Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend is over before you know it

I always wish the weekends were longer.  I really do.  It never seems as if there is enough time to spend with T and the C's.  I mean we are always together, but it just passes so fast.

We were at the pool yesterday and I am amazed at how good the kids are swimming now after this years swimming lessons.  Man we had such a good time yesterday, the C's and T got me a cookie cake that we DESTROYED, it was so good. 

Thank you T and the C's for the AWESOME cookie cake, I am glad that we could all enjoy it.

We did have fun swimming and now that the LITTLE MERMAID C3 is swimming without her floaty wings she will not stop jumping off the diving board with C1 and she loves to go under and get the diving rings.

The kids love the pool!

Here is another quick shot of C3 acting out an old tv show T told the kids about.  Some Robot show when a little girl was the robot.  Oh yeah its Vicki the Robot, it was escaping my mind

And C1 made this for me out of our little jalapeno and our extrta little onions that we are growing in our garden.  They may not be big but the onions smelled and tasted great.

Thanks to everyone that wished me a Happy Fathers Day, I had a very nice day and I hope all the other dads did as well



0007 June 21, 2010 at 1:22 PM   Reply to

the only picture I see is the jalapeño/onion face...that may be the authorities here though. In any case, ya, I always think: this is my day, so I just want to relax...but that never happens; its not my nature. I generally take these kinds of opportunities to do something the kids will enjoy. However, this father's day was given to my wife. We went to my in-laws for the afternoon, sos she could see her dad. And my perpetually late self drug-so-much-ass that we were running to late to even drop off a picture we'd put together for my dad...oh well, I saw him the day before and I'll probably see him sometime this week. In any case, thanks once again for blogging and reminding me of how much I DON'T...just something I gotta work on.

Unknown June 21, 2010 at 4:15 PM   Reply to

Awesome post! My Little Butt is sitting on my lap and we've had to watch the pool video about 3 times now and she wants to watch it again. Thanks for posting! She loves it!!

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