Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am at work today

Only in body though.  My mind is at home, thinking about what I have to pack still.
My mind is in the driveway, thinking about how I need to pack all of the stuff so we will have a comfortable ride.
My mind is in the van, wondering how long I will last on the drive as T's co-pilot.  Probably not long.
My mind is on 75 south wondering how long till we get there.
Not cause I'm inpatient but cause I am ready to have some fun and I am ready to see the kids faces light up when they see the entrance to Disney World.

C1 who has celebrated so many birthdays at Disney
is going to celebrate #7 at Disney this year.
He has grown so much.

C1 and C2 always had a good time

So did Daddy for that matter

Great memories from Disney

T and 2 of her boys

T with me uhhh I mean Goofy

These are only a few of our memories from Disney

There are hundreds of photos and I just picked the first few but man we are gonna have so much fun this year.

I want to thank my parents again for taking us to Disney this year.  I know the kids are going to have fun with Nanny and PawPaw being there.

We are staying in a bad ass resort with the Monorail running through it and that will make it easier for everyone.

Rain?  Yes we will get rained on everyday, probably more than once and that is OK.  We don't care.

I am going to eat everything in sight.  Who cares, maybe I will be motivated to work it off when I get back.

I have so many things on my mind today.  But the main thing on my mind today is


A long vacation that is so much deserved for me and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it than watching the kids act like kids and have fun.

Spending time with the wife watching the kids have fun.

Letting my parents see the kids have such great times and remembering the good time they have with them.

And not to get lost in the vacation is the Birthday of C1.
It is still hard to imagine that our first born will be 7 yrs old next week.


Gotta love em.

Parents.  Gotta love em.

Wives.  Gotta Love em.

Kids..How can you NOT love em.



TRIPLE 0007 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where is the F**King Remote????

Yesterday had it's ups and downs.  Actually yesterDAY was awesome because T had to take C1 to an appointment and she brought the kids by the job to see me.  That made my day.

YesterNIGHT (i made it up) SUCKED.  Well kind of.  The kids were excited when I got home, C1 used some of his Bday money and got himself a new Wii game.  Toy Story3. 

Fast forward to bed time.  A little after 10 pm and the kids are in bed and I am looking for the tv remote.  Now let me explain that I am (here we go again) anal about certain things.  And keeping track of the remotes and keeping them in the correct rooms is something that drives me nuts.  The kids like to take them and switch them and I hide them and then I forget where I hide them.  The whole remote things just fucks with my head.  But that is me and I am just like that.

So I am looking for the remote last night.  I am looking all over.  Everywhere. In our room first.  Can't find it.  In drawers, nope!  Under bed?  Nope.  In bathroom, cloth diaper bin, did I hide it, in closet,  all of these NOPE!!!  T is telling me to just get the one out of the living room, but that won't work for me, it will changes channels but wont work the volume.  C3 who wont go to sleep, is helping me, checking every place that I already looked.  She is being positive and I am pissed at this point.

Living room, couch, loveseat, tv area, kitchen, kids rooms, kids bathroom, I even take my happy ass downstairs to look.  I am still red faced at this time and T can't believe that I am walking in circles looking for a remote.  I look in places that I have looked in 3 times over.

At this point I am shaking mad and want to punch something and curse so loudly and throw my 5 yr old temper tantrum.  But I dont.  Thats a victory in itself that I didnt flip out.

I finally break down after over 30 minutes and go get the other remote, turn the tv up to a decent level to watch Sportscenter at and get some lotion to rub on my arms, back, and chest.  That gives me an idea, but I don't go there. I am frustrated, but not that frustrated.
So I just lay in bed watch the rest of Sportscenter and then go to sleep.

So that brings me to this morning.  I get up early so I can go to the bank and I got an idea????

What is the one thing that can always make me feel better about myself when I am having these foul, mean, mixed up emotion over something so stupid (like a remote)???

Make fun of myself.  I am a clown, always have been, always will be......maybe
(gotta grow up sometime)

So here it is, my debut video featuring my new hit single


Followed by my cover of
this Disney Classic

Ok, so there you have it.

Now, today and tomorrow are going to drive me nuts.  I am so ready to go.
Tonight I have some simple goals in mind.
1. Help around the house to make it easier on T until we leave.
2. I need her to shave my back, while I man groom the rest of me.
3. (Based on facts)  I need to have a Pants Off Dance Off, because out of all the years we have taken this Disney trip we have only done the Pants Off Dance Off on the trip 1 time.  That was 2 years ago, when we conceived C4.  And since the ol boy is shooting blanks, I feel we either may or may not have a Pants Off Dance Off again in Disney.

HaKuna Matata people



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Packing My Shit

So we are leaving in a couple days to the place that I love to go to and hate to leave.
I feel just like a kid again when we go here.
T will tell you that I act like a child most of the time anyways,
so what better place for me to go to than


Before you can go on a trip you always have to pack!

