Friday, May 14, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-14-2010

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So here we are again.......It's Friday and that means my Fridays Final Thoughts.  So many thoughts on so many things.  I love Fridays, I mean who doesn't?  End of the week for most people, family time, date nights for some. Shit even Pay Day, and if you don't love pay day.....You're stupid.

Ok then, I realized something last night.  I am a f-ing freak that worries about shit to much.  I live a clean and simple life and live by the letter of T's law.  But for some reason I still worry. Oh well.

Shaving.  I am ready to make friends with a waxer.  Now that it is getting hotter, my chest itches, my back itches, my under arms itch (how in the world you women never complain about your under arms) and yes I itch THERE too.  Remember I hate hair.  Facial and head hair..OK.  Body hair, hate it.  I love to look clean and smooth.  I mean I am a gay guys dream.  I look good, I smell good, T will tell you, I get looks all the time.  But sorry dudes, I love the ladies...Take that back... I love the T.  Please if you know a waxer in the area or if you are brave enough to come visit and wax me, PLEASE DO SEND ONE MY WAY.

To the 2 sweet ladies and the 1 very SWEET guy (yes gay) at Micky D's who give me my coffee a couple times a week and make me feel so special,  Thanks.  And in the future, I would rather the SWEET guy, not try to SWEETen my coffee. kidding

To Ocean Spray....Thanks for getting me off the Coke products and onto your bandwagon.  I drink your shit like it is going out of style.  Mix with water to lessen the sugar.  Cran-Pomegranate is my favorite.  And if I am lucky enough to have my blog pop up at their corp. office like my HH Greggs shit did, Ocean Spray, we need to talk money.  Let's make a deal.  I am to you like Jordan is to Nike. Put my face and logo on your bottle.

To Lebron James.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....You Suck!!!  You can keep your MVP's...How's that Bette Midler song go?  Did you ever know that your my hero youre a ZERO.

To People who have cars out for repo.  Please keep putting where you hang out on your facebook and twitter page.  You make it so easy for me.

To C1.  You look cool in your new hat and shades.
To C2.  You are one heavy kid.  It is not easy to move you after you fall asleep
To C3.  Sorry for dropping you in the toilet last night when I took you to sleep pee.
To C4.  Pretty soon you will be out of the months and into the years. 

Is it too soon to start my countdown to Disney.  My parents are taking all of us to Disney at the end of August.  I am ready.  I am ready.  Please hurry and get here.  I am ready for the fun drive down (yeah), I am ready for the heat, the rain, the long hours and most of all I am ready to have some fun!

I am going to do some movie watching this weekend since the Lakers don't play till Monday.
Avatar and whatever else I can find at the Redbox.

To the Lottery.....Please let me win you.

To my wonderful, most sweetest and most beautiful and most sexy and most caring wife T, I am thanking you ahead of time for letting me go play tennis on Sunday evening. And just so you know I am going to get my ass back in gear and start working out again.  Hey, (thought bubble) I should do a bloggie vloggie video to Justin Timberlakes "Im Bringing Sexy Back" ohhhhhhhh yeah.  



Lori May 14, 2010 at 11:59 AM   Reply to

I'm so with you about Friday's, my favorite day of the week too! Always such loving words about your wife! Yeah, I do think cloning is the way to spread the wealth here.

livinginbetween May 14, 2010 at 2:14 PM   Reply to

Fridays -- my favorite day of the week after Saturday and Sunday. Who doesn't love 'em?

I'm just stuck on C3 being dropped in the toilet. Really? Poor princess. I just hope it was before she used it . . .

Thanks for the joke for The Stinker. He'll appreciate it. :)

TRIPle-OH!-7 May 14, 2010 at 3:08 PM   Reply to

IN regards to the body hair issue...0007 concurs. Its effin summertime in South Texas, and you have to do all you can in the ways of cooling off. I can testify that if nothing else, I am cooler without body hair...what's cooler than being literally cooler? Well, there ya go. I'm considering losing the head-hair for the summer too...good thing I'm considering it, since its happening all on its own, without my consent. 0007 out! {efyoo Seacrest!}

Andrea May 15, 2010 at 6:15 PM   Reply to

Ha, this post is cracking me up...except for the Lebron part! I'll just pretend I didn't even read such nonsense. My hubs is the same way as you, hates hair other than on the head or face. Luckily, he doesn't grow back or chest hair for that matter, but he's most definitely a groomer.

Anne DiNapoli May 16, 2010 at 10:38 AM   Reply to

Hey! I finally accepted my blogging award that you gave me a month ago...Thanks again, check it out when you have some time :)
LeBron does suck...totally disappointing because just like T...I hate Kobe.

Holly Renee May 17, 2010 at 4:50 AM   Reply to

I would pay to watch that video. How did you drop one of the kiddos in the toilet? Therapy bills are going to be high for that ;-P. I hope tennis was fun!

Anonymous,  May 17, 2010 at 11:41 AM   Reply to

Try laser hair removal. It's forever. While you're there maybe you can get those nasty tattoos removed as well.

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