Sunday, May 30, 2010

Proud to be an AMERICAN

I am so proud to be an AMERICAN.  Memorial Day.  A day we remember all of the people that helped make our great country what it is today and those that still make it their everyday business to make sure we live in the best and safest country in the World.

Thanks to everyone that helps and has helped make the USA a place where the FLAG flies high and proud.



Friday, May 28, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-28-2010 Im A Winner Style

This Daddy's Blog


Today,  I will be talking to you about getting pumped and ready for the day.  Yeah, it is Friday and I am ready for the day to be over and get the nice long weekend started with T and the C's.

Take this ride with me.

Alarm goes off at 5 am
Alarm goes off at 5:30 am
Alarm goes off at 6 am
(yes- snooze again)
Alarm goes off at 6:30 am

Ok, shit I am up already.

Shower, with soap.  Wash everything, twice.  And no that doesn't mean Im playing with it.

Get dressed, underwear with no holes.

See T looking all sexy in the bed, so I go over and rub her back and head for a few minutes with the hopes of maybe getting some "MORNING DO". 

She doesn't move. Hmmmmm

Rub her butt.  More hopes of "MORNING DO"

Still no movement...All hope is lost.

Out the door.

Stop for coffee at Mickey D's, gay guy gets my coffee....
(please no natural creamer)

Stop for Gas.
(Not from my ass, but for my car)

Sit in stopped traffic on I-20

Then instead of getting mad for sitting in traffic - stopped

I do this





What gets you moving in the morning?



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Underwear, Condoms and Socks

I realized something this morning.  I still have a problem getting rid of things that I no longer need.  As I got out of bed this morning (shorts on) I went into my top drawer and felt around for a nice soft pair of underwear.  A pair that would keep the twig and berries feeling good all day long.  Boxer briefs, man nothing better, a nice soft pair of boxer briefs to keep me feeling fine all throughout the day.  I grabbed a pair and did the morning routine.

I didnt pay any attention until I put the pair on and talc'ed myself.  I noticed that the talc was falling to my feet. It was a nice cool feeling.  Like the nice misty sprinkle on a hot summer day. But what was happening?  Did I miss the pocket?.  Did I miss talc myslef. So I looked down and saw 2 GIANT holes in the crotch. No wonder the talc got through.  Oh my.  What do I do?  Go with the air conditioned pair or get new ones?  I go get a new pair minus the holes.  Added more talc and got ready.

Why am I keeping these pairs of underwear?

I have no idea.  Easy access for T, shit I would just remove them.  Extra room for the stuff?  Do I just start going without?  Nah, don't want to scare the people on the street.

I am just going to get rid of every pair of underwear that has even 1 little hole in them.

Oh and why do I still have boxes, yes BOXES of condoms in the underwear drawer?

I had a vasectomy.  The ol clip and snip.  Shootin blanks.  Playin'  with an air rifle.  Why am I holding onto these things.  Should I go old school and put one in my wallet, like the old days and then look at it months and months later to realize that it never got used and expired?  Should I make water balloons for the kids?  Hand them out to kids at the bus stop?  Find ugly people and hand them to them? 

Wait, I know. I can give them to the the ladies at the cafeteria and they can use them as hair nets.  Maybe I can do my part to keep the pet population down and let the dogs have them.  Take them to a strip club, wait..can't do that.

Ahhhhhh.....A GIVEAWAY. I might be onto something.

Well for now, I will just let them sit in my underwear drawer.  They take up alot of the drawer.

Next item to get rid of, mis-matched socks and socks with holes.

What do I do with all of the unwanted socks?  Hmmmmm.

I know...
That has me thinking, why is my wrist hurting so bad?



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mothers are the Judge and the Jury

This is a story that was in the USA Today yesterday.

So I copied the whole article.

Why do mothers judge one another and their parenting?

Andrea Moleski was at a coffee shop with her baby when they were approached by a strange woman. The conversation began innocently enough as the woman admired Moleski's baby and asked her age.

Then, the interrogation began.

The woman wanted to know if the baby, then 9 months old, was sleeping through the night.

"When I told her no, she was horrified," says Moleski, 34, who writes for a March of Dimes blog, "It was almost as if 'bad sleeper' equals 'bad mommy.' I quickly and nervously had to defend what was going on in my home to this perfect stranger."

Although mothers can provide one another with invaluable advice and understanding, they also can be quick to cut one another down, making devoted mothers feel inadequate, says Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician and mother of two.

"I call it 'competitive parenting,' " says Swanson, who writes the blog Seattle Mama Doc ( "Other parents can be so helpful. They tell you about a product and it changes your life. But they can also make you feel like junk." (Ok, if another woman made my wife feel like junk, T would kick her ass)

Though women might shrug off criticism about other aspects of their lives, many say they feel crushed when someone picks apart their parenting — the job they care about most. "We're all so desperately in love with our babies," Swanson says.

And it's tough to have a thick skin when they're exhausted, sleep-deprived and under the influence of wild hormonal fluctuations from pregnancy or nursing, says psychotherapist Jenn Berman, author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids.

"Being a mom can be scary and isolating, and we're all insecure about the job we're doing," Moleski says. "It's rare that someone tells you you're a good mom. That's why we get so defensive. It confirms our worst fears."

Many mothers struggle to recover from such criticism and with how to avoid inflicting it on others, even if unintentionally, Berman says.

Stephanie Bello, 31, a stay-at-home mom from Alexandria, Va., felt that public judgment after her 2-year-old son hit his head. On the one hand, she says, modern moms are commonly denounced for being overprotective. "But you're looked at as a bad parent if you are in the ER with your kid," she says.

Swanson vividly recalls the derision she faced whenever she fed her baby with a bottle.

"We were sitting at a playground, and a woman said to me, 'Oh, you chose not to breast-feed, I see,' " says Swanson, who was unable to nurse for several months after being hospitalized for a painful infection called mastitis. "I said, 'It wasn't my choice, but yes, he's lucky he can get formula.' " (ok so where is the statement about the bitches that make comments about breastfeeding moms who are showing thier boobs?  See, they talk about the stupid bottle feeding shit, but not the other! Just another way to make breastfeeding moms look bad)

Many modern parents feel inundated with information and overwhelmed by choices, Berman says.

Parents who have researched and agonized over their choices — such as whether to use a pacifier, co-sleeper or baby sling — may feel a need to defend them, she says. Parents may wonder: If I've made the wrong choice, does that mean I'm endangering our children?