And being that I am anal and I always go to the extreme on things, I figured I would start packing things on Sunday.
I deceided to get the medium size suitcase and put my things in it, instead of putting it in the bigger suitcase and then have T do everything over. 

Suitcase = Check!
Ok, so said suitcase is laying on the floor.
The first thing I put in said suitcase is
The Beaters.  No trip is ever complete without the beaters.
You can wear them alone or under a shirt.  Gotta have em.
8 or 9 of them.

Plain White T's.  I don't care if the pic
is screwed up, thats how they went in the suitcase.
Stroll around the parks in these or
wear them under a shirt, doesn't matter.

Now I can't walk around in beater or plain t shirts everyday
so I packed about 8 or 9 regular shirts
Im looking at the suitcase at this point and thinking to myself
"Self, You are like butter, On a roll"

Now  I like to bare-ball it alot, what guy doesn't, but not at Disney, walking around
in the heat all day with ball sweat dripping down my legs, not happening
so the next item to pack were my
That's right baby, the Thongs!
Im just gonna let you wonder, but I packed about 10 and Im gonna need more
I can't walk around Disney with soaked ball catchers.

And being that it is going to be so hot
I have to wear the proper shorts
Yeah man.  I can stuff my junk in some of these and get arond the park.
The only problem is that T hates when I wear my short shorts, so
I will have to pack a few pairs of my
Regular shorts.
Damn, Im to sexy for my short shorts

I wonder what it would be like to walk around Magic Kingdom in flip flops?
F**K that, I am not wondering for too long.
Got the socks packed and
The shoes, I will end up taking 2 pairs of running shoes and
1 pair of flip flops

I can't go out and not have on a
I am taking 4 or 5 hats I think, yeah!!!!

I will add the bathroom stuff the night we leave.
That is always last.

So I think I might be all set.
Im sure I will throw in some extra shit before I load the van up, but that is to be expected.
I always overpack.

I will be wondering if I have missed anything?




Monday, August 23, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun and a little more

Count them......4 days.  That is correct folks, 4 days till we get on the road for Orlando.  I am so ready, the kids are ready, I am not sure if T is ready though.  She is the list making, grocery buying, planning to the extreme nut.  She made her lists out yesterday.  It is like 5 pages long.  But I know we will leave nothing behind, since she is the master at planning.  She might leave me behind since I am no help at all.  I load the van then  I crash out and she drives.  I think I may drive the last hour or so, just so I can say I helped. So there you can the countdown has gotten smaller by the day.

Friday night I went to play basketball and it was the first time I had played in forever.  I had a really good time and I played pretty good. I still have the range, but the legs lose steam faster than they used to.  The one thing I havn't lost is my shit talking ability or being an asshole on the court.  One little guy kept crying about getting fouled all the time.  Ok first off, in games like this...If there is no blood, there is no foul.  So I made sure the next game that he had a reason to call foul. Note to that guy.....Now that was a foul wasn't it.?!!!Thought so!!!!

Saturday, T went to a baby shower at her best friends house in the morning.  The girl having the baby is a girl that T has know since they were little, and it is nice to see everyone that has grown up together all have families of their own.  C3 and C4 went with T and C3 loved hanging out with the big girls that were there. Taylor and her friend, C3 loves Taylor so much that at the pool, C3 kept trying to get her attention when she would jump off of the board.  It was cute.

I stayed home and cleaned and C1 and C2 stayed with me and helped me clean.  We got laundry done, rooms cleaned and suitcases brought upstairs.  We got alot done before the pool party for C1 pre-bday bday party.

Before we left for the Pre Bday Bday Pool Party, C3 decided to get into a fight.  Yeah my beautiful daughter got into a fight.  Not with her brothers or Me and T, she got into a fight with a door knob.  And....she lost.  She did get back up, but she took the worse end of it. 

Pre Bday Bday party?????  Yes that's right....Since we will be in Disney on his actual Bday, we had him a pool party and all his friends came over.  T's Aunt and Uncle are always nice enough to let us have parties at their pool.  We had hot dogs and lots of them, cold drinks and a nice cool pool on a hot day.  We had cookie cake too.  Cookie cake that T got for free since when she went to pick them up, they were not right.  Birthday was spelled wrong and I think she said C1's name was wrong????????  Yeah, so T being T, she got the 2 cookie cakes for free.

We all had a great time at the party and C1 loved all of his gifts.  Someone even mentioned to T that C1 might be the only kid that sits and reads the cards before opening the gifts.. Thanks to everyone who came.  C1 really enjoyed all of his friends.

