Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to my AWESOME wife

If getting through the birthday of C2 wasn't hard enough, I have to turn around and make sure everything is good to go for T's birthday today.  Back to Back!  I had to make sure that I got home from work and the kids and I get some things together for her.  The plan to have some gifts ready for her this morning with NO money being spent.  This is the type of woman I am married to, and trust me I am not complaining.

So a little background, last week as we lay in bed, I told her I had bought her something for her bday and she about flipped out. I thought she was going to try and hit me with the bedside table light.  It was funny, mostly because  I told her the present was for our "Pants Off Dance Off", yeah her words were "Return It"

I had an idea to get this for her

But I couldn't get the f-ing pic's to come out right.  So I had to get the help from a fellow dad blogger Doug @ Parenting Survival who took his time to help me out, well basically do it.  He did the pics emailed them to me and all I did was print them out and cut them and put them in the little frame slots.  Now that was the biggest pain in the ass but you know what, anything for my T. 

Doug....Thanks for your help.

I also did this dvd slide show with pics of the kids and music to it and it did not come out as good as  I had hoped.

But, I still think she will like it.

I am going to make my World Famous, State Fair Award Winning, Blue Ribbon
good  Lasagna, that T loves, this weekend.

Happy Birthday to my T

I love you honey



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

C2's is 5 today

Happy Birthday to you..........Happy Birthday to you

 Happy Birthday to you my little buddy.

C2 is now the big 5

I love you C2

I hope you have a good day today

In the spirit of C2 turning 5, I thought I would do a little interview with him about leaving the year of 4
Favorite thing about being 4- Super Mario
What he will miss the most as a 4 yr old- popcorn????
Favorite tv show- The Wiggles
Favorite dinner- Mashed Potatoes
Favorite Book- Cat in the Hat
Favorite time of day- Daytime so he can play
Color- Blue
Number- 100
Candy- Chocolate
Favorite Word- his name
Favorite Fruit- Oranges, Strawberries
Favorite place to visit- Disney World
What he is looking forward to the most as being a 5 yr old?  More Super Mario

You used to look like this

and this

Now you are 5

C2, we all love you

Me, Mommy, C1, C3 and C4



Monday, March 29, 2010

Nice Weekend

Birthday Party Weekend

We had a very good weekend.   C2 is turning 5 tomorrow so we had his party this weekend.  T's Aunt and Uncle's church was having their Easter Egg Hunt so we combined the two events and had his party at the egg hunt.  The kids had a blast, picking up tons of eggs filled with everything from toys to candy to money.  One of C2's friends picked up $18 worth of eggs. 

C2 had a great time.  He received some nice gifts from his friends and relatives.  His new love for Super Mario was fueled by a few of the gifts he got.  His Nanny and Paw-Paw got him the new Mario Galaxy game with a new blue Wii remote.  His Nana and Uncle E. got him some Mario t-shirts and he got a Blue Beary which he loved. C2 now has a Blue Beary and Red Beary.  Our house will soon be taken over by Beary's... C2 and C1 and C3 played with his new Mario figures and had a blast acting out the game.

After his party we went to the Japanese Steak house the we always go to when Nanny and Paw-Paw come into town. The kids love that place and we always eat good.  Then we went home and C2 wanted so bad to break into his new games, and after we got the kids cleaned up and got them the night time snacks they were all ready to play.  He tried out his Mario Galaxy and his Wow Wow Wubzy games. He had a fun day all the way around.

Yesterday Nanny and Paw-Paw came over and spent the day at the house.  We played games and Wii and Nanny and Paw-Paw got a chance to play Mario with the kids and saw how much fun that they have and found out how hard it is to actually play along with C1 and C2.  C3 also took advantage of Nanny and Paw-Paw being over to use them both as a jungle gym.  That girl has so much energy and she was all over them all day.  It was pretty funny to watch.  C4 was just crawling around and taking it all in.

T cooked some awesome chicken taco's and we ate great last night.  My parent also stayed and watched Amazing Race with us and that was fun to watch that with them.  They are on the way to Texas now to finish up alot of stuff on the house they are building and it was good to have them visit.  We will see them again in June for C4's bday.

Here are a few pics from the visit to our house on Sunday.

So the kids had a great time with Nanny and Paw Paw over at the house.