"Oftentimes, it can seem like a threat to see someone else deciding differently," Berman says.

Parents also may feel they're getting conflicting advice.

Expert guidelines on a range of topics — such as safe sleeping positions, preventing allergic reactions and treating colds — have changed markedly in recent years. Staying on top of the latest child-rearing recommendations can be a challenge — and a badge of honor.

By the time a mother's kids are in middle school, much of what she knows about baby care may be considered out of date — or even dangerous. That can cause divisions between generations of parents, Moleski says.

A decade ago, for example, parents considered themselves progressive if they gave their kids apple juice instead of soda or Kool-Aid, she says. Today, pediatricians, concerned about empty calories, now tell parents to give their children only water or milk.

"My sister asked me when I was going to give my daughter juice," says Moleski, whose daughter is 15 months old. "I told her I'm not, and she rolled her eyes. I can tell by her reaction that I've made her feel badly, and I didn't want to."

Most mothers say they struggle to make peace with hurtful comments.

Swanson says it can help to remember that most parents are less sure of themselves than they appear. "There is no one who comes into my clinic and shuts the door and doesn't have any worries," she says. "We're all trying to get it right."

Unintended slights

Monika Phenix says most mothers don't mean to hurt, and they honestly want to help.

"I think moms love kids and they want all kids to be safe," says Phenix, 31, a stay-at-home mom from Austin. "As a mother of three, I feel like I've seen a few things. I'll see a friend who has a child, and I wish I could tell her how to help."

Psychologist Mona Spiegel, a life coach in Rockland County, N.Y., says Phenix is right to hold her tongue. Often, the best thing that a friend can offer another mom, Spiegel says, is to listen.

"It's always easier to solve someone else's problem than one's own," she says. "But we don't always need to fix things for people. We need to have more patience and compassion, for other people and ourselves."

Mothers don't need to take criticism to heart, Spiegel says.

Moms can often defuse a tense situation — and let go of hurt feelings — by considering what motivated someone to criticize them. Someone who condemns the parent of a noisy toddler, for example, may simply be revealing her own need for control and may not be the best judge of good parenting, she says.

And many slights are unintentional, says pediatrician Tanya Remer Altmann of Westlake Village, Calif., author of Mommy Calls. People may offer unsolicited advice, she says, because they really wish someone had told them what to do. (People can read stuff too)

And other mothers may be sleep-deprived, stressed-out and insecure, too, says Remer Altmann, who acknowledges that she may have unintentionally offended other parents.

"My son loves soccer, but he's the slowest kid on the field, and when the ball comes to him, he freezes," says Remer Altmann, whose son is almost 5. "Sometimes I may say, 'He's not the best athlete, but I'm sure he's the only kid out there who can read and do math.' It's because you want to make up for their losses. But my husband said, 'Don't say that, or you'll make the others feel bad that their child can't read and do math.' "

Sometimes, mothers may be happier gravitating toward parents with similar parenting styles, even if that means spending less time with people with whom they are prone to disagree, Berman says. A play date may simply go more smoothly, for example, if parents agree on which kinds of television shows to allow.

"The experience of being in a room with like-minded moms whose kids are going through similar issues developmentally is rejuvenating and healing," Berman says. "It lets you know you are normal. ... Sometimes you just need to hear from another woman that you are not crazy and that what you are feeling is normal and that your kid isn't wacko."

The best gift people can give to a mother, Moleski says, is to tell her she's doing a good job.

"We put a lot of pressure on ourselves," she says. "The parenting decisions people make all stem from the love they have for their children."

Ok so if you made it throught the whole article, thanks for your time.  It is crazy that Mom's do this.  T and I see it and im sure we do it sometimes.  T came home the other night from the store and told me about a young girl she had talked to at the store who had a very young newborn baby, maybe weeks old, I can't remember.  Anyways, the girl had rice cereal and told T, that her doc. told her she could give the baby rice cereal.  ??????  T came home and told me and says to me "I wish I would have said more to her"  "I told her that can't be right"  The girl told T, it was because the baby was not sleeping throught the night.  Oh, well.  Wonder, if she has fed the baby steak yet?

Women are crazy to begin with.  Women go at each other and say things about each other anyways.  Put thier kids in the mix, holy shit.  A war can break out.

As guys we just sit back, keep our mouths shut and hope a cat fight happens. 



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last one a rotten egg

What do I love best about the hot weather?





You will be missed.....Hope to see you again one day

Have you ever lost a friend?  Someone that you have been really close to?  Maybe a special someone that had your back over the years?  When something was going wrong, you had that one person that would came and save your day?

Well, I did.  And I lost him last night.
That's right, Jack is gone. 

Man, last night was so hard for me.  I don't think I have ever watched a show that for me was must see.  I mean, I have watched every episode over the last 8 years, and the one year they did the special 2 hour tv movie because the writers were on strike.  I mean every Monday for the last 8 years, I have made it a point to watch this show.  This is or was the best show ever.

I watched his every move.  I watched jack save the US from the evil people that tried to destroy our country.  From terrorists, to dirty Presidents, he has stopped them all.  I have seen Jack protect the most important people from President Palmer to his daughter Kim.

Let's forget about all of the people he killed and all of the people that died because of him.  That's not important.

Whats important is that we have lost our last line of defense. 

Last night was a sad night as the show came to an end.  I thought he might die.  I wasn't sure. 

He has lost everything in his life except his daughter Kim and his closest friend Chole.

So like a cowboy who just saved the little one horse town from the black hat bank robbers, Jack has gone off into the sunset.

Bye Jack.



Monday, May 24, 2010

Im a Naked Hick that uses Naughty Words

So I am now a changed man.  This weekend I changed something about my life.  Something that I have done for as long as I can remember.  It all started Saturday when C2 came into our bedroom and looked at me and asked.............

"Why did you sleep naked last night?  Why do you always sleep naked?"

Ok, trying to hide the laugh, I wasn't sure how to answer him.  But these thoughts went through my mind...

"Im trying to cut down the laundry"  Nah

"My junk needs to breathe"  He wouldn't understand

"Im uncomfortable sleeping in clothes"  He wouldn't care

"Your mommy want's me to be ready at all times for the Pants Off Dance Off"  No, cant mess his head up, I am still not sure if he ever knew what was happening the night he walked in on us.