C1 riding his new bike he got from Mommy, Daddy, Nanny and PawPaw

Yesterday, was do it day.  If there was an IT that had to be done, then we were doing IT.  I was Mr. Yardman yesterday, doing all of the yard work and I even finally fixed the fence. 

I packed my shit yesterday and I think, I only need one more pair of shorts, a few more pairs of socks and some more ball organizers. (boxer briefs for those of you...)

It was a good weekend and I am ready to go.....

There are alot of other bloggers that entered the Tasteful Selections Potato Contest and they came up with good videos for their recipies, but please go and watch my goofy video and vote for me. Please!!!! and Thanks!!!!

Link to Video.  To vote, just click the LIKE button.





Friday, August 20, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-20-10....with a little love for Matty Ice & Tom Brady can suck a fat one

This Daddy's Blog


I am so glad it is Friday.  How glad?  Really glad.  I am so glad that I might just give all of you reader exactly what you want.  What that is I don't know, so I will get back to you on that.

By this time next week, we will be in Disney World, walking, eating, sleeping and sweating with Mickey and his Crew.  We are all so excited, I know the kids are and T and I are. 

A big thank you to my Mom and Dad and the kids Nanny and PawPaw for taking us to Disney this year.  Last year was the first year we missed due to the fact that we bought the kids a big backyard playground.  But this year, we pack up the mini and hit the road.  Orlando or bust!!!!!

C1, our first born will be 7 on Sept. 3rd, but since we will be in Disney he is going to have his Bday party tomorrow at Uncle Nolan adn Aunt Bing Bing's pool.  Nothing like a pool party.  We will then celebrate his actual Bday in Disney when we eat at the famous Chef Mickeys.

T and I will be cleaning the rest of the house and then we will start packing this Sunday.  I will be doing yard work so we dont come home to a forest.

I am personally excited to be going to play hoops tonight, I havn't played in a while so I am eager to see if I still have that stroke. Not that stroke, the stoke of the lefty and the flick of the wrist.  Stop being dirty.

The kids first week of school has been very good.  C1 is picking up right where he left off and doing very good and C2, honestly has surprised me.  I thought he would give T fits but she says he has done so well. She told me the other day that he wants to do schoolwork all day long.

I get home last night and I have one thing on my mind, NO not SEX, I let T have a night off, Im kind like that.  I wanted to know if my jersey came in the mail??????
As soon as I pulled in the garage, C1 & C3 were waiting to greet me.
In her loud voice, C3 tells me to close my eyes.  I tell her I can't yet baby, I have to get in the garage.
I get in and the kids lead me upstairs to our bedroom where I see................................

A MATT RYAN #2 red jersey on T.
(by the way, she looked damn good in that jersey)

She took it off, I put it on...
and oh my god.....It felt so good.
I love it, I felt like a kid on Christmas.  It is so F-ING awesome.

Look, you can tell the difference between the Norwood replica
and the Ryan authentic (look at the numbers)
To Annies husband Josh (Redskins), I hear you have a man crush on my
boy Matty Ice.....
step back, he's mine.
Josh you want to touch that jersey dont you?  Too Bad!!
To Matty Ice, you didn't take long to make your way into my heart and replace ol' #7.  I really loved him too, but when you came along, I felt things for you that I havn't felt in a while. Your clean cut, good looking, you have a great arm, your a perfect example of how a Falcon should be. Please remember that if you ever need someone to keep you company on a lonley night, call me
Love, This Daddy
(P.S.  If you get a letter from Annie's husband Josh...Throw it away, he is a stalker)

And to Chrissy's husband Josh (Your Mom)....
I want you to know, if you continue to mock me and my team while they are playing
I will hunt you down brother..I don't know what I would do to you, but I will figure that out later!!
Damn you for texting me last night while I was crying during the
ass reaming that the Falcons received at the hands of the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Yes the Falcons got wiped off the field as clean as a babies ass with fresh sensitive wipes.

And speaking of Tom (F-ing) Brady, I mentioned yesterday that I would never wear his jersey,
T told me that I would wear it.  I said no!  She said "WANNA BET?"
I said "Oh, I see....A Pants Off Dance Off  threat"
"Your Right"

And Mr. Brady, please know that it is a good thing you only play us in the pre-season.  I would hate to have to find your hotel room and seal your door shut.  Asshole.  Tom my wife might think you are goodlooking, little does she know.  You are a.....???  Damn it!!  You are good looking and your a f-ing good Qb too.  I don't reall have anything bad to say about you...Asshole

Ok, so heres the plan for the weekend.
Basketball tonight, T warns me if I get hurt and fuck up the Disney vacation, or come home complaining about being sore tonight, she is gonna punch me in the balls.  My sweetheart.

Saturday, T is going to a shower, not one of those crazy girl things where they all get in a shower together, but a baby shower.

Then we are having C1's bday party with all his friends before we head out of town.

