Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is just something that happened to pop up in my pants, er I mean in my head today, so I thought I would do this with the quickness.  Cause as T would tell you, I do everything with the quickness. (Get your minds out of the gutter) But that too.


So in the last 2 days I have read 2 blogs where the the DADS have done something really cool.

These DADS don't blog, they don't sit and type about crazy shit and tell people about what a fool they are (like me). They don't pour their heart out and say how much they love their wives on a blog (like I do) I don't even know if they read their wives blogs?  At this point I don't give a rats ass if they do or if they dont.  This is about the DADS!

So enough bullshit, and on to the point.

I don't create buttons and awards but if someone wants to do that for me,  I will be happy to take it and steal it and put it on my blog and then hand it out when I see fit.

Well today I see fit.

Real Man / Bad Ass Dad #1

Molly @The Snyder5 has this husband Brian who makes appearences in her blog alot.  Well yesterday Molly did a post about Brian and his research on how to teach the kids to ride their bikes.  This is something I have failed at.  I have tried, but got impatient with C1 and C2 and pretty much figured that they would become the best damn scooter riders in the world.  He found that by taking the pedals off of the bike and teaching the kids to balance themselves would help them learn and then they start pedaling when they have the balance.  She has a video up on her blog.  This gave me new hope and I can't wait to try this with C1 this weekend.

So Brian, thank you! And you are a Real Man / Bad Ass Dad!

Real Man / Bad Ass Dad #2

Lisa @ Roerdink Ramblings has Jeff.  Jeff is a firefighter for a city that is kind of local to us here in Ga.  I read where she talked about the bad storms we had this weekend and then she went on to talk about how Jeff was sick, but STILL went to work and battled a apartment fire.  He was so sick he had to go to the hospital to get iv's and fluids.  One thing about the metro Atlanta area, there seems to ALWAYS be a f-ing apartment fire.  So for Jeff to be sick and go fight an apartment fire on the weekend of some bad storms,  that makes me proud to know that he is a firefighter close to city...kind of.

So Jeff I thank you! And you are a Real Man / Bad Ass Dad!

Both of your wives better be glad they have you.  I know they are and I know they thank you for all you do for the family, but they really need to thank you, I mean REALLY! 



MollyinMinn April 27, 2010 at 1:25 PM   Reply to

Okay, so I had no idea you did this. And just clicked over to see what you were up to today. Thanks. This will make Brian smile (and chest thump a bit, too, as he was pretty sure on Sunday that he was King of the Alley)!

roadrunner201 April 27, 2010 at 3:16 PM   Reply to

Thanks Scott! Jeff will love this. I had to copy and past it to an e-mail because blogger is one of the blocked sites at the station. He does read my blog and often times he's the one that takes the pictures and then asks me to do a post about it. He just isn't able to express himself in writing well;-)

But for the record, I would definitely say that being a real mad expresses itself in many different ways and being about to tell about how much you care about your family publicly put you up there, too.

Decorating My Soul April 27, 2010 at 10:09 PM   Reply to

Lovin' it... found your blog though SIF and am totally a fan :)

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