So I didn't say a word, but walked past him and looked at T with big eyes and laughed and told her what had happened and said to her

"Guess I am going to be sleeping with shorts on starting tonight!" 

Well, I made the change and so far so good. 

And being the awesome father that I am, I decided to give my kids another lesson this weekend.

T and I take pride in being good parents and not letting our kids learn and say things that they really don't need to be saying at their age.  Words like stupid, shut up, and other negative words just are not allowed in our house.  Our oldest is 6 yrs. old, do the kids really need to be saying things like that anyways? No. 

So what new words did I teach the kids this weekend?

Shit and Damn it?

Ahhhh yes, these two words.  I take one of them daily and the other is what Beavers might say to each other when they are needing to get some work done.

Damn it!  C2, must have heard me say this word, because now he says it when he does not get his way or he gets upset.  He has even tried to make his own words that sound like the word Damn it.  Sweet, now my kids can be like the other kids that say all of the ugly words.  Not what I want. Not what I want at all. 

Yesterday at the pool, I dropped my camera and the word SHIT came out of my mouth.  Nice.  Not so much.  C1 looked at me and with Mommy standing right there he asked me

"Daddy, why do you say SHIT all the time?"

Now in my head I am saying to myself  "Shit, damn it, fuck this shit"  My 6 year old has now repeated the word I just blurted out when mad.

T looking as beautiful as she always does has the look on her face of "NICE WORK DADDY."  And for the rest of the night, she always found the best moment to look at me with that "NICE WORK DADDY" look, and ask me "Yeah Daddy, why do you say shit all the time"

So C1 and C2 both came to me this weekend with questions that I was not able to answer.  "Why am I always naked" and "Why do I always say shit" ??

Well I also learned something about MYSELF this weekend.  T and I took the C's to the Atlanta Zoo this weekend for Members Night, we went into this little play area and they had a booth where you could do puppet shows.  T says to me "Go do a puppet show"  Ok, I am always up for trying to be fun for the kids and making an ass out of myself.  So I get up there and try to do a puppet show and it was not as easy as you might think.  C3's puppet kept attacking my puppet, those wild zoo puppets.

Well T says to me "You sound like a HICK"  And after further review of the video from the puppet show.....

I believe now that I do sound like a HICK.  OHHHHH NOOOOOOO. 

So, since I will try harder than ever to not use naughty words in my home, I will now go out of my way to use them on the blog.   I am also looking into voice lessons.



Friday, May 21, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-21-2010 Teacher of the Year

This Daddy's Blog

Since I got all of my negative bullshit out earlier this week, Fridays Final Thoughts are going to be about a teacher and a student. A very special teacher and a very special student.

I did a post some time ago about how I hated the idea of T homeschooling our children.  I was so against it.  Didn't even want to discuss it.  Then I met that couple at Disney World who talked to me about homeschooling and that changed my mind and our lives.

Now, K12 is a online / offline homeschooling program.  You do things online, like have interaction with the teacher and other students, almost like a blogfrog type thing, answer questions and talk to each other.  You also get almost a million boxes delivered to your home with all the material to help the teacher and the student.

I can remember the day all of the stuff came to the house, C1 was so excited. T was also excited.  I honestly was probably nervous.

Now that T and C1's first year of the K12 program is coming to an end, I wanted to take a minute and express how I really feel about how the first year has gone.

T, I love you and really want to thank you for making a huge difference in C1's education.  You have done an awesome job and he has learned so much.  I love coming home and seeing his work and having him tell me about new things he has learned.  From him starting at the K level and then doing so well to where they send you more advanced material for him is just so amazing. 

You have made his homeschooling such a priority that you have set up such a great schedule and you make sure that his work is done and done on time and done ahead of time.  You get his work ready for the week every Sunday and have everything planned out.  You even get him to help you get the lessons planned, so he has the knowledge of what he will be learning about in the upcoming week.

Something else that I noticed and may have never said to you is that I can tell that C2 and C3, have picked up on some of the things he is learning.  C2 will be in the K12 program next year, so you will have a classroom of 2.  I can't wait for that.  Another challange that you will put you will hammer out.

I could not think of a better person to be our childs first teacher.  To be our childrens first teacher.  I can't even imagine what the hell the year would have been like if we would have stuck C1 in the local Kindergarten school.  God where we live, who knows what he would have learned.  I am so glad that you wanted to do this for our children. 

You always give me shit about putting you on a pedestal, but really if you take the time to just sit back and think about all you do and all you have done for our family, you will see that you deserve every bit of credit I give you.  You are not only a great wife, and a great mommy, but you are........

The Teacher of the Year
T and C1

Class Clown

Next year you will have a student on each side at the end of the year



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Win or Go Home

I love sports.  All sports.  Basketball is my favorite.  I like the Houston Rockets and the L.A. Lakers.  With it being playoff time and the Lakers only games away from trying to repeat as Champions, I fould this little commercial.  I thought it was funny.



Yes we are going Nigh Nigh

"Are you going nigh nigh"

My sweet little C3, this is the night owl of the house.  She gets it from me.  This girl can get up in the morning, stay up all day with no nap, and not want to go to bed even at 11 pm.

So it is time for the kids to go to bed.

C1 is also like me, he has no problem getting in bed, but his mind is running wild.  Tons of ideas are racing around in there.  He wants to read and draw in bed.  No problem.  I know how it is.  He just has so many things he is thinking about he cant slow down, so he is usually up late...........but he stays in his room.

C2 is like T, once the head hits the pillow, forget about it.  Asleep, out, no more, end of story.  This boy is out faster than Jimmie Johnsons car out of the gate.  Even if he had a nap, he can be asleep before you have a chance to tuck him in.

C4, wow.  Man what to say about my soon to be 1 year old.  This boy, fights it and fights it.  He wants T, he wants Ninny Juice.  I can get him to sleep if I put him in the red flowered sling that I wear. (Yes, I wear a red flowered sling)  But really he wants T.

