Monday, March 8, 2010

Im a mean guy in a Castle and T is the Princess

See these 2 guys. 

This is what C1 and C2 are going to look like soon.  They are so addicted to this game on the Wii that even when they are not playing they are using other toys to act out the game.  Everything they do is related to the that game these days.  Playing outside they are playing as the characters too.  They will ride on the scooters and pretend that they are the characters. C3 too.  Then they like to say that Daddy is the mean guy in the castle and Mommy is the Princess they are trying to save.

T and I play this game also on our date nights.  We try to play with the kids but it is hard because they have not mastered the art of teamwork yet.  When T and I play, she is usually Mario (player 1) and leads. 
Holy Shit that is just like our marriage now that I think about it. Kinda funny. I am Luigi (player 2) and we work well together. She does things good and I do things good. We tried playing this weekend and I was getting so pissed I wanted to throw the damn remote.  I just put it down and backed away.

But when the kids play, if things are not going well you can hear them screaming at each other......You took my clothes (referring to the little extras you get), wait for me, pop my bubble.  It is actually very funny.  T and I sit back and laugh at them.  They are so caught up in getting to the new worlds. 

So I may have so pictures of them soon as they are probably going to transform into Mario and Luigi.  I really dont care that they love the game and playing the Wii, you know it could be worse.  They could want to watch Spongebob, or some other violent cartoon or uneducational program.  They could want to sit in their rooms and plan what to destroy or break next.  They could be outside trying to beat each other up.  But they are not.  C1 does his schoolwork and C2 likes to practice his stuff as well and the kids have all kinds of activities they do.  C1 and C2 actually just  built robots out of cans and sticks.

So if the only thing I have to worry about right now is C1 and C2 waking up and all of a sudden looking like Mario and Luigi

Then I am ok with that



Nikki B. March 8, 2010 at 5:03 PM   Reply to

LOVE THIS GAME!! jake and i beat it the other night! finally!! love it, though. luckily, after you beat it, it doesn't, we have more work to do!!!!

and we, too, can't play with the kids. they're always knocking us into lava, or off cliffs, or bouncing on our heads, or killing us!!

Doug March 8, 2010 at 5:11 PM   Reply to

Get used to it ... you're going to be the mean old man in the castle for a LONG time. Wait untli C3 gets older ...

You got a long ways to go ...

Josh March 8, 2010 at 7:18 PM   Reply to

we play super mario for the wii as well and the plan is, as of now, for us to dress up as the characters for halloween...we shall see. The only thing worse is Lego Star Wars. No matter what is going on, someone is one of those characters. my oldest son loves being Bowser (aka you) anywhere from church to pre-school to the backyard

btw im the spouse of Chrissy at Traveling Light...and i enjoy reading your blog.

x March 8, 2010 at 7:31 PM   Reply to

My two are the same way. One on the Wii and the other on his computer with World of Warcraft.

Chrissy March 9, 2010 at 7:38 AM   Reply to

Oh, goodness. My husband commented on here! ;o)

Yes, this game is a hit in our house, too. And I do have to try and convince my oldest son that he is Caleb at preschool and church...not Bowser.

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