Monday, May 10, 2010

My Sweet T. How my Kobe ran the show on Mothers Day

How lucky I am!

Lucky enough to have a great wife that can run the show from the sideline and then knows when to step in and hit the game winner.

Man, how come I always have something happen to make me realize how hard T works and how valuable she is?  Take Mothers Day for example,  I get up and make breakfast for us......doesn't seem too hard, right?

Mother's Day.  A day for the wife and mother of my C's.  A day for her to sit back and do nothing but look around and see how lucky she is to have great children.  A day for her to watch her husband go crazy and want to kick his own ass as he tries to do everything she does.  Everything she does on a daily and he does once a year.  Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Do diapers, laundry, dishes, do it all.  Holy shit.  Really. How in the hell does she do all of this everyday?  I kept asking myself.  And the thing about it is that I didnt even do all of that shit.  Lets recap the Mothers Day in This Daddys household, shall we.

Cooked breakfast with a crazy loud 3 yr old C3. "Im so hungry" bounced off the walls like an echo.  Then actually had lunch on the table waiting for the kids. T and C4 got to have a little nap and then we all went out to play.  The kids played in the water and we just watched as everyone had a nice time. 

It's funny though, T knows I have my limitations.  I can only do so much.  There is no way on Gods green earth, that I can cook dinner and bath the kids at the same time.  We wanted to eat dinner and then have some family time, so T did the grilled chicken salad and I bathed the kids and finished cleaning up outside.  We had a nice dinner and then we played word bingo.  That was fun and the kids enjoyed it and it was cool to see them get so excited over knowing the words that were on their sheets.

Finally want to know the best way to get your kids to fall asleep?  Invite them into your room for some cuddle time and let them watch The Amazing Race with you. C2, out.  C3, out.  C4, out.  C1, actually made it and then he was so tired he was begging to go to bed.  It was nice and we all chilled out in the bed.

It was a great Mothers Day, and again it was proven to me by my own actions that T is a SuperMom.

She sat back and watched as I the backup point guard came in and led our team to a great day and then as it could have all fallen apart, she comes in to hit the game winner and makes sure we finish the day on a good note.

My wife the Kobe Bryant of our family.  No one can stop her.



Tracy May 10, 2010 at 1:44 PM   Reply to

Oh great compare me to Kobe Bryant. Ummm... thanks...

mum2five605 May 10, 2010 at 2:36 PM   Reply to

Wow I give you credit for trying to even keep up with us moms!!! Hee, Hee!! My husband would never even attempt that, so in all seriousness, that is an awesome thing to do for your wife for M-day.


Doug May 11, 2010 at 10:53 AM   Reply to

T ... it was a COMPLIMENT! He was comparing your child raising skills to his basketball skills. He did not, in any way, imply to any of us dads out there that you were anything other than incredible at what you do!

Deep breath ... he loves you ;-)

And Scott ... dude ... you should have known she wasn't a Kobe fan and not gone there. You're an idiot ... good thing SHE loves YOU anyway!

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