Sunday, it all begins.  The pulling of suitcases, then start packing, laundry, yard work, cleaning house to get it ready before we leave next week.  We cant leave the house a mess before we go.



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Disney is so close I can almost smell all of the sweaty people satnding in line in front of me..




Thursday, August 19, 2010

A sleepwalker and Matt Ryan

On any given night T and I can have one or more of the C's make their way to our bed. 

C2, will sneak in and sleep on the floor for a while until he makes his way onto the bed.

C3, well she just comes in and climbs on the bed and curls up in a little ball.

C4, shit he is a co-sleeper so he is in the bed with us anyways.

Well last night or this morning sometime, C1 came into our room and did the same thing he always does when he comes into our room at night.  He scared the living shit out of me.  He comes in about as quiet as a moth.  You cant hear him, he doesn't say anything.

He gets into our bed and sits up, just sits there. T and I are trying to ask him whats wrong?, you ok?,  and then we just keep telling him to lay down put your head on the pillow, and he is not moving or saying anything.

I get up to pee and T is still telling him to lay down and when I come back from the late night pee, he is finally laying down. 

Back to sleep.......

Then sometime in the morning, later on.....C3 stumbles into our room, I get her to go pee, and I sit up and notice that C1 is not in our bed anymore.  One goes out, one comes in.  When did C1 leave?  When did C3 come in?  No clue.

T and I really believe that C1 sleepwalks and sleeptalks.  I mean he comes into our room and it is like he is a ghost or something.  It is kind of funny when you tink about it.  A almost 7 year old, taking a midnight stroll around the house.

The problem I see in the future is that since he is so quiet when coming from his room to ours, T and I will have to be careful when the Pants Off Dance Off is taking place.  All this really means is that I will have to make the PO-DO 5 minutes instead of my studly 10 minutes.

Now on to another reason that I love my T so much.  It is not often that I cry to her about shit.  Well ok, I cry to her about shit ALL THE TIME.  But this time I cried to her about a certain thing and she must have gotten tired of me crying about this and she took action.
I am a huge, mega huge one time season ticket holder of the team and I love to have football jerseys.  I have gone from my Mike Vick #7 jersey, to my Jerious Norwood #32 jersey, I even bought T a Tom Brady jersey, which I will never ever wear.
Jerious Norwood has for the most part has taken a back seat to Michael Turner, so I felt it was time to get a new jersey.  So many big names on the team I could have gone with.  John Abraham (old), Roddy White (better get your hands back), Tony Gonzalez (old but awesome), or I could have gone with the youth movement, rookie Eric Witherspoon, or big time free agent pick up Donte Robinson.
I went with my boy, my franchise QB who I bet my wife on he doesn't get busted for dog fighting
T got me an authentic Matt Ryan jersey off of ebay.  I am foaming at the mouth to get this in the mail.  I am ready to put it on and rub myself.  And not in that way people, get your minds out of the gutter.

I hope to get home tonight and it is there for me.
I will put it on for the Falcons game tonight vs the Patriots.

Thanks honey, I will not bug you for anything else.

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I have 2 GiveAways going on right now
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you know if you have a good woman?

Wanna you how you can tell you have a good woman?

Let me tell you how I know I have a good woman.

Ok, just so everyone knows, when I do things...that includes anything I either do it half ass or hard core.  I have gotten back on my workouts and I have been going hardcore.  No warming up, no building up to it, just jumped into like a cool pool on a hot summers day.

I have been doing my weights and my resistance training and some of the Wii workouts. 

So my back was hurting over the weekend and then last night it really started hurting on the left side.  Bad uncomfortable pain.  I tried to stretch it and twist it and nothing would help.

So what was my next thought?  KIDNEY STONES.  I have had kidney stones so many times and I know that feeling.  I couldn't get it out of my head that I was going to be making a trip to the emergency room and with no insurance, that would have sucked big ass.  My wonderful doctor, therapist, coach, cheerleader,  wife did what she always does......asks a shit load of questions.

I just knew that it was going to be a shit night.  T did the one fucking thing that always makes me a HOT MESS (for u honey), she kept telling me "If you think negative, it will be negative".  I hate hearing that shit.  But like always....she is right.  

Being the me that I am, in pain, I turned to T and asked her "Wanna have sex?" "Seriously babe, lets have sex, it will take my mind off of my back" Well I am sad to say that there was no Pants Off - Dance Off last night.

Now I finally went to sleep, I think and then I woke up to the loud sounds of my cell phone blurting out "Message Received".  I jumped up so fast and T asked me what that was, I looked at my phone and I had a new text message......after midnight.  What the hell?  My dumb ass sent an email to a Repo Company in California telling them that i they get the car I have been looking for to call me or send me a message.  In the email (like a huge dumb ass) I gave the company MY cell number and not MY COMPANY CELL number.  They picked up the car, but shit....I don't give a rats ass about work while I am at home, at not at midnight for sure.

