is asking me how everything is and if C4 is ok. Let me stop and say this Mr. G is one hell of a nice man.  Very nice man.

He finally says to me "Wanna know how I found out about your problem?" Shit I am thinking he probably found out because of my calls and us going back to HH Gregg and talking to managers.  Nah couldn't be that, I never threatened anyone THIS time. He told me "I found out from your blog".  I started laughing and said no shit really, that is crazy, T will never believe this.  Mr. G tells me that everytime HH Gregg is listed over the internet it sends him a notification.  This is crazy, I can't stop laughing. He tells me that he saw the post about T and the watch and then getting all the shit from store and then....yes and then he reads about the problems. 

Now the next thing I am going to say is that the reason I will put HH Gregg to the top of my list is because of this Mr. G.  He took the time to read my blog and notice that I didn't have our names on it. So he gave up.  Bullshit he did not, he then found out about T's blog and then read hers and found out our first names and then found out we got snow in Ga.  What did he do next?  This man went through his delivery invoices for our area and then found out the store we got our stuff from and that is how he contacted us.

This is a classic example of great service. This guy took time to find us and make sure my family is ok and that we are happy.  That never happens. He did not make any money off of me.  I am not paying him.  His day will not be any different if I give this shit back to HH Gregg or if I keep it.  This guy is the reason I will go back to HH Gregg and buy more stuff, and I will let everyone know that . 

I was laughing with Mr. G and said to him.....You know what I have to do now right?  I have to blog about you and HH Gregg and this is going to pop up to you.  He laughed. 

Wanna know how he proved to me that he looked at my shit and wanted to know what the deal was.

Anonymous said...

Has the repair company been out, or has hhgregg exchanged the range?

He put his comment on my post.

So to you Mr. G, since I know you are gonna read this cause it pops up to you,  I really appreciate all you went through to make sure my family was happy and satisfied.  But.......I need you to do me one more favor......Call the home number and talk to T and tell her to buy me a new tv for our bedroom...thanks



x February 24, 2010 at 6:12 PM   Reply to

I am SO impressed! This is a WOW story. I have shopped at HH Greg before and I will continue to.

Shannon K. February 25, 2010 at 12:39 AM   Reply to

Ha ha ha! Good luck with the t.v. in the bedroom.

I have never even heard of HH Greg, but 5 stars for that guy!

Heather February 25, 2010 at 1:30 PM   Reply to

Awesome! What great customer service!

Tam and John February 25, 2010 at 4:23 PM   Reply to

I just discovered your blog - Love it! And I love a good customer service story. We don't have HH Greg out here, but if we did, I would SO go there! Kudos to Mr. G, too - in case he's reading this. :)

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