Ok so back to C3.  I get her in bed.  She is reading, T is on the computer and I am watching the greatest show on Earth. THE KOBE SHOW.  THE LAKERS.  C3 walks into our room and says

C3 - You going nigh nigh

ME - Yeah baby, gimmie a kiss and go nigh nigh, get some rest for a big day at the pool tomorrow

C3 - ok

About 10 minutes later, T and I are watching the season ending???? whatever last show of V.  C3 walks in

C3 - you going nigh nigh

Me and T - Mommy and Daddy are watching a naughty show, mommy and daddy show (NOT PORN)

C3 - a nuaghty movie (she calls everything a naughty movie)

Me and T - Yeah baby, go nigh nigh

C3 - ok

Another 10 minutes later...sounds of heels down the hall, a dark shadow in the other room, what could it be

C3 standing in the dark with her blanket 11: 30 pm now

Me - baby you have got to go nigh nigh, its late and you have a busy day tomorrow

C3 - you going nigh nigh

Me - yeah baby, gimmie a kiss, you gotta go pee pee

C3 - no I went pee pee

Me- ok baby, I love you and sleep good

Then I get back to the room, what a great night, the kids are in bed, the Lakers won, T looks beautiful laying in bed, and what does she have on the tv now?

My favorite...Dr. Oz, talking about How well do you know your Penis and Vagina?

What?  Ok, so now I am in bed and wanting some action but cant get the wife away from Dr. Oz and the penis and vagina talk.  Goodnight dear, love you. I am going nigh nigh.....For Real!



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ANONYMOUS, Don't be such a BITCH!

****This contains alot of naughty words, if you can't handle it don't read it****

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fridays Final Thoughts 5-14-2010":

Try laser hair removal. It's forever. While you're there maybe you can get those nasty tattoos removed as well.
Let me start by saying that I really appreciate all of you that check out the blog.  T got me into this and I love doing it.  I am a blogging adDICK.  I don't care if you leave comments on MY blog, I like that you do it.  I don't care if you like MY blog, I like that you do like it. 
But let me also say this...............If you don't like it, or don't like what I have written about today, yesterday or in the past, it is ok for you to say so.  That doesn't bother me.  You can make fun of me, bust my balls, I don't care.  I love that shit.  Nikki,  Doug, and Triple 07 are classic for busting my balls.  They are funny, have great comebacks and talk some good shit.  I also encourage anyone to do the same.....bring it on.  I laugh at myself, so why would I get mad at you laughing at me?
But what really gets me is when these stupid mother fuckers want to leave comments on my shit and be such a pussy that they cant leave a name or anything like that.  Come on.  Pull your shit out and yank on it, grow a pair of balls and don't be such a bitch.  They even sell strap ons that have balls on them, go buy one.  I spell shit wrong and T always laughs at me, and fixes my shit.  I do plenty of stupid shit and laugh at myself.  Just be man enough or woman enough to attach your name to something if you leave it.  If it is going to come up with an Anonymous tag on it, put your name at the end of what you write, damn leave a fake name, bitch.  Be proud of what you write.  I am proud of what I write. 
The person that left the comment about my tattoos, look you didnt bother me because you left me a negative comment, you bothered me because we couldnt discuss what you wrote.  Telling me to get my nasty tattoos removed, I could have let you know why I have them and what they mean.  We could look up the definition of nasty. 
Look in all of my rambling, all I am saying is "OWN YOUR SHIT".  If you can take the time to read my shit and leave a comment the just be grown enough to "OWN YOUR SHIT".  If you can't do that then go back to myspace or fakebook.
To all of the people that are not sorry ass loser bastards no name commenting ass clowns, keep bringing the heat.  Nikki, Doug, Triple 07, all of you.  Thanks and I love you.  Well I dont love you but, I like you, kind of, sometimes, every now and then.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You will be smarter if you listen to me.....maybe

Shit, look out.  Is This Daddys blog turning into a serious blog?  Nope, I am just on a roll today and got some things on my mind. And yeah don't get me started on the Breatfeeding in public story they did on "What would you do" Friday night.  That shit is coming tomorrow.  Oh and also I plan on doing a post about the dumbass people that want to leave negative comments on my blog but are too f-ing scared to leave a name. Anonymous. Get some balls.  But for now, I give you my expert advice on parenting...........

I can not stand Oprah, never have liked her, don't care to think that I ever will.  Just not my cup of tea.  But this morning on my hour long drive to work I hard a clip of Will Smith and Jada Smith talking about their family and their kids and their parenting style.  So I got to work and pulled some clips and video and watched and read some of what they had to say.

Isn't it great how every family has a parenting style that fits them?  Every family does things differently.  Some people do things that other families don't.  Some people parent the way that they wre raised, others just do what they think is ok, and some read books and try new ways and some combine it all.  I mean there are so many different styles of parenting.

Now, the parenting I am talking about is not the stuff like the breastfeeding and organic eating and religion and shit like that.  I am talking about the punishment and discipline styles of parenting.

T from the get go, has been the pro active parent.  There is a reason for everything she does and when the kids do something they are not suppose to do then they are given the reason why they shouldn't do that and then we handle it.  T has read all the books, well not all of them but alot of them.  Watched alot of shows, and studied alot of people.  She has taken many different forms of how to handle our children and made them work for us.  I on the other hand, try to follow them the best I can.  I am not at the house for most of the day, so it would be unfair of me to come home and try to change things up. 

This is from the Oprah show...............Another common question among parents is what punishment looks like in the Smith home. "That's one of the really difficult struggles because we don't exactly believe in punishment, per se. We believe in restriction, that you can have as much freedom as you can handle," Will says. "You can cut your hair. You can put stuff on your wall. And as soon as you do something that is detrimental to yourself, and when you can't be trusted with your freedom, then you have to be pulled back. But it's not about punishing you for what you did???it's about protecting you from the potential damage that you could do to yourself."

You know reading that and listening to them speak it, it kind of made sense.  I mean I dont know if this would work with children 6 and under like T and I have, but shit, I dont do a good job now, so what would trying something new hurt?  Maybe give C1 more freedom to do some things and see what happens.  Maybe let C2 have a little more space and see what he does.  Maybe let C3 do more for herself since she tries so hard anyways and see if she can handle it.  C4, shit..not yet, you have to wait.

T has gotten us some good reads on stuff like this.    Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants, the Nanny 911 and Super Nanny books, and some other parenting books she has I have looked at and they all have great ideas.  Reward charts, timeout spot, earning things and having things taken away.  These have worked for us.  Everything has its ups and downs and challanges. 

One thing we dont do is spank our kids.  Why would we? teach them a lesson?  I might be a dick to my kids or an asshole alot of times but I am not going to put my hands on my kids.  What does that tell the kids when you spank them.  I don't like what you did, so let me hit you.  Ok so when your kids have a brother or sister or a friend that does something they dont like, can they hit them?  Sure they can.  You hit your kid so why cant they hit someone.  Violence, it all comes down to violence.  Hitting is not ok.  Spanking is hitting.  If you do, good for you.  When your kid hits someone...don't get mad at them. 

