Friday, April 16, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-16-10

Wow it is Friday already, and I am so happy.  We have some good things going on this weekend and the most important is we are going back to the place we got married to have a picnic and celebrate our 10 year Anniversary.

So now it is time for me to get some things out of my mind and off my chest.......drum roll please

This Daddy's Blog

Wow well if you have read the past few days then you know T and I made it to 10 years.  What a ride it has been so far.  Thanks to everyone that left kind comments for us and if anyone wanted or left any nasty or bad comments.......Stop hating on our love.

Pollen....Can you please go F yourself.  This stuff sucks.  It tears me up.  Headaches and all.

Yesterday C1 did something at the mall that made me proud.  He is also a much better person at the age of 6 than I am at the age of 37.  He has been saving up his coins to get some toys, you know how kids are.......always wanting something.  Yesterday in line at Chick Fil A, there was a little box for change for Haiti.  And C1 put his change in there for the kids.  I cant remember the last time I did something nice for someone that took away from ME.

C2 is turning into my little X Gamer, and the reason is that he is always getting banged up when they are riding the scooters outside.  I have got to get him a helmet.

C3 Holy shit is the the most independant little girl I have met since, oh lets see her MOMMY.  Know I know where she gets it from.  She wants NO help doing anything.  Gets a little attitude and drives me nuts

C4 If we thought that C3 was the tough one around the house and beat on everyone, shit C4 is going to give her a run for her money.  This boy is a tank and all I can say is the other kids better look out

Thanks to my awesome wife for buying my 2nd most favorite candy yesterday for us, little rasberries and blackberries gummies, that shit is so good. And the steak for dinner was good. 

Thanks to my parents for the nice Anniversary gifts.  They will come in handy and the Sony Bloggie will get used alot.

To my neighbors who don't want to cantact me about the HOA letter that I typed up and put on EVERY mailbox in the hood.  Don't blame me if your area looks like shit.  I am trying but I only have so much time.  To the one that I have talked to and seem to care..Thanks.

Well since it have been over a week, I am glad that Tiger made a good showing and sorry that Phil won.

Ok now that it is playoff time in the NBA it is KOBE TIME.. GO LAKERS

Have a great weekend



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