Friday, March 26, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 3-26-10

I do this thing every Friday called "Fridays Final Thoughts"
You can do it too, if you like.  All you have to do is grab the button and do this on your page. 
Leave me a note that you did it so I can come check it out.
one of these days someone will tell me how to do the mclinky shit so people can link to F-F-T
So do your own F-F-T about whatever is on your mind

This Daddy's Blog

Todays Friday's Final Thoughts are about getting older.  Not just me but my kids.  I will be 38 in July (shit I am old) and all I can think about is that my kids are growing up so much so fast.  C2 is having his 5th birthday party this weekend and his actual birthday is next Tuesday but as I look back at T's blog
 My Crazy 4 and scroll through old pic's of him,  all I can do is close my eye's and wonder

Where has all the time gone?

I can remember when he was just a little tan baby boy.  Born a day before T's birthday and he had his Mommy's dark skin and dark eyes.  Looked nothing like his big brother C1 or his daddy.  Never knew that we would have 2 more C's, T and I were so in love with our little boys.

And now as he turns 5, he still makes me smile and want to cry when he hugs me and ask's for Daddy time and has me tuck him in.

I think one of my favorite things is when he gets up early as I am leaving for work, he will stare out the window at me or he will come running out of the house in his underwear just to tell me bye, I love you and give me a hug.

Sometimes I felt like getting older would suck because I wouldn't be able to run as fast, hit that 3 point shot like I used to, and do all the things I used to do as a young adult

but I realized getting older sucks because it means my C's are getting older right along with me.

Now excuse me as I am late for an appointment to go pick up my walker from the doctor.


MckLinky Blog Hop




So usually when my NCAA Bracket suck's, which is almost every year I kind of put it in the trash, but this year since it is on Yahoo and I am doing  my very first Give Away to the winner of the Bracket Challange, I have to suck it up and live through all the pain.

I was so happy to have the SWEET 16 Round games back on tonight and get my fix of little orange rock.

T was probably not so happy to have to sit through more basketball, but being the great ball handler she is, she got a back and foot rub in the process.

So after last nights games here are the updated standings:

Rank                                        Correct Picks       Points           Possible Pts

1 Elizabeth                              35 of 52               52                    96

1 The 4 C's                             34 of 52               52                    88

3 Paulie                                   33 of 52               51                    99

4 James                                   32 of 52               47                    131

5 Sharp Tayarra                       33 of 52              46                     66

6 Tracy                                    31 of 52              44                     152

7 J&J Farrell                     25 of 52              31                      95

8 Robin                                    21 of 52               24                      36

I mean those games last night were very good.   Butler upseting #1 Syracuse
                                                                         K-State and Xavier going to Double OT.   Crazy

Oh  well.........More games on tonight......Lets see where everyone stands after tonight


Thursday, March 25, 2010

TOP 3 Thursday 3-25-10

Elizabeth at Confessions From A Working Mom does this TOP 3 THURSDAY thing and if you want to do it you can go to her page and link up

This week  the question is

What are the Top 3 things you should have thrown away... like, yesterday?
3.  Old sports crap.  I have so much sports stuff in tubs and some of it is worth money but alot of it is not.  Wheaties Boxes, not worth shit. Old pic's of athletes, not worth shit.  Coke bottles with sports teams, not worth shit.  Ok so I guess I need to do what T has been saying and get rid of some of that stuff.
2.  Stuff that I have brought home that I have gotten out of repo cars.  I can't build anything, so why do I need all these tools that I never even use?  I don't.  I have so much useless shit in the garage that if I got rid of all the shit I dont need or use, my garage would look alot cleaner. T is right once again, why have I brought all this shit home....Get rid of this too.
1. 3 boxes of condoms.....Why on Earth do I have 3, that is right people 3 boxes of condoms....I am clipped, snipped, tied, twisted, clamped, I am all of that.  I had a doc put his hands all over me and cut my bag of marbles just so he could take 10 minutes to perform a Vasectomy.  These 3 boxes of condoms are going to be part of a give away soon. 
So what are the Top 3 things you should have thrown away... like, yesterday?




I love her and she is so dirty

You can't handle the truth

Yesterday T posted some great pic's of C4 on her blog
with this caption

"He loves my vacuum

nope not my husband.

(I wish)"

Well honey just so you know

I do know how to use this thing

We have shared moments

And YES dear......I do love OUR Vacuum



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yes.....I do go into my wife's panty drawer

Blogging Minds Want to Know

So yesterday I did a post and it started out by saying that I found something in T's panty drawer.  Some of you then wanted to know

"What was I doing in T's Panty Drawer?"

Even T left a comment asking me "What are you doing in my panty drawer?"