Yelling and Screaming....Man I am guilty of this and this is my biggest mistake.  Why the fuck do I tell my C's not to yell and bark orders at Mommy and Me, but then turn around and yell at them to go do something?  Am I getting anything done there? NO.  This came to my mind last night as T and I watched "24" and Jack was screaming and yelling at President Logan.  Logan had a look on his face, like he just shit his pants.  I looked at T and said "Fuck, that is what the kids look like when I scream at them".  Not a good feeling.  Our kids are smart enough to where we can sit them down and explain something to them and get the point across.  Why do I need to yell?  I dont yell at their Mommy, Mommy doesnt yell at me.  No need for it.

Am I a dumbass for needing reminders from outside sources on how to treat my wife and kids?  Sometimes I think so, but you know maybe thats what those people and reminders are there for.  Maybe I am a reminder and a source for others on how to treat their wives and kids.  Who knows.

I could go on and on all day about this.  It just seemed all so simple when I heard that little bit from Will and Jada Smith on that one womans show.  Will I be the most awesome parent in the world from this day on?  Yes.  Because as long as I am trying and correcting my mistakes, my C's will see that it is ok to fail at something, just dont fail at everything.  It is ok to fall, just make sure you get up.  It is ok to cry, just make sure you can laugh afterwards too.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith on Oprah


oh, and I am having a problem with my E button, so if some words are missing the letter E, sorry◦


Are your kids learning as they watch tv?

Kids are so much like adults in their own little way.  Isn't it funny how kids can be into a show and love it and nothing can compare to it, until another show comes along and takes its place.  I know that I have watched shows and loved the show and never missed an episode and then one day I just didn't have interest in it anymore.  It happens, and it happens with kids too.

I have seen my kids go from show to show to show.  I can remember when it was all about The Wiggles.  Everything in our house for the kids was Wiggles this and Wiggles that.  No other show would do.  I mean we have gone through that show, all the shows on The Disney Channel, PBS Kids, Sprout, Babys First T.V., you name it and we have watched it.  I mean I am talking about the shows that are suitable for our childrens ages.  Not the stupid SpongeBob shit pants, or any of the other violent shows and things like that.

Show that have some substance that might actually teach something.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that show teaches some things.  Between the Lions a reading show that acts out books as they read them is a nice one, even the crazy Wow Wow Wubbzy, have some teaching value to it.  Look at all the show that are on now and what your kids may watch.  Some things have NO value at all. 

Well C1 found a new show.  Noonbory and the Super 7.  This is a show that he has now started watching and he enjoys it.  The show has these little characters that live in Toobalooba and they all have the different senses. 

Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch, and they even have CommonSense and NonSense.  Using these sense's Noonbory and his crew tackle problems in Toobalooba. 

This show gives kids the chance to use the sense's as they go through the day.  They use these all the time, so why not make a cute show and make it fun to help the kids learn.  Do the kids smell anything good, taste anything good, hear something diffferent, did they use CommonSense or act with NonSense?

Maybe these learning shows are onto something.  I bet they think that parents might let the kids watch a little tv and if they are maybe they can learn something at the same time.  I would rather have my kids acting out things they learn that will help them along the way growing up, rather than let them watch and act out some violent shit they see.

You can let your kids watch what THEY want to watch and I will let my kids watch what WE decide they can watch. 

So thak you Disney Kids, and PBS kids and Sprout and Kewloplolis for providing FAMILY friendly shows that my kids can watch without thinking that they need to go destroy something and say all of these negative words.



Monday, May 17, 2010

This is bullshit, what am I doing wrong?


So the great weekend we had is now over and  I am so damn irritated right now.  This is just another reason I need to  grow up and not get so mad and blow up over silly little things.   Things that I can fix, things I have control over.  Things that really are not that big of a deal.  But being the ME that I am, I get to spend all morning boiling over this.....................

My Sony Bloggie.  I love this thing.  I really do.  I take it with me all the time.  I have actually been told to "calm the F down"  with the bloggie, because I start shooting my videos and lose track of the C's. 

So some of the bloggie vloggie videos I have shot came out real good.  I have posted a few of them.  This weekend while we were at the Alive-Green Expo, C4 took it upon himself to do a  little head bobbin', sahkin' his little body to the beat..........check him out.........

Cute as hell isn't it!!!!   Would be even better if it wasn't so damn blurry and fuzzy.

How about the C's playing in the Olympic Rings Fountains........................

Looks fun right?????  Would look better if I knew what the hell I was doing.

Now for some reason this little clip shot on the same afternoon at the same park turned out like this........

Yeah, 14 seconds, that is about all the kids could handle.  Don't know who they were,  but that shit was tight yo.  My body is still vibrating from the bass.

So now I have got a email out to the King of Bloggie Vloggie, Jason @ Out Numbered  to try and get some advice on what I am doing wrong.  Cause if T is going to kick my ass for taking this thing along with us every time we go out then I at least want to catch it on the Sony and put it on the blog.  I mean who wouldn't want to see T kicking my ass in HD?



Where do the weekends go?

Weekends.  Oh  what fun they are.  I am always amazed with how much we can fit into 2 days.  I have just now realized that if I get my ass up very early on the weekends, I can can get so much done by noon and have the rest of the day to do things with T and the C's.  I seems to get up earlier on the weekends than I do on the weekdays.  Oh well.

So Saturday, I got up very early and ran to Home Depot and pick up the shit I needed and then came back and started all of my yard work and I pressure washed the house, got it all done before noon.  So T had read about this Green Expo down at the Ga. World Congress Center and we thought it would be cool to go and see and learn and have fun.  Then we could take the kids over the Centennial Olympic Park, and let them play in the Fountains of the Olympic Rings.  So we packed up everything, loaded up the van and made our way into the great City of Atlanta.

This Green Expo was called Alive and it was hosted by Publix and there was a ton of vendors and companies.  They were giving samples of different things and we bought some homemade soaps, drank some nasty ass Coconut juice thing.  C3 ran the Atlanta Falcons football course with Verron Haynes.  We all got reusable bags and put our stuff in them. It was cool and fun.

