Monday, March 22, 2010

Want to spend time with your wife and other hot chicks?

Troubles at work?  Troubles at home?  Spouse got you in the dog house?  Been caught Tiger Woodsing it? 
Want to know how you can check out hot chicks and still spend time with your wife and NOT get in trouble?  That is not why I watch (just a side note for all you other guys).

Tonight starts the new season of Dancing with the Stars, Has-Beens, Losers, Old Man River, and just who ever they can find to make an ass of themselves.  So if you feel like spending some quality time with your wife and 4 or 5 other nice looking women, tune in and pretend you enjoy your wifes company.

So you have Chad Johnson from the Cincy Bengals, I refuse to call some shitface Chad Oyourmomma, some dude from a soap opera that I have never even heard of.  Buzz Aldren, this guy is older than the Moon itself, get 911 on speed dial, Erin Andrews ok some guy went to jail for getting to see what everyone in America will now get to see, Evan the Olympic guy, the next Apolo Ohno, Jake, I will be cheering against him since he choose manhands, Kate plus 8 and 1 shithead ex, I hope she wins, just cause, plus what other woman do you know that has had 8 kids and looks like that, Girl from the Pussycat Dolls, really she needs to win so she can get away from the stanky group, the chick from Clean House on got back, Pam Anderson, she is not the hottest woman on Earth.  How many of her ex husbands will be there?  Brenda from 90210, oh Dillon, why couldn't you have been her partner?

So when all else fails and my life is filled with stress and my NCAA Bracket has gone to shit.....

I still have Dancing with the Stars.

I wonder how many seaquins (I don't care if I spelled it wrong) will be on display tonight? The only place where you can see half naked women shaking their shit.



Anonymous,  March 22, 2010 at 4:15 PM   Reply to

I'm semi excited for the new season. I've decided to root for Pam Anderson and Shannon Doherty. Hubby decided to root for Kate Gosselin. I shot him a dirty look like I was about to puke and said "Why the hell are you rooting for her?" and he said "So, I could see that look on your face." Smartass.

Really though, I'll be watching while I hope for Jake to fall on his butt.

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