Monday, April 12, 2010

Working and Playing on the Weekend

Everybody's working on the weekend

Another weekend in the books.  It was a nice weekend. Got a ton of things done.  Friday night started the talks with a neighbor about the homeowners assoc. and kind of got the ball rolling.  LM and her kids came over and hung out and played and the kids always enjoy that.  C2 got a late bday gift from them a Toy Story lego set and he loves it.

Saturday I went against everything I believe in and got up early and started on the garage.  I pulled EVERYTHING out and I mean EVERYTHING.  It looked like we were having a yard sale.  Kids toys filled up the yard, the entire yard.  Riding toys out of the ass.  How many riding toys can one child or even 4 children ride?  Well just so you know they can pull all of them out and attempt to ride them all.

I took a break from that and talked to a few more neighbors.  Seems like the ones I have talked to are on board to try and get something done one way or another.

I got the garage cleaned up and took a few loads of shit to the dump.  All I need is to get 2 broke tv's and a range oven to the dump and that will free up a lot of room.

Later Saturday night we went for our walk and delivered our letters for the homeowners assoc.  and talked to some more people.

Then it was time for Saturday movie night and we finally sat down and watched Princess and the Frog which we got from Redbox and the kids loved it.  They thought it was funny.

Sunday was another early morning, I got up and tooks T's van to get an oil change.  I was in oand out of there pretty quick and then got home to start another day of manual labor and yard work.  I got the yard looking ok.  Wish our grass looked better and greener but it is mowed and trimmed and looking nice.

We went for a nice afternoon walk and the boys had a friend come over and play and then we washed my car again.  The kids are slowly getting the idea of keeping the water on the car but they like to go a little crazy and spray everywhere.  I got sprayed once and got a little aggravated.....well to the point that I beat the shit out of the range oven.  Oh well...

So it was a nice weekend and leading into the week of T and I's 10 year Anniversary, I will be doing a little something everyday to bring to you what it is like to be married to the woman I call T.



Shannon K. April 12, 2010 at 10:21 AM   Reply to

I so want our garage emptied out! It could be featured on an episode of hoarders. Seriously. Well, maybe not seriously, but pretty stinkin' close!

Oh, and you take her car for her to have the oil changed? Pft. I freakin' take my own car, kids in tow. I'm calling foul on him!!

ericdbolton April 12, 2010 at 10:33 AM   Reply to

We don't have a garage (when we bought the house, it was converted into a family room). But if we did, I would imagine it would look like you described.

Rachel April 12, 2010 at 10:47 AM   Reply to

Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award over on my blog! Have fun with it!

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