Well, ok it is time to come clean.  I have had this problem for a long time and T is the only one that really knows anything about it.  I have heard that other husbands do this and that makes me feel a little better about it, but when I do it I still feel kind of weird.

One of the problems is that I do this all the time.  It is not aevery now and then thing.  And I like it. Doing this makes me feel good.  Makes me feel freaky.  See I don't want to spread T's personal business but she has some that I really love.  They are soft and .....ok nevermind.

Look some of you always have post's and make comments about not judging people for what they do and decisions we make.  So I am asking you all not to judge me for doing something that is totally different. 

So now all of you know that I go into T's panty drawer.


I hope none of you freaks thought I was doing something with her panties.  I mean do you all really think I would wear her thongs?  Don't answer that!


Photobucket  ◦


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing like waiting until the last minute........again

So last time I did a post about my Sweet T not being high maintenance, we ended up with a whole kitchen full of new appliances.  I really don't see that happening again, so I am going to give it another shot here. 

T is by no means high maintenance (we don't need any new appliance's) buying a store full of shit NEVER happens.  She never buys anything for herself. NEVER.  Clothes-NOPE, Make-up- My girl has natural Beauty, Shoe/FlipFlops/Sandals- No comment, my point is...she would rather not have any of that stuff and go all out for the kids, like getting clothes from this Boden catalog where the clothes are like $50 for a shirt or something like that, I don't know.

I found this thing in her panties and bra drawer, don't ask me what I was doing in really don't ask.  So this thing I found she has had for a while and I thought this would be a great gift for her birthday which is next week. 

A Memory Maker Photo Bracelet

Ok so this is the same damn thing that is sitting on my desk right now as I type and I can't figure out how to make the f-ing pictures small enough to get them into the little slots.  I found a template, and it even walks me through it, but for the love of god, I still can't figure it out. I even asked T for her help.  I told her "You do the pictures and email them to me, I will print them and fix it up"

So we will see.  She also wants a Stainless Steel Toaster to match all of the other shit in the kitchen, but jeez, have you seen how many toasters are out there?  I am not picking her out a toaster, she won't like it and she will return it.  I learned my lesson on that kind of stuff.

C2's birthday is next week and so is T's on back to back days.  Being the great parent that she is, she never cares about her bday.  She really doesn't.  I need to think of something to do that is different. Let me think,  I need to do something that is so off the wall, she will never think of it and she will be surprised and excited and I have to spend next to nothing.

One problem I have is that I wait till the last minute to do this shit.  And I am not good at keeping shit from her.  It is always hard for me to get the kids to go somewhere and do things and I am not good at getting them to do stuff at the house.  I am going to get something done though, it is my mission.

Oh man, then I have our Anniversary to plan too.  I can't believe that 10 years has passed.  She must really love me to keep me around for this long.

I have some good ideas in mind.............stay tuned.

Post edit several moments later in time:  Ok so I already had someone ask about me being in T's drawer, so let me explain......ahhh nevermind,  think what you want.



Monday, March 22, 2010

All I need is some Sweet T and 4 C's

I am so glad that when kids are young  they don't know any better.  I am glad that I have gotten better at handling and hiding my stress and not allowing it to take me over and ruin everyones weekend.  Today is and has been a day of shit at work.  I knew it was coming, the pay cuts, the lay offs, the shit storm, the closed door meetings about how much money we are losing and how bad we are sucking.  The hammer fell.  The hammer fell on some of the workers.  My buddy / co worker / co manager got a cut and shorter hours.  The guy in front of me got a cut and might get worse.

The problem is that I got called in for a closed door meeting, and was told about other employees and then told some things about me, and then asked about what would I do with these other employees.  Not a good spot to be in, but I had to put some people in the line of fire.  I mean, if I am going to lose money off of my pay check, then some of the non workers need to fucking go somewhere else.  I guess it is do some cutting or get cut.

It sucks that I have had my family in such a nice comfort zone style of living and now I am struggling to make money, it puts us in a worse position.  I hate having to tell my wife "Well we just lost some more money".  I know it could be worse, and not have a job or have to look for one, but it still sucks and when this happens to me, at the moment I don't give a shit about anyone else but my T and the C's.

I am not getting a pay cut as of now, but I was told that "COULD CHANGE".   That is good, well great news, considering that everyone around me is getting slashed.  It still makes me wonder what should I do.  Am I safe?  Am I secure?  Probably not, but with the way things are out in the real world, I guess I gotta stay put.

