Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yes we are going Nigh Nigh

"Are you going nigh nigh"

My sweet little C3, this is the night owl of the house.  She gets it from me.  This girl can get up in the morning, stay up all day with no nap, and not want to go to bed even at 11 pm.

So it is time for the kids to go to bed.

C1 is also like me, he has no problem getting in bed, but his mind is running wild.  Tons of ideas are racing around in there.  He wants to read and draw in bed.  No problem.  I know how it is.  He just has so many things he is thinking about he cant slow down, so he is usually up late...........but he stays in his room.

C2 is like T, once the head hits the pillow, forget about it.  Asleep, out, no more, end of story.  This boy is out faster than Jimmie Johnsons car out of the gate.  Even if he had a nap, he can be asleep before you have a chance to tuck him in.

C4, wow.  Man what to say about my soon to be 1 year old.  This boy, fights it and fights it.  He wants T, he wants Ninny Juice.  I can get him to sleep if I put him in the red flowered sling that I wear. (Yes, I wear a red flowered sling)  But really he wants T.

Ok so back to C3.  I get her in bed.  She is reading, T is on the computer and I am watching the greatest show on Earth. THE KOBE SHOW.  THE LAKERS.  C3 walks into our room and says

C3 - You going nigh nigh

ME - Yeah baby, gimmie a kiss and go nigh nigh, get some rest for a big day at the pool tomorrow

C3 - ok

About 10 minutes later, T and I are watching the season ending???? whatever last show of V.  C3 walks in

C3 - you going nigh nigh

Me and T - Mommy and Daddy are watching a naughty show, mommy and daddy show (NOT PORN)

C3 - a nuaghty movie (she calls everything a naughty movie)

Me and T - Yeah baby, go nigh nigh

C3 - ok

Another 10 minutes later...sounds of heels down the hall, a dark shadow in the other room, what could it be

C3 standing in the dark with her blanket 11: 30 pm now

Me - baby you have got to go nigh nigh, its late and you have a busy day tomorrow

C3 - you going nigh nigh

Me - yeah baby, gimmie a kiss, you gotta go pee pee

C3 - no I went pee pee

Me- ok baby, I love you and sleep good

Then I get back to the room, what a great night, the kids are in bed, the Lakers won, T looks beautiful laying in bed, and what does she have on the tv now?

My favorite...Dr. Oz, talking about How well do you know your Penis and Vagina?

What?  Ok, so now I am in bed and wanting some action but cant get the wife away from Dr. Oz and the penis and vagina talk.  Goodnight dear, love you. I am going nigh nigh.....For Real!



Elan May 22, 2010 at 12:03 AM   Reply to

ha ridiculous! I always have had trouble sleeping. Its taking some real effort to work on quieting the mind at bed time

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