Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Fun

Call me MR. Install.  This weekend we went over to T's Mom's new house and I put in her new above range microwave and her dishwasher.  I also learned how to set up and wire a new plug outlet for the first time.  Everything works and looks good, NO fires (yet), and NO floods (yet).

Then yesterday I installed the new Diaper Sprayer on our bathroom toilet.

No big deal and it even has a shut of switch.  Maybe the kids won't find the shut off switch.

So now that it is in, I don't have to go outside anymore to clean shitty diapers.  I can stay in our bathroom and be covered by the smell of a 1 yr olds nasty ass diaper and get splattered by little pieces of shit that may come flying off of said diaper. 

The kids finished up swim lessons on Friday and another year completed and C1 basically just had to fine tune some things and get better and stronger with the main freestyle stroke.  C2 did really well and loved it and now he can swim without any floatation device attached to him.  C3 watched and felt like she was doing the lessons so Im sure she feel like she is a better swimmer and C4 well, he is a floater.

So swim lessons went great. Thanks to Ms. Lindy again for another great year of lessons. They kids really like you and listen and they have learned alot.  Thanks to Aunt Bing Bing and Uncle Nolen for the use of the pool.  The kids love to swim and they love pool days.

The garden we started is doing ok.  Our Onions are not looking so good, our Cumcumbers I am not so sure about, there are just some long vines and no Cucumber yet, our Onion Chives, not there, our Cilantro, is growing but not sure how good, it smells great, like Cilantro but doesn't look great, the Cheyene peppers, who the hell knows, but one thing is for sure I sure do have a big..................


and also a little

But I am glad that at least something is growing.



Lori June 14, 2010 at 4:50 PM   Reply to

It's so awesome to watch the kids start to swim. Great video.

roadrunner201 June 14, 2010 at 5:59 PM   Reply to

I was so happy when Jeff put that sprayer on our toilet! I also look forward to when he's older, being able to use that ridiculously cold water to punish him when he makes a mess that pisses me off;-) Kidding.

I'm totally with you guys on the "I'm just glad somethings growing in the garden" sentiment! I usually fail at this stuff.

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