Then it was off to the Fountains and they actually had a Kite Festival going on and it was neat to see all of the kites.  Now the kids want kites.  C1 got to fly a very large kite that was so high in the air.  They had music and all kinds of different things.

Then on Sunday we all went swimming at the kids Uncle Nolen and Aunt Bing Bings house.  The kids love going over there to go swimming and playing with the dogs.

Then we got to home in time to have a nice dinner that T fixed and watch some Survivor.  It was good this season and T really liked Russell and wanted him to win, I wanted anyone BUT Russell to win.  It was fun watching and T and I always have fun watching shows like this.

It was a good weekend and I am already looking forward to the next one.



Friday, May 14, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-14-2010

This Daddy's Blog

So here we are again.......It's Friday and that means my Fridays Final Thoughts.  So many thoughts on so many things.  I love Fridays, I mean who doesn't?  End of the week for most people, family time, date nights for some. Shit even Pay Day, and if you don't love pay day.....You're stupid.

Ok then, I realized something last night.  I am a f-ing freak that worries about shit to much.  I live a clean and simple life and live by the letter of T's law.  But for some reason I still worry. Oh well.

Shaving.  I am ready to make friends with a waxer.  Now that it is getting hotter, my chest itches, my back itches, my under arms itch (how in the world you women never complain about your under arms) and yes I itch THERE too.  Remember I hate hair.  Facial and head hair..OK.  Body hair, hate it.  I love to look clean and smooth.  I mean I am a gay guys dream.  I look good, I smell good, T will tell you, I get looks all the time.  But sorry dudes, I love the ladies...Take that back... I love the T.  Please if you know a waxer in the area or if you are brave enough to come visit and wax me, PLEASE DO SEND ONE MY WAY.

To the 2 sweet ladies and the 1 very SWEET guy (yes gay) at Micky D's who give me my coffee a couple times a week and make me feel so special,  Thanks.  And in the future, I would rather the SWEET guy, not try to SWEETen my coffee. kidding

To Ocean Spray....Thanks for getting me off the Coke products and onto your bandwagon.  I drink your shit like it is going out of style.  Mix with water to lessen the sugar.  Cran-Pomegranate is my favorite.  And if I am lucky enough to have my blog pop up at their corp. office like my HH Greggs shit did, Ocean Spray, we need to talk money.  Let's make a deal.  I am to you like Jordan is to Nike. Put my face and logo on your bottle.

To Lebron James.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....You Suck!!!  You can keep your MVP's...How's that Bette Midler song go?  Did you ever know that your my hero youre a ZERO.

To People who have cars out for repo.  Please keep putting where you hang out on your facebook and twitter page.  You make it so easy for me.

To C1.  You look cool in your new hat and shades.
To C2.  You are one heavy kid.  It is not easy to move you after you fall asleep
To C3.  Sorry for dropping you in the toilet last night when I took you to sleep pee.
To C4.  Pretty soon you will be out of the months and into the years. 

Is it too soon to start my countdown to Disney.  My parents are taking all of us to Disney at the end of August.  I am ready.  I am ready.  Please hurry and get here.  I am ready for the fun drive down (yeah), I am ready for the heat, the rain, the long hours and most of all I am ready to have some fun!

I am going to do some movie watching this weekend since the Lakers don't play till Monday.
Avatar and whatever else I can find at the Redbox.

To the Lottery.....Please let me win you.

To my wonderful, most sweetest and most beautiful and most sexy and most caring wife T, I am thanking you ahead of time for letting me go play tennis on Sunday evening. And just so you know I am going to get my ass back in gear and start working out again.  Hey, (thought bubble) I should do a bloggie vloggie video to Justin Timberlakes "Im Bringing Sexy Back" ohhhhhhhh yeah.  




Thursday, May 13, 2010

Truth in Humor and Humor in Truth....or something like that

You know alot can be said about humor.  We laugh when we stress, we laugh sometimes right before we get ready to cry, we laugh at ourselves, at others, our kids.  So the saying "There is Truth in Humor or Humor in Truth" shit I am not sure how it goes.  I never claim to be a scholar, hell my 6 yr old homeschooled son is smarter than me, or is it I, smarter than I.  See...whatever.

Well when comedians do bits on parenthood, we all sit back and laugh and say to each other, "Oh my god that is so true"  So I thought I would give you a little taste of my favorite parenthood stand up routine and how it hits home in my house.

If you have some time watch these and have a laugh.  I pulled them off YouTube so if each bit has some of the same stuff in it, sorry.

So C4 has been feeling a little under the weather the past few days.  Either from getting multiple teeth in or a cold and having the sniffles and it has led to him tossing and turning and flipping and flopping all through the night.  He sleeps with T and I and he has been keeping us up, well keeping T up.  But the true CLOSER she is, she continues to play the entire game from buzzer to buzzer.

Watch this

Here is another clip of his stand up on parenthood.  I think I just pissed my shorts again from watching this.  Have you ever dropped your baby?  No, I know you havn't.  Are you sick and tired of all the kids songs and wish for something more?  This will crack you up

This next clip where he talks about his daughter having no volume control and I know all about this because C3 seems to have lost her volume control also.

Well I hope you all enjoyed these clips.  If you get a chance to watch the whole stand up special it is called Jim Breuer's  Lets Clear the Air.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Having fun outside

Having fun on Mothers Day

It was just nice to sit outside and relax and watch the kids play.



Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Holy Shit!!!

I never thought (well yes I did) that using T in a sports comparison could get so out of control.  I meant it as a  compliment.  To me it would be, to her, oh did not go over to well.  Kobe Bryant is the best closer in the NBA.  What player in the league do you want to take the last shot of the game when it is on the line?  That right.....Kobe Bryant.  Which brings m to this..........

CLOSER.  A person who finishes.  Ends it.  No more after that.  Done.  Complete.

These 2 people are CLOSERS.

       Who decides what snack the C's will have when they cant make up their mind?
Who gets the C's to clean up the mess and get in the bathroom to brush their teeth?
Who gets the C's into bed when daddy can't?
Who make sure that everything gets done?


Kobe is THE CLOSER and so is T!

T did not like being called the Kobe of our house yesterday.  I think she wrote me and told me that she didnt want to be a
"Ass raping, cheating on his wife bastard"  or something along those lines.

So last night when MY Lakers were on and THE MAN (KOBE) was draining shot after shot, we got into the discussion of if she is Kobe (which she HATES) who am I?

