Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Men don't keep health we?


Dr. Oz is a F-ing stud.  I love that dudes show.  I mean, he covers it all and on top of it all, he gives tips on how to get laid more our wives of course.  This guy has personally given me tips (well not personally) and they have worked.  My "Pants Off - Dance Off" stats have improved.  This guy and his show are also great for getting you in the right direction for eating good and feeling good. 

So today, I was reading his website Dr. Oz and went to the Dangerous Health Secrets Men Keep section and started doing some reading.  I am here today to cover these things and give my thoughts on the secrets.

The Big One- Nobody wants to talk about it, but almost every man experiences it at some point in their life - the inability to get or maintain an erection. In fact, new research shows that Erectile Dysfunction affects more than half of men over the age of 60, and nearly 20% of men over the age of 20. So why aren't they talking about it? Ok, god I love the first 6 words.  This is right, no one wants to talk about their junk not getting up! Thats why its a secret.  So now that I am alomost 40, I have to start worrying about being over 60 and not gettin' it up. And I know I am not in the 20%tile for men over the age of 20.  T will tell ya, I don't have this problem.........yet.

A Pressing Issue- It's a normal part of getting older: as men age, their prostate (the walnut-shaped gland under the bladder that helps produce semen) begins to thicken, compressing the urethra and making it difficult for urine to pass through. So men may go to the bathroom constantly, but take a long time to actually urinate or finish - and feel like they have to go again right away. Oh man I am reading this and thinking about Kidney Stones.  I have had tons of these and now that my diet has changed I hope that I never have problems peeing.  It seems like the only time I have ever had problems peeing is when I am at a ball game and there are a million men behind you screaming at you to hurry and I either can't go or I cant finish going.....Ahhhh..Pee Ya Later
All in the Mind- We all begin to forget things here and there as we age, but when men begin to fear they are having memory loss, they are often afraid to speak up. For some, it's a confirmation aging, for others, the possible causes are too scary to contemplate.  Shit, I forget everything.  I have always had this problem, from losing house keys and Id cards while living in Germany, to going to the store with a list and still forgetting shit to going downstairs to get paper towels and coming back up with nothing. So this mean as I get older, I am not going to remember a damn thing. What was I just doing?   T get me a notepad to carry around, please and thanks.
How to Break the Silence-Show your love. Experts recommend beginning the conversation by explaining that you love your partner and want them to take care of themselves so that they live a long and comfortable life with you. Start and end your sentences with, "I love you."  I show my love damn it. Wait, does grabbing T's ass count? I think it does, but thats just me.  Man shit, I dont care what the experts say, if I begin a conversation with "I Love You"  T is gonna think I am up to no good and that I want something.  Me -"Hey T, you know I love you"  T -"What the hell do you want?"  I always end the conversation with "I Love You".  But again, thats just me.

The other show that I like is The Doctors.  It has the one Dr. from the Bachelor, Travis on it.  It also has Dr. Sears on it and T is a huge fan of the Sears Family Doctors. Well this show also can help your relationship with your loved one and make you feel better at the same time.



Kelly July 14, 2010 at 1:33 PM   Reply to

It's always nice when you show your softer side, This Daddy!

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