So them being woke up, what happens?   My back starts to hurt again and I have the bad thoughts all over again.  I finally got back to sleep and made it through the night.

The bad news is, my back still hurts, the good news is....I don't think I am having stones.

So the reason I know I have a good woman......she listens to all my negative bullshit, all my crying and complaining and bitching and moaning......and still lets me ask her to have sex and doesn't hit me.

That's a good woman!!!




Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its Cool to Homeschool and I have a new GIVEAWAY


Year number 2 of the Ga. Cyber Academy K12 program.

T spent a number of days over the summer organizing and getting everything prepared to have 2 of the C's sitting at the school table.  We received all of the packages and supplies and the kids were excited when they came.

T already had the supplies she needed to get the school year off on the right track.

C2 even got some school supplies in the mail from Nanny and PawPaw.

So on Sunday when the kids knew that Monday would be the first day, they were excited.  Mommy would be the learning coach and they would have a new teacher.  A teacher that lives in the area, so going to the outings would not be a problem.  It would be the first day of 1st Grade for C1 and for C2 he was now in Kindergarten.

T said she had a good first day.  She had to juggle a 14 month old wanting to be on her all the time and a 3 year old girl that was not getting any attention.  I know its tough or T to make sure she gets it all in and still be a mommy at the same time to the other 2 C's.  She does an awesome job and I can see it in the kids eyes that they love having her at home teaching them.

What was cool was that when I got home, C1 and C2 had their schoolwork ready to show me.  They were both so excited to go over everything with me and I was eager to listen.

C3 hated the fact that she didnt have any schoolwork to show me. She want's to do everything that the boys do and more.

So with the beginning of another school year, I am reminded once again of why I love the fact that T is homeschooling the kids.  I get home late and the kids get to stay up later so I can see them.  Another is that the schools in our area SUCK so bad that I do not have to worry about them being in the shitty school system.

Most of all I know that they are surrounded by love from T and each other.

So as the new year begins I want to say Thank You to T and I love you for doing a great job in raising our C's and doing a great job teaching them to be fine, smart little people.







Monday, August 16, 2010


Friday night a wonderul thing happened.  Well a few wonderful things happened.

I get home and T is on one of her wild cleaning rampages and going through this and going through that, and she gets some toys together to sell at the church consignment sale next week. She put one of the toys on Ebay and it sold in a few hours for over 30 dollars.  Hell Yeah.  And then being the great wife that she is she started looking for a new Falcons jersey for me.  And the Falcons won on Friday night also.

So on Saturday T went to the store with the MASS book of coupons in hand.  I had a checklist of things to do around the house and that gave me the perfect chance to use the cleaning products in received from Seventh Generation. (watch for the review and giveaway tomorrow)  But I got a little out of control and used each of the products on the different parts of the bathroom.  I got the biggest f-ing headache and felt sick, so don't be a dumbass like me and use so many different things at once. 

Later that night T made her awesome chicken nachos and I once again took the chance to do somethings not so smart.  Our cousin Stephanie gave us some of her jalapeno's and she also threw in some red hot peppers.  I cut the jalapeno's up and ate a couple and that was ok. Then I cut the red hot peppers up and I licked top of one, and that set my mouth on FIRE.  Lips, tongue, and nose all burning at this point.  So I did what any good Texan would do and I chopped them up and mixed them in the taco's just so I could eat the hot stuff.

Sunday we went to the place where some kids try to look and act like adults and where the adults 100% try to act and 150% try to look like kids again.  We took the kids to Sparkles Roller Rink.  Thankfully they have a playground for the kids, because I am not about to get my ass on skates and try to get kids around the hardwood.  NO WAY.  So T, does coupons, I chase C4 and watch other adults fly around kids on the floor like they are winning something...I see moms singing and shaking their shit like they are 15 again.  I see dads skating so fast as i they are chasing said mom shaking her shit.

But we can have some cute moments
like this
And the bigger kids do this

After that, T was sweet enough to make sure I was home in time to start the Fantasy Football league.  I picked a damn good team and I want to thank everyone for joining and we will have a fun year.  Josh(Your Mom) and T and Josh(Redskins) and his wife Annie (Tebow) we all present and talking a little smack.  I will WIN, I am saying it now.

Today, Monday is a HUGE day.  C1 and C2 start school today.  They are excited and T did the last minute stuff last night to make sure she is ready to start and I can't wait to get home and hear how it went.  More on that tomorrow.




Friday, August 13, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-13-10 Farked up style!!!