So after thinking she finally came up with these people for who I am.

First she said I was like Pamela Anderson. ???  I am not blonde, I dont have HUGE boobs, I havn't had my own sex tape.  But as T told me, I am like her because I am always dirty, talking about sex and porn.  Ok.
Then she said I was like......
Lebron James, cause he thinks he is as good as Kobe and I think I am as good as T, but both knowing that neither compare.  Shit, that was a funny one.

The next on she knew she had to hit me in the gut, a kick in the balls. 
Phil Mickelson.  Or as I call him Fatty Phil, Phil Mickelnuts.  When sh said his name, my whole body cringed.  "Why him?" I asked.  Cause he always chokes?  No she said becasue of how he loves and cares for his wife.  Then she flashed me a smile.

WOW, so me comparing T to Kobe in a blog post set off a whole different conversation last night.  It was interesting to see what names she came up with.

Love you honey and you are THE CLOSER!!

Who is the closer in your house?




Monday, May 10, 2010

My Sweet T. How my Kobe ran the show on Mothers Day

How lucky I am!

Lucky enough to have a great wife that can run the show from the sideline and then knows when to step in and hit the game winner.

Man, how come I always have something happen to make me realize how hard T works and how valuable she is?  Take Mothers Day for example,  I get up and make breakfast for us......doesn't seem too hard, right?

Mother's Day.  A day for the wife and mother of my C's.  A day for her to sit back and do nothing but look around and see how lucky she is to have great children.  A day for her to watch her husband go crazy and want to kick his own ass as he tries to do everything she does.  Everything she does on a daily and he does once a year.  Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Do diapers, laundry, dishes, do it all.  Holy shit.  Really. How in the hell does she do all of this everyday?  I kept asking myself.  And the thing about it is that I didnt even do all of that shit.  Lets recap the Mothers Day in This Daddys household, shall we.

Cooked breakfast with a crazy loud 3 yr old C3. "Im so hungry" bounced off the walls like an echo.  Then actually had lunch on the table waiting for the kids. T and C4 got to have a little nap and then we all went out to play.  The kids played in the water and we just watched as everyone had a nice time. 

It's funny though, T knows I have my limitations.  I can only do so much.  There is no way on Gods green earth, that I can cook dinner and bath the kids at the same time.  We wanted to eat dinner and then have some family time, so T did the grilled chicken salad and I bathed the kids and finished cleaning up outside.  We had a nice dinner and then we played word bingo.  That was fun and the kids enjoyed it and it was cool to see them get so excited over knowing the words that were on their sheets.

Finally want to know the best way to get your kids to fall asleep?  Invite them into your room for some cuddle time and let them watch The Amazing Race with you. C2, out.  C3, out.  C4, out.  C1, actually made it and then he was so tired he was begging to go to bed.  It was nice and we all chilled out in the bed.

It was a great Mothers Day, and again it was proven to me by my own actions that T is a SuperMom.

She sat back and watched as I the backup point guard came in and led our team to a great day and then as it could have all fallen apart, she comes in to hit the game winner and makes sure we finish the day on a good note.

My wife the Kobe Bryant of our family.  No one can stop her.



Friday, May 7, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-7-2010 Mothers Day Style

This Daddy's Blog


Here we are again, another Friday and time to get some hair off my chest.  I said hair because if I would have said shit than you people would have made lots of dirty comments.

1) I always like to start with the useless information first.  In this case, yesterday was a day that made me remember no matter how bad or good things are, things will always be the same.  Things are bad, people complain about them not getting better!  Things are getting better, people complain about them not being good!  Things are good, people complain about them being good and not great!  Screw this.  I am over it, no more caring.  T knows what I mean and I know she is reading this and saying "Yeah Right, heard it before"  but I swear, I am so over it.  Honey we are going to have a great summer and I am not going to be a "Product of my surroundings"

2) Also, it is so much easier to get along with your wife.  Fighting and bitching and moaning (well moaning is good) are a waste of time and energy.  Food taste better, tv shows are funnier, play time is more fun, everything is just better when we get along.

3) Iron Man 2 is coming out and I am so excited and I can't wait to see this movie.  Oh shit wait, I mean the Iron Man movie is at my house and I can't wait to watch it this weekend.  Yes the first one, I still have not seen the first Iron Man movie yet.

4) Time for you all to find out what a huge loser I am and how dirty I actually am.  I am so dirty that I go the entire week of work and wear the same shorts almost if not every day to work.  I do change my man g-string (kidding-sick bastards) the boxerbriefs, the socks and the shirts.  I sit a a desk and talk on the phone all day, my shorts dont get dirty, and it helps lessen the laundy load.  There, I feel better about it.  Judge me, think less of me, I don't care, you know you still think I hot.

5) Finally Mothers Day weekend is here.  I have alot to be thankful for on this Mothers Day weekend.  I have a great wife who is a fucking fantastic Mother.  I think she is the best out there, Love you honey.  I have a great Mother who is a fantastic wife.  Maybe! Dad?  Just kidding.  Love you Mom.  I have a great Mother in Law, who birthed the best woman in the world.  Broke the mold with her. Love you MIL.  I have some really awesome Aunts too, that helped me along the way growing up and T's aunt that is great with the kids. And I have a 2 Grandmothers still living that are sweet ladies. T's Grandmother that we dont see enough and my Grandma Barbara in Tx.
And to the 2 sweetest Grandma's ever my Nana and T's MeMe.

So may every mother out there have a great Mothers Day
A great weekend.

Oh shit almost forgot...........GO LAKERS



Thursday, May 6, 2010

I do have a serious side....

But most of me is still dirty, nasty, crazy and filled with curse words.  I can be sweet and kind.


My days are filled with pissing people off and finding the cars so my drivers can go steal them.  Usually the only good feeling I get is when I hear from T, in the form of IM'ing or texting or when I get home and see the C's. 

Today, I got to work and saw that I had a email from Molly at The Snyder 5 telling me that her local paper is doing an article on her and her 500 lb. De-Clutter Challange that she has going on and she has written about on her blog.   She wanted to know if the woman doing the interview could call me and ask me some things, and I didn't even have to think twice about it.

This made me feel good this morning.  It gave me a chance to not act so goofy or like a clown like I always do.  I gave me the chance to be serious and help someone out.  I almost felt like I owed it to Molly.  You know for the whole bike riding video she did.  She also got T and I doing our own little De-Clutter deal around the house. 

