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Fridays Final Thoughts 5-21-2010 Teacher of the Year

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Since I got all of my negative bullshit out earlier this week, Fridays Final Thoughts are going to be about a teacher and a student. A very special teacher and a very special student.

I did a post some time ago about how I hated the idea of T homeschooling our children.  I was so against it.  Didn't even want to discuss it.  Then I met that couple at Disney World who talked to me about homeschooling and that changed my mind and our lives.

Now, K12 is a online / offline homeschooling program.  You do things online, like have interaction with the teacher and other students, almost like a blogfrog type thing, answer questions and talk to each other.  You also get almost a million boxes delivered to your home with all the material to help the teacher and the student.

I can remember the day all of the stuff came to the house, C1 was so excited. T was also excited.  I honestly was probably nervous.

Now that T and C1's first year of the K12 program is coming to an end, I wanted to take a minute and express how I really feel about how the first year has gone.

T, I love you and really want to thank you for making a huge difference in C1's education.  You have done an awesome job and he has learned so much.  I love coming home and seeing his work and having him tell me about new things he has learned.  From him starting at the K level and then doing so well to where they send you more advanced material for him is just so amazing. 

You have made his homeschooling such a priority that you have set up such a great schedule and you make sure that his work is done and done on time and done ahead of time.  You get his work ready for the week every Sunday and have everything planned out.  You even get him to help you get the lessons planned, so he has the knowledge of what he will be learning about in the upcoming week.

Something else that I noticed and may have never said to you is that I can tell that C2 and C3, have picked up on some of the things he is learning.  C2 will be in the K12 program next year, so you will have a classroom of 2.  I can't wait for that.  Another challange that you will put you will hammer out.

I could not think of a better person to be our childs first teacher.  To be our childrens first teacher.  I can't even imagine what the hell the year would have been like if we would have stuck C1 in the local Kindergarten school.  God where we live, who knows what he would have learned.  I am so glad that you wanted to do this for our children. 

You always give me shit about putting you on a pedestal, but really if you take the time to just sit back and think about all you do and all you have done for our family, you will see that you deserve every bit of credit I give you.  You are not only a great wife, and a great mommy, but you are........

The Teacher of the Year
T and C1

Class Clown

Next year you will have a student on each side at the end of the year



TRIPle-OH!-7 May 21, 2010 at 9:47 AM   Reply to

Aww that's sweet. I am glad to see that there is organization amongst the home school community. We moved back to a really nice school district, but short of that, we were going to do the same thing.

Respectfully Yours May 21, 2010 at 1:49 PM   Reply to

HI there, just popped by to check out your blog. Found you via: Confessions from a Working your posts. I agree with you about people posting annonymously. I don't like it either. I am your newest follower, pop by for a visit sometime. Love to have you.

Have a great weekend.

livinginbetween May 21, 2010 at 8:31 PM   Reply to

Awww . . . How sweet! It sounds like she did and awesome job, and she deserves the award!

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