Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Agency. Should I Stay or Should I go?

It begins at midnight tonight on the East Coast.

What begins you ask?

You didn't ask?  Screw you then, Im tellin' you anyways!


That's right FREE AGENCY (in the NBA that is)

At midnight I become a free agent.  (don't tell T, she'll cut my nuts off in my sleep)  I have an OPT-OUT agreement after 10 years. (again please don't tell T, she'll cook my chopped off nuts and put them in my eggs)  Tonight at midnight is when all the suiters that wan't me will be calling me and coming to the door to try and get me to go with them.  I am hot on the market.  Maybe the hottest out there.  More so than LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, any of these guys. 

Laugh you might but my stats speaks for themself.
*11 years with the same team, 10 of which are under contract
*4 kids in less than 7 years
*No Divorce's
*Same job for 8 years

I mean just those stats alone make me one of the hottest free agents out there.

So what do I do.  Do I OPT-OUT and test the market and see who comes a knockin' and see who can give me the better deal?  Or do I stay put and continue to be a winner right where I am at?

Let's think about this.

I could go somewhere else and start over.  I could go somewhere else where there are already piece in place and contribute there.  I could go older and share the experience or I could go younger and be a guide.

 The problems with going elsewhere are that you never know what is waiting for you.  You might not be happy after you sign the new contract. I might have to change numbers.  The new colors might not look good on me.  I might not be able to co-exist with the other players.  The grass is not always greener. 

Staying put and resigning a new 10 year contract means that I already know the game plan that is in place.  I don't have to learn anything new.  I am with the one that helped me become a winner in the first place and help me continue winning over the past 10 years.  I have an owner that cares.  I already have the team logo tatted on my body. Why would I leave when there is already a championship formula in place.  My current place can offer me the max contract with incentives that I may not get anywhere else. 

So I have alot to think about before the clock strikes at midnight.  ESPN is running reports all day long about where the stars might go. LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Dirk, and all the others.  But the one that is headlining the show is

This Daddy

Where will he sign?

Experts are saying that I will stay put and resign a new 10 year deal.

But my agents and I are still considering my options.

(there is a point to all of my rambling and it will be made tomorrow after I make my decision)


Respectfully Yours June 30, 2010 at 10:00 PM   Reply to

This is a no brainer. I know you are a team player, loyal to the core. You are on this team til the end - win or lose. Very committed to your fellow players, especially your assistant captain. The smaller players, you cannot deny your love for them. They need a leader, they need the pep talks, they need YOU. No amount of money will sway you from your mentor, to support and to love. You are the teams MVP - never forget it.

Lori July 1, 2010 at 9:43 AM   Reply to

Ok, so I'll stop by later today to hear your decision. Good Luck! :)

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