This Daddy's Blog
This is such bullshit, I spent time this morning doing my -ing post and then when I was finished and hit publish, it said there was a problem. Damn it.  So after all of the shit, I am starting over.  It wont be the same as the previous but since you didnt see it, you will never know.
Last night was maybe one of the coolest nights I have had in a long time. I got home and the kids were on the computer printing out their "BOOKS ABOUT ME".  It was a cute story book that they filled out and it told different things about them.  When they were done they all read them to T and I.
I am excited for T to begin her second year with the kids in the K12 program.  She has done a much better job than I could have ever hoped for with this homeschooling thing.
This weekend is going to be a busy weekend.  I am going to try and get alot of shit done tonight.  I am going to try and do some laundry while watching Clash of the Titans.  Then I am going to get up early and go get my baby some new tires on the minivan before our trip.
I am going to try and put my workout into serious mode for the next 2 weeks before the trip, I have to get into Disney shape.  Whatever the hell that is.
I also have 2 product reviews to finish and another giveaway to start.  I will have those up this weekend so be on the lookout for the next giveaway. I also have to create a button to link over to my Product Review and Giveaway Blog.  So that will bill frustrating Im sure.  Oh well watch out for that as well.  For now here is the link
This Daddys Product Reviews and Giveaways
Well I ran late for work today and didnt get a chance to do a Friday video sing along and I have found that doing that on a Friday morning before work puts me in a good mood.  It is also a good way for the C's to see how goofy their daddy is, when they get older and start reading the blog.
I am glad this week is almost over though.  I have not found as many cars this week as I normally do.  Usually I do the best in the office at putting more people back on their feet, but this week I have had to run the office twice....which means I dont get as many calls made and can't find as many cars to steal.
Oh well, can't be number one every week.  And Im still gettin' paid.
And while we are on the subject football.....listen and listen carefully.  If you like football and the team your a fan of has the Atlanta Falcons on their schedule



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just another night at THIS DADDYS



Now for our regulary scheduled post for the day

Now close your eyes and read
Ok, I mean read and close your eyes
Shit, whatever

Just a normal evening in the home of


Shit the past 2 nights have sucked ass.  I am suppose to get of work at 8 pm and then drive my ass an hour to the house.  Lets see, Tuesday night one our our drivers didn't get in till after 9pm when his stupid ass self was suppose to be here at 7:30pm.
Last night I made the mistake and sent a driver to bum farken Eygept and he didn't get back to the office till 8:45pm.

So the past 2 nights I havn't gotten home until late and it really screws up the nightly routine, that goes like this

I walk in the door, bells and whistles go off and the C's are jumping up and down and waiting for me.  T is dressed in some knockout skirt and a sweet shirt, showing me some boobs.
(ok none of that is even close, but sounds damn good)

Go sit at the table and eat a nice meal that T has whipped up and she hold my drink and lets me sip out of the straw.
(Bullshit again)

I sit on the couch and watch some ESPN while she handles the kids and gets them ready for bed and then we act out stories like movie stars.
(Yeah, not even close)

Get the kids to sleep, and then we make sweet love all night long in a bed full of rose pedals and candles lit all around the room.
(Too much work)

Fall asleep holding each other as our milky soft skin glistens in the moonlight and we dream of more wonderful nights like this.
(Yeah Dreaming alright)

Who am I trying to fool

It really happens like this

I get home and maybe if I am lucky C4 will meet me at the gate.

I get a half ass welcome home kiss from T, and thats ok, since she gets hung on all day.

I eat my dinner and like it (except the roast, hate that shit)

Play with the kids for a bit, until it gets out of control and I lose my mind or T tell us we are too wound up and to stop, most of the time it is because I lose my mind though.

Get the kids ready for the nightly snack and spend minutes upon minutes trying to figure out what they are going to have for snack. And its not junk either.

After snack either T or I will read to the kids or C1 will read to us all.  During which C4 will do whatever he can to turn it into crazy time.

Then it is off to brush teeth, which usually is ok for C1, C2, C3 well she is another story.  She loves to fight me every night about if Mommy or I brush her teeth, if I am going to floss her teeth or if she is.  Is she gonna do the SmartRinse or me.  It is drama with her.  Then C4 like to steamroll everyone and barrell into the bathroom and scream while he brushes his teeth  "MY TURN".

Then C1, C2 are off to bed with no problem, they usually read in bed or C1 will sometimes draw.  C2 usually falls asleep so fast he is out before we can even tuck him in.  C3, begs, screams, pleads, asks 50 million times "Can I lay in your bed for 5 minutes" or "Can I lay in your bed after C4 goes nigh nigh"

We always give in and she is in our bed until she falls asleep.  The I take her to sleep pee, and off to her bed.

Then T and I have our time. I love our time.  We watch funny shows, talk shit to each other, maybe some Pants Off Dance Off, (If Im lucky).

And then after all that.