T did the kitchen and the bedroom closet and I did the storage room and the garage.

So this woman called me and asked me some questions about Mollys blog.  How I found it, did I follow the challange and do it myself.  The lady doing the interview was very nice as well.  She did a great job and she even said that she was working from home today and she was sorry for the unprofessionalism of her child being in the background.  I told her I thought it was cool that she was working from home.

So today, I feel like I really did something nice for someone.  And if I can go back to being me own goofy self again for a minute, I know that the whole thing is about Molly and her blog and her De-Clutter challange but I made this about me.  Molly thought enough about me (the person who, curses alot, tlaks about sex alot, jokes alot) to ask me to speak about her to someone for a newspaper article.

Thanks Molly and I appreciate you for thinking kind enough of me to do that.  Hope she doesn't print all the bad stuff I said. That would really suck and then you would regret asking me.  I did say all kinds of good things about Brian, you know I always have to make it about the husbands.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is T sleeping with Another?

Swingers? Nope!  Cheaters?  Nope!   I guess what T and I have can be considered an OPEN RELATIONSHIP?  Probably.  You know, they say that after being married for a while and 10 years is a while, that you have to do things to spice up your love life.  They say you have to be open and try new things and bring new things into the bedroom, meaning the bed.

Well this is something that T has liked since I have know her.  Back when I was younger I never had a problem with it, but now it is at the point to which I can't stand it anymore!  I know she loves me, trust me, with all the bullshit I create, she would not be with me if she didn't.

Look if it were Tom Brady, I wouldn't care.  She knows that if Tom Terrific came knocking, I would open the door for him to see her.  But I just can't sit back any longer with the choices she has made on who wants to be in the bed with us.

We have an 11 month old in the bed with us, no big deal, we have C2 that will come into the bed every now and then and the same with C3.  That is the part that makes this so difficult.  I don't mind sharing T, I don't mind sharing the bed, but what I do mind is sharing T and the bed at the same time. 

She has these overnight guests and I get jealous.  I want what they have, the closeness to her, that togetherness, the bond.  They get to spoon with her, they get to lay right up on her and feel her hot sexy body and I am left there on the edge of the bed being pushed off.  She says I dont get their spot because my body makes her body hot.  Yeah....whatever.

Like I said, if it was Tom Brady, I wouldn't care but these bastards are the one's stealing my woman

These 2 damn body pillows.  T loves them.  She sleeps with them.
Look here they are watching Sportscenter on my couch.  They probably think that shit is funny.
Stealing my woman, my bed space, getting close to her.

So YES, T is sleeping with ANOTHER, ANOTHER Pillow that is!

These 2 better watch their back before I cut them and take out all of the stuffing.




Monday, May 3, 2010

It is a good thing I can run faster than T

Cause she might have tried to kick my ass this weekend...................

Back to the drawing board.  This weekend I took all these past months of progress and threw them out the damn window.   For some reason I can not seem to get a handle on being patient with the kids.  No matter what I do or what happens I just fall back into the same trap and lose my mind when it comes to certain things.  These are issues that I have with myself.  Not T, not the kids, not the damn dog or cat.  Just MYSELF.

Saturday T and C4 went out for most of the day so she could do something she has not done in years, yes seriously years.  She went to the mall to go shopping without the kids.  Well C4 went but he kind of has to, I have no boobs that squirt milk.  So C1, C2, C3 and I stayed home and played and did yard work and had fun.  We rode bikes and scooters and stepped on bugs and did all kinds of shit.  I cut down every bush in our front yard, We (the kids and I) got alot done.

I know T had a great time Saturday, went to eat lunch with her mom,  bought herself and the kids some clothes and the fun ended when she got home.

I got so irritated when she came home and I have no idea why.  I had a good day, stuff got done, she had fun, dinner was cooking and all of a sudden I started acting like a asshole.  I hadn't lost patience with the kids all day and now I was ill and short fused.  Talking shit to T and trying to get the last word in.  And the same happened on Sunday.  I dont know what the problem was. I just had no patience.

The kids were being kids and T was busy and had stuff to do, I was doing stuff but something kept snapping inside and I would talk shit to T and talk to the kids like I was their boss and not their dad.  Noting big either, just stupid shit, stuff that wasn't harming anyone or anything, doing just normal kid things.  I just could not keep my composure and handle things the way I had been. 

This was actually the first weekend that T and I, well just Me, started shit.  This went on at different times of the evening Saturday and then Sunday.  She would just look at me and say "Go find your Patience" or "Calm Down".  She was right.  I just needed to take a moment and breathe and figure out that nothing that was going on was that big of a deal and I didn't need to get so worked up over.

So what I worked on for so long is now ground back down to sand and I need to build it back up.  Time for a brain enima to clean it all out.  Close my eyes and breathe and realize that I have children, and children do children things and I need to get over the small, simple shit that they do.  I need to remember that T is home all day with the 4 C's and it will benefit all of us if I follow her game plan and not disrupt it.

The even bigger problem is that we cannot fall into the trap of being ugly to each other and saying stuff and acting ugly to each other in front of the kids.  If T and I act ugly to each other, then how can we teach the kids not to act ugly towards others.
So she was probably thinking Saturday night,  "This is why I don't ever fucking go anywhere!!" but I will redeem myself.  I will get my shit back in order.

I guess  part of it was that it had been so long since I was an asshole to her and it wasn't worth it.  It never is. 

Well we are going to have a good week.  I am going to have a good week



She said "WHAT THE?"


Last night would be a good example of why T does not give me alot of massages.  Well I usually never ask her to rub my back or anything like that, but last night was different. 

T broke out the

Magic Hands
First she did as I instructed  made  told  asked her to and that was to rub my back.  Then I decided to lay an my back and I again   paid  brainwashed  forced  asked her to rub my chest this time.   T never rubs me but again that is because I never ask.  So with the magic hands T is giving me the best chest rub, man that felt great, so great that after a while something started to happen..................


turned into


So imagine T's surprise when the innocent chest rub left me having a huge

And her hand got a little too relaxed and traveled a little too far south for her liking and she felt this

Well T's hand moved so fast (away from my body) and I heard  a disgusting "What the?" come from her mouth at that moment, lets just say that it might be a long time before I get the magic hands on my body again for a rubdown. 

But you can bet your sweet ass that I will be asking for one each and every night.


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