Friday, March 19, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 3-19-10

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Well it is another edition of the Fridays Final Thoughts.  This week I have got to keep it real.  Last Friday I posted about how my wife is awesome at saving money with coupons and I got my balls busted by a fellow dad blogger, which is ok, I love having my balls busted cause I am always gonna come back with something.  So this week I say F the coupons.  (Not really honey, keep up the good work)

Ok so here we go.

Why has C3, my sweet most loving precious daughter all of a sudden found the need to start painting her nails on her fingers and toes?  Oh but wait,  she painted her hands and feet and used a MARKER!

Everyday something happens that proves my boys are more like me than I ever knew.
See myself, C1, C2 and even C4 have this thing we like to do where we put our hands inside of our underwear.  Seriously.  Not sure what the boys are doing with their hands in there but.......

I love the NCAA Tournament and thank god for live internet feeds of the games to watch at work!

If you have the Wii Fit and have not let your kids do the HULA HOOP, oh my god.  Let them get on there and then wait......the tears will start rolling, funny as hell.

I am so ready for the weekend.  I can't wait to spend some time with T and the kids.  The weather is going to be good and we are going to have some fun.


Tie for 1st The 4 C's *      10 of 16    10 points 

1 Sharp Tayarra     10 of 16        10 points

1 Tracy     10 of 16      10 points

1 Elizabeth @ Confessions      10 of 16       10 points

Tie for5th Paulie       9 of 16          9 points

5  Robin         9 of 16          9 points

Tie for 7th  James        8 of 16         8 points

7 J&J Farrell         8 of 16        8 points

Lets see how Day 2 goes.



Taxi Driver March 19, 2010 at 12:35 PM   Reply to

Hey Bro,

You're awesome. really, you should have a T.V. show, not a blog. Maybe a vlog?

Since everyone is a punk I will break the glass wall and compliment your blog.

1. We, your readers, love your energy. You're a nut job: you say ANYTHING, you break boundaries, sacred cows, and traditions--just to speak your mind and entertain the world. WE LOVE IT!!!

2. Your family is awesome. Have you looked at them lately? Holy cute kids, Batman! Seriously. You are a rich man because of your family. Your kids keep you YOUNG!! And you know it. Keep giving 110% to the people you love the most and who make you the craziest!

3. Your wife is awesome. I get the impression that she saved your life, added deeper meaning and put a love song in your heart. That is what I hear you saying every time you mention her. Keep reminding us to stay sweet on our wives, to keep appreciating them--that is where family starts.

4. Thanks for not quiting. We love your blog. We read it everyday. Don't give up because we are nerds.

Have a great day Bro, don't let the punks bring you down!


Scott S. March 19, 2010 at 12:49 PM   Reply to

Hey DJ COMPLIMENTALOT, I appreciate the kind words. I love this blogging and I am trying to get into the Vloging. That is comming soon, I hope. There are some guys that bust balls and I think it is great. The one that busted my balls about the coupons seems like a cool cat, he and his wife have nice blogs. I am the ultimate shit talker and I love it when people bring the game to me. So if you ever got something to rag about, lets do it.

3. T is awesome, she says I put her on a mountain but she doesn't get to see all she does from a different angle.

2. I try to take credit for the kids looking good, but I then look in the mirror.

1. And all the energy I have is one of the reasons I started blogging. Gotta have somewhere to put it.

Heather March 21, 2010 at 9:34 PM   Reply to

The kids aren't the only ones that are funny to watch hula hooping. My husband is HILARIOUS!

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