Friday, April 30, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-30-10

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Fridays Final Thoughts are brought to you by............well shit I have no endorsement deals like Nike, I am not sponsered by Dupont like my favorite #24 car, and I never hear a *Cha Ching* everytime I mention a this is brought to you by me!

Damn, another Friday is here. The last one of April.   May is here.  That means Mother's Day is around the corner.  That means I have to rack my brain to be creative and do something for my wife the mother of our C's and not spend any money.  I have already started planning this.  Kind of.

So much shit is going on.  I have been personally busting my ass writing emails, creating a blog, calling and walking my fucking self around the neighborhood putting letter on mailboxes for this homeowners assoc. that some people are interested in.  Some people just want the simple basic's.  Street lights,  safe drivers and basic lawn care.  Seems easy.    I am not doing anymore on this past putting the signs up I will make for next weeks 1st meeting and that is it.  Screw you people who talk all this shit and dont do anything.  I am ready to kick one of my neighbors ass for running his fat mouth.

On a lighter note.  Got the angry thoughts out of the way.

 T is the greatest.  People always say in comments or emails to me "You always are so sweet to your T"  shit be at home with us when I am a dick.  Truth is that I never give her enough credit at home, so I always do it here.  T is always one who likes to learn new things.  A couple things she learned this week................Never put a bottle of wine in your deep freezer and forget about it.  It shattered, glass everywhere and she cut her fingers, leading me to worry more than I needed to.   Second.  Never put foil in the bottom of your conventional / convection ovens.  The news are not like the old ones.  We now have a fancy silver bottom to our oven.  That is some funny shit.  Really.

Why are 3, 5 and 6 year olds so obsessed with their ass' and peckers?  I mean I know as an adult I am still obsessed with my pecker but for different reasons.........I hope.  Hands are always in the pants, they are always smacking their own ass, and shaking their booty.  God help me!

I hate not being able to fix my own shit.  I have beautiful Troy Bilt riding mower that cuts the front and back yard both in under and hour.  It is not running.  I had a place pick it up on Monday and they STILL have not fucking even looked at it yet.  I called this morning and the hick (you guys think I am a hick, talk to this guy) said there are 2 more in front of it.  Bullshit.  If  I had a truck and a trailer I would take him his $20 and go pick my shit up, and then tell him to run a better business and dont tell me shit on the phone and then not do it.

Kobe.  Tonight is your night.  End the series against the Thunder and let's get on to the next one.

Why do the 2 baseball teams I like both suck.  The Braves and Astro's.  You both suck ass.

And I leave you with this thought.   This song was in my head this morning as I came to my feet and got in the shower and bathed my clean shaven, good looking, tone, hot, most awesome self and then heard it again in the car.  It pretty much sums it all up...........bob your head, shake your booty, smack your ass and sing loudly




ericdbolton April 30, 2010 at 9:25 AM   Reply to

I hate the not being able to fix my own crap, crap. I have this cush schedule where I get off at 230 and you would think I have all afternoon to do stuff.


I also don't nearly affirm my wife outside the blog as I do in the blog.

And the Braves stink because it's not 1995 anymore and the Astros stink because well... No more Killer B's.

I can talk crap because I used to live in Houston even though San Antonio has only a minor league team.

Megan,  April 30, 2010 at 10:21 AM   Reply to

As a mom, here is what I wish my husband would do for me on mother's day. Have my kids make me a card and give it to me. He writes a list of things he appreciates about me, I don't care if says he likes my boobs...anything. Help me pack a lunch, or stay out of the kitchen with the baby so I can do it. Load up our van with a kite, lawn chairs, cooler, blanket to sit on, toys, t-ball stuff, etc. Then we drive to a park and have lunch and play the afternoon away. We should leave early enough, like 10, so we can play, have lunch, then play a little longer so the kids can have a decent nap and don't get crabby because then I'm stressed and crabby. We come home, and he is my slave...I can boss him around and he won't be asshole. "clean out the van," "OK, Honey," "Turn off the tv and unload the dishwasher," "sure, I would love to." Maybe your wife is nicer than me, I don't know. She sounds like a jewel and i want to give you advice so she has an awsome mother's mom to another.

Catrina April 30, 2010 at 10:38 AM   Reply to

What is up with Neighbors? I'm not on our association but damn the neighbors bitch to much about stupid stuff!
I wish my husband would plan something nice for me for mothers day.
When you find out what the childrens obsession is with thier privates and butts will you let me know? I have a 18 month old who plays with herself constantly, a 4 year old who puts her hands in her pants and loves showing her chest, and a 6 year old who smacks her own butt and shows her chest all the time.

Heather April 30, 2010 at 12:01 PM   Reply to

Yeah, I agree with Catrina. When you figure out why they like all of the privates and booty thing, let the rest of us know. I am so tired of my 5 year old walking around sticking her butt out and wiggling it. Maybe they do it to get a reaction out of us.

For Mother's Day, I would like to not have to change a single diaper and to not have to cook a meal or get a snack for the whole day? I want a day off with no laundry or dishes.

I don't think that is too much to ask.

Oh yeah, good luck on the Lakers winning tonight. Your team is on our turf and we are going to win it tonight.

You guys can take the series when we play in LA, but tonight is our night.

Bring on your old arthritic knees Koby!

(How was that for some trash talking? Now we are probably going to lose.) :)

Tayarra April 30, 2010 at 12:15 PM   Reply to

True, my 3 year old, 18 month old, and 32 year old are all still obsessed with their peckers! Constant phrase out of my mouth ... "Stop playing with that!" But it is soooo nice that Dale can fix our own crap! Well, most of it. And I have totally put foil in my oven before right after we bought it and I too have a nice silver bottom. (still talking about the oven.)

eureka! May 1, 2010 at 12:01 AM   Reply to

You should be a Twins fan. :) With the new kickass stadium and all, they're going all the way this year.

Massage Liability July 11, 2011 at 5:38 AM   Reply to

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