Friday, June 25, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 6-25-10 and Five Question Friday....Again

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Well another week is almost done.  What a week it has been.

From my wife saving the day at the dentist office to me airing out my dirty laundry that I was once a male cheerleader.  Shit, lets forget that one though.  Oh how can I forget that I also got pee'd on. Still haven't shaved yet, it happens tonight for sure.

Well I have to admit here while it is nice that people come and read the blog, I find it hard to follow through on the re - handing out of the awards I recieve from some of you readers.  I can sit and write and goof on myself and talk about my struggles as a dad and how I try to be a better husband so T doesn't kick my ass all the time, but when it comes time to post about the awards and pass them back out, I freeze up.

Looky here, a blogger that I have followed since I began doing this is Robin and she gave me 2 awards that I still have not passed on, and this week Lauren a new reader, Rachel, and Tayarra all gave me awards that I still have not completed.  Damn, I know I am that awesome but I am starting to feel alot like Lebron James, ya know, I can win all these awards but can't win the Finals. Oh and hey, why have I never gotten any awards from other cool ass dad bloggers.  You know why?  Cause us dads don't follow through on shit like that.  We care about talking shit, and making fun and we dont make pretty little buttons and pass them around.  The closest I will get to making buttons and passing them out is sitting down to pee (which I already admitted to doing), shaving my entire body (oh feels good) and my brief (head down) male cheerleading stint (stop judging me). There....sorry to you ladies for not following through, now you know how T feels.

Ok so here are some thoughts that are just pouring out of my ears, eyes and nose on this hot and humid but awesome Friday.

Parents' brawl cancels kindergarten graduation in California (from USA Today).  Ok even I am not that much of an asshole.  Read ths story here

Mass. school district to distribute condoms to any age student (from USA Today). OK, I see this is Provincetown, Mass. way of cutting down crime in the youth.  Give em' rubbers.  Get the kids away from video games and tv's - Give em' rubbers!  Just another reason to homeschool.  I don't think T will be giving the kids condoms.

T made these great muffins last night, I ate 3 of them around midnight after the NBA Draft
Organic Cinnamon Muffins
These were the 3 that were left this morning
until I ate them too.
Thanks honey these things ROCKED
Do you know the Muffin Man the Muffin Man the Muffin, Do you know the Muffin Man
sing it with me

And I think this weekend we are going to try and take the kids to the ATL Puppet Center, so that should be fun and we might make our weekly swimming trip.  Oh and yard work and fix the fence and maybe, just maybe I will be able to get my fat ass up and start over on my workouts.

And for the second week in a row My Little Life has some questions that a dude can answer on the FQF post, which is leading me to believe more and more that.....
.....Just like James Brown sang "It's A Mans World"

1. Do you know how to play a musical instrument? See that is an open ended question.  I know how to play some instruments, but I have no idea of how to play them correctly.  I can play a mean pots and pans and thats about it.
So really the answer is NO

2. What is your pet peeve while driving? OH, putting on make up.  Driving slow and talking on your phone.  Stupid Ass' texting while you drive. 

3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services?  My selfish answer would be to have unlimited spa services.  Shit getting rubbed and waxed and groomed, damn I would look good and T would be all over me. She would never ever say to me "Get away you hairy"
The right answer is to have a housekeeper.  It would allow us / me more time to spend with the kids doing things together instead of having to do laundry and dusting and cleaning.

4. Is there a song that you hear that will take you back to the moment, like a junior high or high school dance?  Oh yeah for sure.  Both of these songs take me back to the weekend I met T in Panama City at Harpoons Harrys.  Sweet Home Alabama and our first dance to Summer of 69'.

5. What song best represents your life right now?  Just cause I struggle everyday trying to NOT be negative and I try everyday NOT to be an asshole to my wife and kids, I try to get that OLD ME and put him in the garbage.  This is an everyday battle, cause I always seems to do the same shit.
TI and Justin Timberlakes "Dead and Gone"
It seems no matter how good I do, I am gonna have that day or night where I just fuck it up and I have to start all over again.  Like last night I was an asshole to T and C3.  Just lost my cool and yelled at one and made a smartass comment to the other.  So today I begin all over.

Now I get it now I take

Time to think,
before I make mistakes
just for my familys sake
That part of me left yesterday
the heart of me is strong today
No regrets im blessed to say
the old me dead and gone away.

I turn my head to the east
I dont see nobody by my side
I turn my head to the west
still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the north,
swallow that pill
that they call pride
The old me is dead and gone,
the new me will be alright


Unknown June 25, 2010 at 12:01 PM   Reply to

eh. We all have our moments when we are complete jerk faces to those that we love. You don't have to be a dude to be that way.

And hello cell phone usage while driving! Especially the texting. Get off the damn phone and pay attention people!!!!

Thanks for posting! I love your stuff. I especially love the picture of you with a muffin in your face and all the kidlet drawings behind you. Adorable.

Oh yeah...are there other bad ass daddy blogs out there???

Mama M. June 25, 2010 at 12:05 PM   Reply to

Ugh. Dontcha hate it when you lose your cool?

LOVE the songs you chose...and, ah...does your wife let you share her recipes?


Erin June 25, 2010 at 4:12 PM   Reply to

So two things. Those muffins look amazing. Does T Cook a lot of yummy things. Because if so (which I am sure she does) I have a contest for you! Its a new potato that one of my clients is launching-and if you enter I send you free potatoes-then you blog=prizes ($500 giftcard first place)....okay you get the story-email me if you are interested!!!
And, both your songs from q4 are awesome!!!

Penny June 26, 2010 at 9:08 AM   Reply to

Those muffins do look good!

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