I wake up and look at my family whether in my bed or theirs and realize that I am one lucky fucker to have a great wife and 4 awesome kids.

Even if all of them drive me nuts sometimes.



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Honey, you DESERVE a night out


So I know it is only Wednesday but there might be something going on Friday night and I am looking forward to it.  For a couple of different reasons.................

T tells me this past weekend that there is going to be a kind of girls night out thing on Friday and she was thinking of going.  I said hell yeah, you should go.  I was happy for her that she thought about going out and having her some WOMAN time in place of her MOMMY time.

This is the problem.  T, NEVER thinks of herself.  She is ALWAYS putting the kids first, just like any good mom would do.  But I do believe that she deserves a break and a chance to get away from the mayhem and the stress' of taking care of 4 kids all day long.  I am really no help to her so trust me when I say she is taking care of the kids ALL DAY LONG.  And by her getting a break, I don't mean taking a long bath, with a 14 month old beating on the door, or me calling for her when the 14 month old shits himself.

I think she DESERVES some time to be out, with friends, some family and doing whatever it is she wants to do.  Shopping, chit chatting, getting hair and nails done.  Whatever she chooses to do.

But she NEVER does it.....So I am begging her to go out this Friday.  She has to be there by 7 pm.  Problem is I dont get off till 7 and it takes me an hour to get home.  This sucks.  I hope she still goes out.  Has fun.  Parties hard.  She doesn't drink so I know she will be ok.

Another reason I WANT / NEED her to go out, is that I WANT / NEED to prove to her that I can take care of the kids for more than a few minutes.  I can (if I have to) change shitty diapers.  I hope not, but I can do it.  I want her to feel ok, that she can go do something without worrying that her kids are left at home with their daddy.  It scares me too, so I know where she comes from.  We can play, read, color, eat snacks, play lego's, lots of fun things.

And the last but by no means the least reason (AND REALLY MY MOST IMPORTANT REASON) I want her to go out Friday night is because she was invited to a................


Uhhhhhhhhh.  Hell Yeah.  Please Go!!!!!!   Here is some cash, shit forget it, take my credit cards and the cash, BUY BUY BUY!!!!  Once she told me the kind of get together she was invited to, I got a huge smile on my face.   I heard about these parties.  Wifes go to them, then come home hours later with a bag full of fun things.  I like fun things. 

So while I am being really honest in saying that I truly believe that T DESERVES some WOMAN time, I am so damn excited and happy for her and ME, that the WOMAN time she might be taking for herself, happens to be a party....A fun party.....A Sex Party.

Go ahead babe, RSVP.......YES.  I got this at home.  We will be fine.  Stay out as long as you want.  Trust me when I say, I will be waiting for you when you get home.

                                                                                            Love, Me.



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missing My Madden, Sexy Dinner and a NEW SURPRISE 4 U

Today, I am a sad man.  I am out of the loop.  Out of the club.  I am no longer one of the boys.  One of the men.  Today is the first time in YEARS, I mean many many YEARS that I will not be doing it.  I will no longer be sitting on my couch for hours and hours and hours of fun.  I will not be connecting online to play people from all across the country anymore.

Today is a huge day.  This day has forever been one of my favorite days.  Madden 11 came out at midnight last night.  I am usually on this game when it comes out and I start playing it as soon as the kids go to bed.  BUT..................

I sold my PS2 some time ago when we got the Wii and POOF there went my Madden.  T and the kids actually got Madden on the Wii for me and it SUCKED.  Worst game purchase ever.  No one played online and it just wasnt any good. The players were too cartoonish.

And it hasnt been a big deal.  I love the Wii. The kids love it and there are a ton of family games and kid friendly games on the Wii.  I love the Tiger Woods game on the Wii.  I have gotten back to the Wii Fit and it is a great workout.

But with Madden 11 coming back out this week, I have started to miss my Playstation again.  My little black PS2.  Don't get me wrong I would love to find a PS3 sitting in the street somewhere, cause I would damn sure pick that shit up.

I can remember sitting on the couch and the kids would wake up and come sit down next to me and watch me play.  I had my wireless remote and even the head coach looking headset so I could talk shit to the people I was playing against.

So I am going to try and fix the broken PS2 that T's little brother gave me.  I am going to keep my eyes open for a lost PS3.  Cause once I get my hands on that system, I am going to get my hands on that game.  Believe that.  Then I can sit up in bed all night and play me some Madden 11.

And another reason I am glad Madden 11 came out.  Drew Brees in on the cover and there has been a Madden Jinx EVERY YEAR.  The year my boy Michael Vick was on the cover, the Baltimore Ravens broke his leg in a pre-season game and there went the season.  So the N.O. Aint's who I HATE are gonna feel the pain this year.

Don't worry Madden you'll be back in my hands one day.

