Thursday, May 6, 2010

I do have a serious side....

But most of me is still dirty, nasty, crazy and filled with curse words.  I can be sweet and kind.


My days are filled with pissing people off and finding the cars so my drivers can go steal them.  Usually the only good feeling I get is when I hear from T, in the form of IM'ing or texting or when I get home and see the C's. 

Today, I got to work and saw that I had a email from Molly at The Snyder 5 telling me that her local paper is doing an article on her and her 500 lb. De-Clutter Challange that she has going on and she has written about on her blog.   She wanted to know if the woman doing the interview could call me and ask me some things, and I didn't even have to think twice about it.

This made me feel good this morning.  It gave me a chance to not act so goofy or like a clown like I always do.  I gave me the chance to be serious and help someone out.  I almost felt like I owed it to Molly.  You know for the whole bike riding video she did.  She also got T and I doing our own little De-Clutter deal around the house. 

T did the kitchen and the bedroom closet and I did the storage room and the garage.

So this woman called me and asked me some questions about Mollys blog.  How I found it, did I follow the challange and do it myself.  The lady doing the interview was very nice as well.  She did a great job and she even said that she was working from home today and she was sorry for the unprofessionalism of her child being in the background.  I told her I thought it was cool that she was working from home.

So today, I feel like I really did something nice for someone.  And if I can go back to being me own goofy self again for a minute, I know that the whole thing is about Molly and her blog and her De-Clutter challange but I made this about me.  Molly thought enough about me (the person who, curses alot, tlaks about sex alot, jokes alot) to ask me to speak about her to someone for a newspaper article.

Thanks Molly and I appreciate you for thinking kind enough of me to do that.  Hope she doesn't print all the bad stuff I said. That would really suck and then you would regret asking me.  I did say all kinds of good things about Brian, you know I always have to make it about the husbands.



MollyinMinn May 6, 2010 at 1:41 PM   Reply to

Thanks my friend. For being you and, as always, for cracking me up.

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