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Fridays Final Thoughts 6-18-10 and Five Question Friday

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I am very tired today on this Friday, the Friday morning after the Lakers


It wasn't pretty and it wasn't easy, but they WON!!
And I didn't even have my sidekick T the wonder commentator by my side.  She watched the first quarter, made fun of Kobe's bad shooting and my team losing and then called me a drama queen when I started pouting and said "Im going to sleep, dont wake me with your crying"
Ok I could go on for hours and pages about my man love for Kobe and the Lakers and how they WON, but I move on.

So we all know what this weekend is such a huge weekend.  There is something so BIG and so HUGE and us as parents all know that our kids are going to celebrate it....

Am I talking about Fathers Day?


Isn't this the biggest thing going on?

It is in my house.

The kids have been aware that this movie was coming out for the longest time now.  C1 has even written June 18th on every piece of paper he has.

We are going to take the kids to see this movie, just not this weekend.

Maybe we will take the kids swimming this weekend, so I can work on my tan.  That sounds good.  Man that means I need to shave my body.  I have let myself go again.  Arm hair is visable, chest hair and back hair is poking through the shirt, and facial hair is scruffy again.  I do this thing at the pool when I sit there and pull my shorts up really high so the tops of my legs can get some sun which leads T to say

"Pull your shorts down"

Ok, most of the time the questions that are on this next thing are really girly, and I know that I can be girly sometimes (evidence is I pee sitting down sometimes- dont judge) but the questions seemed to be ok today so I thought I would take part in

1. What is your favorite thing about summertime?
The heat.  I love the sun and don't really mind how hot it gets.  It does get hot but I lived in Texas for so long and the Ga. heat doesn't even compare.  Another thing I love is going to the pool with the kids.  The kids Aunt Bing Bing and Uncle Nolen have a great pool and the kids are awesome swimmers and we love going over there.

2. What is your ideal retirement location (if money didn't matter)?
I guess the answer to this would be Florida.  Doesn't every old blue hair, snow bird, whatever the hell you want to call them retire in Florida.  Get a small home with little or no yard, shit some of the yards are even pebble yards.  Yeah I guess Florida or even Texas.  It has to be somewhere that the kids will want to come visit and or take care of us (me really)

3. Do you live in the same town you grew up in?
No. I was (probably still am - the brat part) a Military Brat.  I moved all over the place.  Every three years or so, we would pack up and move.  I was lucky enough to stay in the same place for all of middle school (Germany) and then stay in the same place for high school (Virginia)

4. What nervous habit did you have as a child that you kicked to the curb before becoming an adult?
I am not really sure.  I still bite my nails, I still bite my lip, I still scratch my balls, I really am not sure.  I have stopped shitting my pants but that may have not been a nervous habit, just something I did.

5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while on the job?
Ok, well in Tx, T and I went out to eat lunch. We went to this place that we always went to.  I got the best bowl of nasty monster hot chili.  So good! T was taking this diet pill Xenacal. (the little blue pill that made you shit out every drop of grease and oil that is in your body) T told me, looked right in my eyes and told me "DONT FART or you will leak"  Ok back at the Ford dealership I was working at and I sold a very nice Expedition (tan interior)  I went around to get it from the wash area and deliver it to the guy and what did I do
I didnt even realize what had happened till the guy gets ready to get in and see's a big oil spot on his seat.  (YEP, from my ass)  He wiped it with his hand and said the wash crew must have eft some cleaning stuff on the seat.
He left, I then went to the bathroom to check my pants and sure enough, I did exactly what T told me not to do.I farted and leaked oil out of my ass and through my underwear and through my pants.
Yeah. No more Xenacal ever.

Have a great Friday



Shannon K. June 18, 2010 at 12:02 PM   Reply to

I'm cracking up over your nervous habit answer! And I am throwing up over the last one. That is freakin' NASTY!!!

Mama M. June 18, 2010 at 12:49 PM   Reply to

OH MY GOD!!!! That is hilarious! You and shitting your pants...looks like it's something you'll never outgrow!

Now, you've made me long have I been excluding men?! Glad you're girly enough to answer tho...but I think men look when they sit on the toilet. Weird.

It just ain't right.

Megan M. June 18, 2010 at 1:12 PM   Reply to

Oh, I'm near death laughing hysterically at the last answer! Seriously.
Glad you played, and you'll be glad to hear that the offending stone in my spouse is gone, but sympathetic to know that they had to go in and get it. (Ouch!)

Erin June 18, 2010 at 1:15 PM   Reply to

You shit your pants??? haha...Okay sorry for laughing, but it is kind of funny. I can't beleive the guy touched it. I would be afraid to fart EVER again.
Toy Story 3 is awesome. I got tickets to see it last weekend (I work for a company that does disney produce products) and we got to see it a week early. You will enjoy it. i wish that I had kids, it would have made it more exciting :)

Unknown June 18, 2010 at 3:09 PM   Reply to

Ewwwwww!!!! I was reading the "embarrassing story" and I made a disgusted noise so The Hubble wanted me to share. LOL! That's really gross dude.

I think you are lucky that you stayed in one place during high school. Yeah. We got to move my senior year so I knew no one.

BTW, glad you stopped shitting your pants because that could potentially be pretty awkward for T and the Cs. ;-)

Theresa June 18, 2010 at 6:00 PM   Reply to

Ewwww! But very funny! Now I am going to second guess every oil stained seat I see!!

Anonymous,  June 18, 2010 at 6:31 PM   Reply to

Hahahaha! I love a good shart story! 0007 has a couple and some of his friends have some amazing ones. (that's what she said)

Helene June 19, 2010 at 1:00 AM   Reply to

OMG, I cannot breathe!!!! Your embarrassing story has got to be THE BEST EVER story I've heard in my life!!! I mean, I've heard the warnings about that stuff but I don't know anyone it's actually ever happened to...until now.

BTW, thanks for the e-mail. Were you shocked that I didn't go all ape-shit on Tim for Garrett's accident? He felt bad enough and believe it or not, I can be nice when the situation calls for it...LMAO!

passion4pink June 19, 2010 at 1:31 AM   Reply to

Ha ha ha u r good !!....... you distracted my hubby from the V8 supercars at Hidden Valley Good One!!He said to let you know that he 'nearly pissed myself laughing'.
Keep 'em coming!!

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