I have already decided that I am going to do something I never wanted to do and I am going to cut out the satellite bill and just go cheap and keep a few channels.  We cut stuff everywhere else, shit we don't even have health insurance, and fuck I fell down the damn stairs again this weekend.  I do that alot.  Thank  god T saves alot of money with the coupons.  T tells me we will be ok, and she is normally right so I am going to side with her.

I just want my wife and kids to be happy and I know that as long as we are together we will be.  I stopped drinking a year or so ago and that helps at home, I am not so much an asshole anymore, and it is so much more fun walking in the door grabbing a hug and a kiss rather than a beer or a drink.  I may not seem to feel better but I am sure my liver and kidneys feel better and are thanking me for it. 
I guess I can always fall back on my reality tv or blogging career.  Hell I could even become a male stripper, I know I could at least make enough to pay for the.......well maybe not a male stripper.  Maybe a male striper, like a candy striper or a paint stripper, something along the lines of that.

Well I don't care what happens from here on out, because I know  that when I walk through that door, I am going to have 4 C's and 1 T that are going to be there to greet me. 



Want to spend time with your wife and other hot chicks?

Troubles at work?  Troubles at home?  Spouse got you in the dog house?  Been caught Tiger Woodsing it? 
Want to know how you can check out hot chicks and still spend time with your wife and NOT get in trouble?  That is not why I watch (just a side note for all you other guys).

Tonight starts the new season of Dancing with the Stars, Has-Beens, Losers, Old Man River, and just who ever they can find to make an ass of themselves.  So if you feel like spending some quality time with your wife and 4 or 5 other nice looking women, tune in and pretend you enjoy your wifes company.

So you have Chad Johnson from the Cincy Bengals, I refuse to call some shitface Chad Oyourmomma, some dude from a soap opera that I have never even heard of.  Buzz Aldren, this guy is older than the Moon itself, get 911 on speed dial, Erin Andrews ok some guy went to jail for getting to see what everyone in America will now get to see, Evan the Olympic guy, the next Apolo Ohno, Jake, I will be cheering against him since he choose manhands, Kate plus 8 and 1 shithead ex, I hope she wins, just cause, plus what other woman do you know that has had 8 kids and looks like that, Girl from the Pussycat Dolls, really she needs to win so she can get away from the stanky group, the chick from Clean House on got back, Pam Anderson, she is not the hottest woman on Earth.  How many of her ex husbands will be there?  Brenda from 90210, oh Dillon, why couldn't you have been her partner?

So when all else fails and my life is filled with stress and my NCAA Bracket has gone to shit.....

I still have Dancing with the Stars.

I wonder how many seaquins (I don't care if I spelled it wrong) will be on display tonight? The only place where you can see half naked women shaking their shit.



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Updated Bracket Challange Standings


Most people think that this is some great age for your birthday and the time when you can drive....That is all bs....I am talking about the NCAA Basketball Tourney. After the second round ended today the field is finally down from 65 to 16.

The SWEET 16

Cornell?  Northern Iowa?

There have been some good upsets and some close games and alot of buzzer beaters and many more overtime games.

Well I always think I am the great sports guy but just like alot of other guys who think that they are so smart
our NCAA Brackets are in the shitter.

Here are the standings of the Bracket Challange along with the amount of possible points they can get along the rest of the way

1 Elizabeth @ Confessions  32 of 48 correct  40points  100 possible
1 The 4 C's                         31 of 48              40            92

3  James                              30 of 48              39           147

3 Paulie                               30 of 48              39            103

5 Sharp Tayarra                   31 of 48             38             66

6 Tracy                                29 of 48             36             152

7 J&J Farrell                       25 of 48               31             95

8 Mama Bing Robin             21 of 48              24              36

So while my bracket suck and the team I picked to win it all, lost last night....I am still ready to watch some team cut the nets down.


Fun in the sun and Rain

On Saturday we went to this great park and playground and had a picnic and the kids played for hours.  This playground is at Grant Park by the Atlanta Zoo and it is very nice.  You can tell that alot of the people that are there live in the upscalse area, because there was alot of friendly people and some of them would walk around and make sure that all the trash and stuff was cleaned up.  It was such a beautiful day today the weather was good. The kids were so worn out until they got their second wind and started acting really crazy.  But it was a really good day and it ended with T and I having a date night by playing Super Mario and letting C1 stay up late to watch.

