Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Having fun on a Monday night

Last night was a good night.  Got home, T was thinning out C1's hair a little so he would'nt be so hot.  C2 is next.  Although I really don't want his hair trimmed at all, she says it needs to be trimmed a little.  I never thought in a million years that I would love my boys having long hair, but you know, it is the coolest thing and I love it and hates even when she trims it.

We got the new laptop battery charger of ebay in the mail, so the laptop that Nanny and PawPaw gave the kids is back in working order.  The new issue of ESPN the Magazine arrived yesterday, and it has Fantasy Football stuff and the schedule of events for the upcoming

SUMMER X GAMES.  I love the SUMMER X GAMES.  Watch soon for the special blog post about the games.

T got some new ribbon to make C3 some nice hair bows.  I swear if this woman who calles herself my wife had more free time, she could make a fortune doing all the shit she knows how to do.  Bows, Coupons, Cloth Diapering, Baby Food never ends. But she maintains focus on the most important things.....the 4 C's.

I was at home to witness C4 beat C3 in the head with a plastic maraca.  Yeah that wasn't so nice.

Yesterday I won a Wii Game from and Jump Start.  I was excited and can't wait to get it and have fun with the kids.  Check out Merrie's blog, you'll enjoy it.

This weekend T and I got some mailing labels that I won over at  Not much to say about her blog, she knows it rocks.

And then C3 and C4 had a little fun



Heather July 20, 2010 at 9:22 AM   Reply to

I need to get some new ribbon for my girlies. How awesome that you won a Wii game. We need some more family friendly games to play on it. What do you suggest? Anything that your girlie likes to play? Go check out my blog. We have something interesing on it. :)

ericdbolton July 20, 2010 at 10:44 AM   Reply to

My wife wants my son's hair to grow, but I don't. He has thick and wavy hair like me and it just looks poofy.

TRIPle-OH!-7 July 20, 2010 at 10:55 AM   Reply to

the long hair--its because you've realized that you get to live vicariously through your boys...yea, you wanna be a rockstar, but your old man hair line looks like mine did 3 years ago and you realize how ridiculous we'd look with long hair. Then you see that your boys look like stars, and all the girls tell them how awesome their hair is...and for a brief second, you can pretend that they were saying that to you. Even though you know, the reality of its no one has said your hair was awesome in years...years! Until you realized that your receeding hair-line makes you almost have a natural mohawk..then you realize that your only choice for any kind of hairstyle that fits your radical personality is the Feaux-hawk...and people actually comment positively on your hair again, breaking a years-long streak of no comments. And you've embraced the few years you have left before going st8 Q-ball, which is ok too, cuz you know you look good like that too....wait a minute...nevermind, that's all me...I don't know what your deal is but I do know the C's have awesome hair! {Wish I had hair like that...oh wait, I do...T-Rex has beautiful long hair too...

Helene July 20, 2010 at 11:34 AM   Reply to

T seems very talented...I can't make hair bows worth a crap! And we just got the 3 boys haircuts and it cost $40!! For freakin haircuts!! I wish I had the guts to try and cut their hair myself but I'd totally jack it up and my kids would seriously pay a hefty price.

Such a cute video!!! My kids came over to my laptop to watch it so you should know that they'll be arriving on the 3:00 pm flight tomorrow to play at your house since they think you all have way cooler toys than us. Feel free to keep my kids as long as you like.

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