Monday, June 21, 2010

T had a "What Would You Do" moment this morning

This is just another reason why T is a F-ing SuperMom, she will not say so but to me who watched  what she did today she is awesome.  And she is awesome because NO ONE ELSE in the entire dentist office said or did anything about what happened.

Today we took the kids to the childrens dentist so C1 and C2 could get their teeth cleaned and checked out.  Well everything is fine with them and their teeth looked great and C3 and C4 sat in the waiting room for them.  Well there one a period where T and C1 and C2 were out there waiting to go back and there was another little boy.  A little boy who minutes before was talking to me, C3 and C4 about Toy Story and Buzz and Woody. Then he went back to the an exam room.

A few moments later when we were all sitting there, the little boy and his guardian (not sure if mom or grandmom) was talking to the ladies at the desk and in a flash out the door went the boy.  Ok to make it worse, out the door is a parking lot. 

T yelled,  "That boy just ran out the door" and she went for the door and after her went the guardian and someone else who worked there.  T was the only one to say anything and the only parent to get up and do something.  He motherly instincts took over and as soon as the boy darted for the door, she spoke up and got to her feet and went after the boy.

T came back inside and said that the boy was outside hiding behind someones car.  When he came back in, you could tell that he did not want to be in the dentist office and he was scared.  This was the same boy that 5 minutes ago was sharing with me and the kids how much he loved Buzz and Woody.  T said that she could hear him crying behind the door when the boys were getting their teeth cleaned and we both felt sick for the boy.

I know T hates sometime when all I do is talk so good about her and give her praise and say how wonderful she is, but today proved me right once again.  T has a quick tongue and is ready to tell anyone what she thinks good or bad, but this morning I and the parents and or guardians of the little boy are also glad that T has a big mouth and speaks up......When no one else did.

Love you babe, your awesome.



rite June 21, 2010 at 2:32 PM   Reply to

Love this post!

I left you an award here

MollyinMinn June 21, 2010 at 3:26 PM   Reply to

Yup, as always. She rocks. Great instincts!

Unknown June 21, 2010 at 4:46 PM   Reply to

Wow. What a great lady you have there!

Erin June 21, 2010 at 5:36 PM   Reply to

T sounds like such an awesome woman. If I am half the mother/wife that she is I will be happy.

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