Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taking a trip to the Sperm Bank

Ok the birthdays are over......until June.  Next is the Anniversary.  I am not sweating it.  I already have this one in the bag.  Thanks again to Doug, who helped make the bracelet a great gift.  Here is what the bracelet looked like after I added the pic's he sized for me

Man she loved this thing and to think that this bracelet sat in her panties drawer for years.

So what does the Mommy of 4 C's do on her birthday?  On a beautiful sunny day.  She takes her kids to the sperm bank.....I mean the Fern Bank.  I only say that because when T tells me she is going to the Fern Bank in Atlanta, and she says it fast it sounds like she is saying Sperm Bank, and I am shooting blanks now, so that makes it even funnier.

The kids loved the Fern Bank, seeing the Dinosaurs and the Water Fountain.  Some of the things they liked were the cool toy penguin, the neat magnets and they said it was a very interesting place to go to.

I asked each of the kids to say 1 word that best decribes the Fern Bank and C1 said Dinosaur, C2 said Roar (sound included) and C3 said Roar (girly sound included). 

Just to see what the kids would say I asked them all how the ride down to the Fern Bank was, you know how was Mommy driving?  They all said good, and it was a fun ride.

Just to see how I scored on her birthday, the final question of the night was how did Mommy like her gifts that we got her?  C1 said she loved them but he thought the video was to long.  C2 said Mommy like the video and the cards, and C3 said she wants a bracelet and a video for her birthday.

Now it is on to the Anniversary. It never ends does it?  NO



UnicycleRose April 1, 2010 at 5:57 PM   Reply to

Sorry Toots, it never does end, but you are getting a "10" from me!

S.I.F. April 2, 2010 at 3:20 AM   Reply to

OK, I love the bracelet!

But I really only clicked on this post because I thought you were actually going to sell your boys! I was going to have to ask how much you get paid for that, because I've got to tell you, on my end it ain't cheap! I always wonder how much the guys get compared to how much the banks are pocketing.

And you let me down, because the fern bank is NOT the sperm bank!

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