Friday, March 19, 2010

I am a future tv star

My Bracket is complete shit by now.  But so are alot of other peoples too, so I am not alone.  Guess that is the fun of March Madness.  These damn teams need to play better ball.  There have been alot of good game winning shots, but the gameshave been sloppy.  I am losing to some women.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but women ALLWAYS win shit like this.

So the new show the Marriage Ref.  What do you think of the show.  It is so funny.  If you think you and your spouse have this show and you aint got shit on these people.  T and I laugh when we watch this.  It has stars and they watch clips of these people and their problems and then decide who is right.  I wonder what T and I would fight about that could land us on this show............

I wonder what other shows T and I could be on?

Amazing Race....We would kick ass.  She is good at teling me what to do and I am good at following her directions.

Survivor.....Well, I will do just about anything for alot of money, T wouldn't want to be away from the kids, so she would suck at it.

Big Brother....T and I would both kick someone's ass, because of the way some of those people talk to you.

Cooking shows, T would do good, ecspecially now with all the organic stuff she does.

RepoMan....Well I am about sick and tired of my job, so you can take that show and shove it.

Any family reality show....We have alot going on here.  People would not believe how hard it is for me to parent, I am really clueless, and T really does do everything.

So I will be filling out applications for shows and look out for me soon on a tv near you.


Group Standings

1 Sharp Tayarra                      24 of 32

1 Elizabeth @ Confessions      24 of 32

3 The 4 C's                             22 of 32

3 Tracy                                   22 of 32

5 Paulie 40                              21 of 32

5  James                                  21 of 32

7 J&J Farrell                            19 of 32

8 Robin                                    18 of 32



Jessica Bodley Farrell March 20, 2010 at 12:13 PM   Reply to

wooooo wwhhhooo....i am not in the bottom!

Helene March 20, 2010 at 2:40 PM   Reply to

I have seen the Marriage's hysterical. Did you see the one about the guy who had his beloved dead dog stuffed and he wanted to build a shrine to it? The wife's reaction cracked me up!

And excuse me they have Martha Stewart and Madonna giving marriage advice when both of them have been divorced like a million times.

Tim and I would totally suck on Amazing Race because we would disagree on everythign. He needs to take lessons from you on how to take direction from his better half.

As for other reality shows, Tim keeps asking me apply for the Supernanny show but she'll make us look like shitheads. I mean, I only ignore the kids 50% of the time, not all the time. So wouldn't make for good tv.

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