Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun in the sun and Rain

On Saturday we went to this great park and playground and had a picnic and the kids played for hours.  This playground is at Grant Park by the Atlanta Zoo and it is very nice.  You can tell that alot of the people that are there live in the upscalse area, because there was alot of friendly people and some of them would walk around and make sure that all the trash and stuff was cleaned up.  It was such a beautiful day today the weather was good. The kids were so worn out until they got their second wind and started acting really crazy.  But it was a really good day and it ended with T and I having a date night by playing Super Mario and letting C1 stay up late to watch.

Today has been a cool and rainy day, so the C's have been locked up in the house.  We got some cleaning done and I have been doing laundry while T get's C1's school stuff done and then she was off to the grocery store to use some coupons.  The kids did help around the house and C, C2 and C3 watch some online story that follows C1's book Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  So now while C3 is taking a nap, Mario and Luigi are playing themselves and you would think that they never knew what KEEP IT DOWN meant. 

Well now that Kansas lost AGAIN, my bracket once AGAIN is complete shit.  Every year that I pick them to win they CHOKE and screw it up.  Oh well.  Can't win em' all.  I need some serious upsets to happen today to keep in the running. But really since I dont have any money riding on the games I still love the NCAA Tournament because it is the only sport where a small school with lesser know players can beat a big school with the top talent in America.  Any given game, anything can happen.

So I am going to finish some laundry and wait on T to get home so she can do her duties as a wife and shave my back and neck and make me look like a hot stud once again. Stop the laughter out there, it is not funny, I am a stud!

I will update the NCAA Bracket Challange tonight before I go to bed.  If you are losing......sorry and if you are winning.....You are sorry.  Just kidding, but not so much.



Taxi Driver March 21, 2010 at 6:51 PM   Reply to

He is a stud. I saw his 2010 calendar pics.

Congrats on the fun family time.

Be blessed,

Helene March 22, 2010 at 12:49 PM   Reply to

Your family time sounds a lot like our family time, excpet I'm not so sure Tim enjoys himself as much as you do. Usually he's whining "god, when is it gonna be Monday?!" Funny how I look forward to weekends, and he dreads them.

I'm impressed that you do laundry.

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