Today has been a cool and rainy day, so the C's have been locked up in the house.  We got some cleaning done and I have been doing laundry while T get's C1's school stuff done and then she was off to the grocery store to use some coupons.  The kids did help around the house and C, C2 and C3 watch some online story that follows C1's book Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  So now while C3 is taking a nap, Mario and Luigi are playing themselves and you would think that they never knew what KEEP IT DOWN meant. 

Well now that Kansas lost AGAIN, my bracket once AGAIN is complete shit.  Every year that I pick them to win they CHOKE and screw it up.  Oh well.  Can't win em' all.  I need some serious upsets to happen today to keep in the running. But really since I dont have any money riding on the games I still love the NCAA Tournament because it is the only sport where a small school with lesser know players can beat a big school with the top talent in America.  Any given game, anything can happen.

So I am going to finish some laundry and wait on T to get home so she can do her duties as a wife and shave my back and neck and make me look like a hot stud once again. Stop the laughter out there, it is not funny, I am a stud!

I will update the NCAA Bracket Challange tonight before I go to bed.  If you are losing......sorry and if you are winning.....You are sorry.  Just kidding, but not so much.



Friday, March 19, 2010

I am a future tv star

My Bracket is complete shit by now.  But so are alot of other peoples too, so I am not alone.  Guess that is the fun of March Madness.  These damn teams need to play better ball.  There have been alot of good game winning shots, but the gameshave been sloppy.  I am losing to some women.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but women ALLWAYS win shit like this.

So the new show the Marriage Ref.  What do you think of the show.  It is so funny.  If you think you and your spouse have this show and you aint got shit on these people.  T and I laugh when we watch this.  It has stars and they watch clips of these people and their problems and then decide who is right.  I wonder what T and I would fight about that could land us on this show............

I wonder what other shows T and I could be on?

Amazing Race....We would kick ass.  She is good at teling me what to do and I am good at following her directions.

Survivor.....Well, I will do just about anything for alot of money, T wouldn't want to be away from the kids, so she would suck at it.

Big Brother....T and I would both kick someone's ass, because of the way some of those people talk to you.

Cooking shows, T would do good, ecspecially now with all the organic stuff she does.

RepoMan....Well I am about sick and tired of my job, so you can take that show and shove it.

Any family reality show....We have alot going on here.  People would not believe how hard it is for me to parent, I am really clueless, and T really does do everything.

So I will be filling out applications for shows and look out for me soon on a tv near you.


Group Standings

1 Sharp Tayarra                      24 of 32

1 Elizabeth @ Confessions      24 of 32

3 The 4 C's                             22 of 32

3 Tracy                                   22 of 32

5 Paulie 40                              21 of 32

5  James                                  21 of 32

7 J&J Farrell                            19 of 32

8 Robin                                    18 of 32




Fridays Final Thoughts 3-19-10

Todays Fridays Final Thoughts are brought to you by ME, endorsed by ME, paid for by ME
If you would like to do your own, grab my hairy button, and let me know so I can come read.
One of these days I will learn how to do the McLinky thing so others can link up.

This Daddy's Blog

Well it is another edition of the Fridays Final Thoughts.  This week I have got to keep it real.  Last Friday I posted about how my wife is awesome at saving money with coupons and I got my balls busted by a fellow dad blogger, which is ok, I love having my balls busted cause I am always gonna come back with something.  So this week I say F the coupons.  (Not really honey, keep up the good work)

Ok so here we go.

Why has C3, my sweet most loving precious daughter all of a sudden found the need to start painting her nails on her fingers and toes?  Oh but wait,  she painted her hands and feet and used a MARKER!

Everyday something happens that proves my boys are more like me than I ever knew.
See myself, C1, C2 and even C4 have this thing we like to do where we put our hands inside of our underwear.  Seriously.  Not sure what the boys are doing with their hands in there but.......

I love the NCAA Tournament and thank god for live internet feeds of the games to watch at work!

If you have the Wii Fit and have not let your kids do the HULA HOOP, oh my god.  Let them get on there and then wait......the tears will start rolling, funny as hell.

I am so ready for the weekend.  I can't wait to spend some time with T and the kids.  The weather is going to be good and we are going to have some fun.


Tie for 1st The 4 C's *      10 of 16    10 points 

1 Sharp Tayarra     10 of 16        10 points

1 Tracy     10 of 16      10 points

1 Elizabeth @ Confessions      10 of 16       10 points

Tie for5th Paulie       9 of 16          9 points

5  Robin         9 of 16          9 points

Tie for 7th  James        8 of 16         8 points

7 J&J Farrell         8 of 16        8 points

Lets see how Day 2 goes.


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