Thursday, July 29, 2010

The X Games and My Future X Gamers


You can mark the next 4 days right up there along side watching football, basketball and playoff baseball.

I love the next 4 days.

I love the

X Games!!

Man I really love this stuff.  I wish I could do the shit they do.  I mean I probably could but I would not live to hear the cheers and collect my medals.

Another reason I love the X Games is because the kids like watching it with me.  I actually love them watching it with me more than they do but I like seeing their faces after someone does a cool trick or after a crash.

Another reason I love the X Games is that my kids look like little X Gamers.
The boys and the cool ass long hair, C3 and her cuts and bruises. C4 is a tough little shit himself.

This guy is my all time favorite
Not only is Shaun White a multiple Olympic Gold Medal Winner
He is also a bad ass skateboarder

This guy is one of my new favorites
Ryan Sheckler is a cool cat.  He tears up the skate park by doing
some amazing tricks.

Now this guy
Travis Pastrana, a  MotoX champ and a Rally Car Champ
is a master on so many levels.
This trick is called the "Kiss of Death"

These are my future X Gamers
I can't wait to get home and watch the
X Games with them

Check out the X Games on Espn and Abc.
All weekend long
I promise you will be in awe of the shit these guys and girls do.



Josh July 29, 2010 at 12:22 PM   Reply to

ugh...what a waste of espn time. i am not saying it's not cool, or it does not need talent but audience size i cannot see it similar to baseball, football, etc. apparently i will not be watching espn for 4 days.

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