Monday, May 17, 2010

Where do the weekends go?

Weekends.  Oh  what fun they are.  I am always amazed with how much we can fit into 2 days.  I have just now realized that if I get my ass up very early on the weekends, I can can get so much done by noon and have the rest of the day to do things with T and the C's.  I seems to get up earlier on the weekends than I do on the weekdays.  Oh well.

So Saturday, I got up very early and ran to Home Depot and pick up the shit I needed and then came back and started all of my yard work and I pressure washed the house, got it all done before noon.  So T had read about this Green Expo down at the Ga. World Congress Center and we thought it would be cool to go and see and learn and have fun.  Then we could take the kids over the Centennial Olympic Park, and let them play in the Fountains of the Olympic Rings.  So we packed up everything, loaded up the van and made our way into the great City of Atlanta.

This Green Expo was called Alive and it was hosted by Publix and there was a ton of vendors and companies.  They were giving samples of different things and we bought some homemade soaps, drank some nasty ass Coconut juice thing.  C3 ran the Atlanta Falcons football course with Verron Haynes.  We all got reusable bags and put our stuff in them. It was cool and fun.

Then it was off to the Fountains and they actually had a Kite Festival going on and it was neat to see all of the kites.  Now the kids want kites.  C1 got to fly a very large kite that was so high in the air.  They had music and all kinds of different things.

Then on Sunday we all went swimming at the kids Uncle Nolen and Aunt Bing Bings house.  The kids love going over there to go swimming and playing with the dogs.

Then we got to home in time to have a nice dinner that T fixed and watch some Survivor.  It was good this season and T really liked Russell and wanted him to win, I wanted anyone BUT Russell to win.  It was fun watching and T and I always have fun watching shows like this.

It was a good weekend and I am already looking forward to the next one.



ericdbolton May 17, 2010 at 12:24 PM   Reply to

Crappy weather here always kills my production. Plus I had to work 5 hours OT and that doesn't help either. I noticed that the more OT i work, the more money I get, the more happy the wife is.

But I get nothing done in the house, and therefore I am not very happy.

MollyinMinn May 17, 2010 at 4:36 PM   Reply to

No kidding. Whoever thought this work 5 days, get 2 days off deal was the way to go was an idiot.

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