Wednesday, June 16, 2010

T and I shared a special moment or two or three

Oh the little things she does.

She really does sacrifice a little bit of herself for me.

I wonder what other things she does for me or with me that she really does not like?

And the best part about her doing this with me


She knew last night was a big night for me.  I know this because we were in the kitchen getting the night time snacks for the kids and she looks at me and said

"Isn't there a game on tonight"


Oh, my god, yesterday was the longest day (so it seemed).  I could not drive fast enough to get home to watch the Lake Show.  That's right the Lakers were playing for their lives in a Game 6 win or go home contest.  Down 3 - 2 the Lakers HAD to win to force a Game 7 at Staples Center on Thursday.

So being the loving, awesome, giving husband that I am and wanting the company of my sweetest wife during this trying time ofered to give her a back and fot rub during the game so she would sit and watch it with me.  One thing T does whenever she watches sports with me is play by play and sideline reporting as well as comentary. Now some husbands might not like this.  The out of place comment here and there, the not really knowing what she is talking about this and that but not me.

I love it!  In fact, I even said to her "I love it when you watch sports with me"  T says the funniets things.  She doesn't know all that much about basketball and doesn't care and shit she doesn't even like the sport but she watches it with and for me and brings things like this to the table........

In a laughing voice "The Lakers have on girly colors - purple ha ha ha"  When I told her I looked to wear a shirt as close to purple as I had.....she laughed again

"Those guys can't even put the ball in the hole!" It's a basket....she laughs

Jordan Farmar dives on the floor for a loose ball and scoops it ahead to another Laker
she say's "Can't they just kick it?"  No! "So they can crawl around the floor with it?"

T - "They are winning by 20 points, can't we turn it off?"
Me - NO!  Boston might come back

We talked about Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe K, and which of the Kardashian sisters are better looking, both of us agreeing that Khloe is the least good looking.

We both agree that Jordan Farmar needs an ear job
But, I have to admit, that I like this back up point guard
and my nick name for him is
Mighty Mouse
And he did have this nice break away dunk on KG last night

T knows I have this man-love for Kobe and she loves to give me shit about it.  I know she DISLIKES him so much that at halftime when he had a sweet moment kissing his daughters and wife in the tunnel on the way to the locker room she made the comment "Which wife is that?".

And when I asked her if she and the kids would take and old t-shirt and color it purple and yellow for me, she said she would...

.....but she is gonna make it GREEN by mistake for the Celtics.

So while she did sacrifice her time last night to spend it with me watching the game, she did get a foot rub and a back rub.  I say it was a win for both of us.

And guess what?




I love you honey for watching the game with me last night!  Thanks



Tayarra June 16, 2010 at 8:02 AM   Reply to

Thank goodness you posted this. I fell asleep right after half time and forgot to ask Dale who won! Glad you guys enjoy this time together!

KatBouska June 16, 2010 at 9:52 AM   Reply to

I think ears like that are cute. And Kim is the prettiest sister, but they all need to watch their backs for those upcoming twins! Talk about cuties.

I don't watch sports with my man...and now I wonder why he never asks me to. I mean I WOULD watch them if he asked me too...and gave me a foot rub...and liked my commentary. I think we need marital counseling. Thanks a lot.

Penny June 16, 2010 at 2:29 PM   Reply to

I get a back rub every night! I don't even have to anything to get them! lol. I do watch Pawn Stars with my husband though, even though I hate it because every man on it is ridiculously annoying.

My husband doesn't watch sports but he watches the UFC fights. He invites a bunch of guys over and they order the fight, I don't stick around for that either.

Unknown June 16, 2010 at 5:45 PM   Reply to

I'm the one who likes basketball, but I do watch football and all of those shows on the Discovery Channel with him. I do love the UFC fights also. Penny, they're so awesome!

Unknown June 16, 2010 at 6:33 PM   Reply to

LOL! Okay. I'm new to your blog and I have to say that it's really refreshing to get a man's thoughts and perspective on things. I think your blog is awesome and I hope you don't mind me following along.

I wish I could get a back and foot rub during game time!!! I'm not a basketball person but boy do I love me some football. The Hubble doesn't really do sports though so maybe asking him to give me a back and foot rub while I watch the game is a little selfish?? Maybe...LOL!

Respectfully Yours June 16, 2010 at 7:54 PM   Reply to

Aww, that was a sweet story. I have to admit, I really enjoy sports too, especially watching it with my hubby or son. My son and I are die hard Atlanta Falcons fans and Boston Red Sox fans. I watch Nascar with my hubby. I thinks sometimes my son gets annoyed with me during football cause I talk alot through it, but he still comes home to watch it with me so I must not be that bad. LOL

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