Friday, April 2, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-2-10

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Today I am going to cover some different topics that are on my mind.

Ok. Now for the stuff that makes me smile and laugh

T was telling me the other day as her and C1 were doing school work that this conversation went down

T- What is the river that runs North and South through the US?
C1- The Miss-A-Piss River...........That is some funny shit.

How does a 6 yr old (C1) make his Mommy feel like a million dollars on her bday?
Wish her a Happy 23rd Birthday

How does a 6 yr old (C1) feel about his Daddy after he turns off the Charlie Brown Easter Beagle show after the 2nd time watching it?
He gave me this really nasty look and told me I am the worst Daddy......No big deal, didn't last long

I hardly ever get mad at T.  I mean we have our little differences like any other marriage but we normally get along pretty good.

Until last night..There are very few things that I can not stand. I don't like to use the  Hate word too often but I borderline Hate these things.
Roast and POOP.  That is correct roast and POOP.  I don't do POOPY diapers, never have, won't, can't and I am allergic to shit.

Last night I get home and T tells me that C4 was standing outside the tub in our bathroom on the bathmat and he SHIT.  Yes right there.  Funny right, almost 10 month old standing there without a diaper and he shits on the floor.  T then tells me to take the stuff with the shit on it down to the washer and put it in.
I hate shit.  She thought that was funny.  Me and the shit

The score is now 2 to 1.  T has 2 and I have 1.
But I am winning in this little battle.
The battle to see who can smoke out our house the most

See T was cooking these in
and then this happened

Burnt Peas
And a smoked out house.

Oh well, at least she will get new stainless steel pots out of the deal

Ok honey you have 2 times and I have 1 time



Tayarra April 2, 2010 at 12:56 PM   Reply to

The "shit" part ... hilarious! Dale HATES roast and shit as well! He will do shitty diapers sometimes though because if he doesn't he knows how shitty I might treat him for not doing it. Waylon seriously shit while standing in the bath tub just a couple of weeks ago while I was getting ready to get him out. Too funny!

~Isabel April 2, 2010 at 3:27 PM   Reply to

lol...i hate roast and poop, too.

Especially poop.

Even when well, poop happens.

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