Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are your kids learning as they watch tv?

Kids are so much like adults in their own little way.  Isn't it funny how kids can be into a show and love it and nothing can compare to it, until another show comes along and takes its place.  I know that I have watched shows and loved the show and never missed an episode and then one day I just didn't have interest in it anymore.  It happens, and it happens with kids too.

I have seen my kids go from show to show to show.  I can remember when it was all about The Wiggles.  Everything in our house for the kids was Wiggles this and Wiggles that.  No other show would do.  I mean we have gone through that show, all the shows on The Disney Channel, PBS Kids, Sprout, Babys First T.V., you name it and we have watched it.  I mean I am talking about the shows that are suitable for our childrens ages.  Not the stupid SpongeBob shit pants, or any of the other violent shows and things like that.

Show that have some substance that might actually teach something.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that show teaches some things.  Between the Lions a reading show that acts out books as they read them is a nice one, even the crazy Wow Wow Wubbzy, have some teaching value to it.  Look at all the show that are on now and what your kids may watch.  Some things have NO value at all. 

Well C1 found a new show.  Noonbory and the Super 7.  This is a show that he has now started watching and he enjoys it.  The show has these little characters that live in Toobalooba and they all have the different senses. 

Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch, and they even have CommonSense and NonSense.  Using these sense's Noonbory and his crew tackle problems in Toobalooba. 

This show gives kids the chance to use the sense's as they go through the day.  They use these all the time, so why not make a cute show and make it fun to help the kids learn.  Do the kids smell anything good, taste anything good, hear something diffferent, did they use CommonSense or act with NonSense?

Maybe these learning shows are onto something.  I bet they think that parents might let the kids watch a little tv and if they are maybe they can learn something at the same time.  I would rather have my kids acting out things they learn that will help them along the way growing up, rather than let them watch and act out some violent shit they see.

You can let your kids watch what THEY want to watch and I will let my kids watch what WE decide they can watch. 

So thak you Disney Kids, and PBS kids and Sprout and Kewloplolis for providing FAMILY friendly shows that my kids can watch without thinking that they need to go destroy something and say all of these negative words.



Catrina May 18, 2010 at 10:56 AM   Reply to

My kids love watching Team Umizoomi which teaches about math and shapes and such. They mainly watch Nick Jr. for all their teaching shows, like the fresh beat band (which is more about music then anything but the kids love it). I've never heard of Noonbory and the Super 7 what channel does that come on (PBS or Disney or something?)?

ericdbolton May 18, 2010 at 11:22 AM   Reply to

My kids love Team UmiZoomie and FreshBeat Band as well. Their new favorite is The Upside Down Show, it comes on late at night, so we record a few episodes and they watch them during the day.

SpongeBob isn't that bad. It's funny. They learn a lot of oceanography and marine biology from watching SBSP.

My oldest daughter loves Spider Man and IronMan cartoons as well..

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