Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tasteful Selections Cooking Challange

So here we go.........

I am by no means a cook, I dont even pretend to play one on tv.

The closest thing I get to being a cook is probably my foul language that compares to Chef Gordon Ramsey.

Someone offered me and T the chance to come up with some recepies and enter a Tasteful Selections cooking challange.

Tasteful Selections sent us 3 bags of potatoes.

1. Ruby Sensations

2. Sunrise leMedy

3. Purple Passion

So now it was on, we had to come up with 3 different recipe's for each of these kinds of potatoes.

1. Ruby Sensation Potato Salad as made by T

2. Sunrise Medley Grilled Chicken and Potatoes as made by T

3. Purple Passion Grilled Potato Slices as made by me

So check out my following 3 post's to see how they turned out.



Erin July 13, 2010 at 4:21 PM   Reply to

Scott you are AWESOME! Just sayin :)
And T too-I think that she deserves a new waffle maker?

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