Now to the happy stuff. 

You would not believe what was waiting for me when I got home last night.  Let me break it down for you.

I walk in the door and ask where the kids are.  T tells me that they are with her mom. All the lights are off and candles are burning.  The house is looking romantic as could be.  I call for T and she is in the bedroom and the lights are off and just some candles are lit in there.  My mind is running wild.  Im thinking WOW. HELL YEAH.  I practically run over to the bed where she is waiting for me dressed all sexy and as soon as I get over to to her...............
..................................................POOF POOF POOF........................

I am back sitting at the kitchen table eating pasta, shrimp and lobster tails.  Yeah, thats how good this f-ing dinner is.  Waiting for me when I get home is a great dinner that she cooked. That dinner was equal to the crazy paragraph above.  Eating that lobster tail and shrimp and pasta was as good as walking into a house with a sexy wife waiting to have sex with me.

Baby you are awesome, thanks for a great dinner.



Enjoy and good luck.



Monday, August 9, 2010

I am too damn old for this wee-kend fun shit

Its Monday and thats ok.

I feel like shit today and thats ok.

I am tired, so damn tired today and thats ok.

We got alot done this weekend? I guess.  Yardwork, housework, laundry, swimming and changing diapers.

Shit you believe that I changed diapers.  Think again. Nope...Not Me....No Way!!!!

A sign that I am too too too damn old now.....

Staying up to 3 a.m. on a Friday night.....Can't do it anymore.

Staying up to past 1 a.m. on Saturday night anymore....Can't do it.

Shit Im old.

Old like Fumunda Cheese.....You all like Fumunda Cheese?  Let me know!

I don't mind the heat, I love the heat, the sun...that stuff doesn't bother me.  But yardwork kicked my ass this weekend.  I did my yard, then went over to T's Moms and T's little brother Ethan and I landscapped her from garden and layed rubber mulch down.  After I pulled weeds.  Yes, dad!  Catch your breath.  The one thing you tried to get me to do for all those years,  and I hated every minute of it, I did.  Ok dad breath.  And oh yeah dad, get your own weed puller.

I did happen to meet someone on Saturday, that I hope to be spending time with in the future.  NO ITS NOT A WOMAN!  Yes its a dude, but this is a cool dude. Its one of T's moms neighbors and I was talking to him and noticed he had a Falcons tattoo on his leg. We started talking about football and the Falcons and how he has people over his place on Sundays and has a big screen in his garage. Hell Yeah. He invited us over to watch the games.  Im so there!!

I gave Ethan his first lesson in shaving.  This kid is 13 and is rocking some facial hair.  And yes, assholes I do know how to shave,  Just because I always sport some facial hair, I can shave!!

T fixed up her brothers room, while the kids played Wii.

Yesterday we spent the day at the kids Aunt Bing Bings and Uncle Nolans pool.  They love it, I love the pool.  It makes for a long tiring day.  But it drained me. I was so tired.  The weekend just wore me out.

So today, I am dragging ass, feeling like shit.  I really feel like, I have a hangover for some reason.  I really feel like I drank my ass off yesterday and woke up sick today.  Cotton mouth, bad stomach, headache.  The shakes, sore body. 

Oh and for my C1 if you read this in the future......Just because you have a bad swimming day, doesn't mean your swimming life is over.  He had trouble yesterday because of some allergies, swimming under water like he always does.  He got so down on himself.  Shake it off and get back at it son.

C2, I know that, I need to do a better job around you, because you are turning into little me.  A smart mouth, back talking little shit.  I am going to re-focus myself on my parenting skill with you and see what I can do better to get you out of this phase. FAST.  And you are a damn fast swimmer.  Keep it up, Tarzan.

C3, As my only daughter, I love you to death, but for the love of god, if you pee in my bed ONE MORE TIME, I am gonna......Yeah right.  I wont do shit.  I will put the pee pad under you like I always do.  Please go pee pee before you go Nigh Nigh...more than once.  Get it all out. Thanks.

C4, Big Baby, if you ever again bite your Mommy's Ninny in the middle of the night and she screams loud like that and scares the shit out of me again, I promise I will....Well I probably wont do shit except get the shit scared out of me again.  But please son, as Yo Gabba Gabba sings

"Dont bite, Dont bite your friends"
Or a ninny

As of last night.  Football has officially started!!!




Friday, August 6, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-6-10 Vloggie Style

This Daddy's Blog


Yippe Ki Yeah Fother Mucker
Its Friday.

I love Fridays. The end of a very long week and every week here at work is a long week.  Fridays mean PAYDAY, well every other Friday, but still.  Closer to the 2 days I get to spend more time with the C's and T.

I was thinking this morning about how much I love Fridays and then a song came on the radio and I have to just sing along.  Im not the best singer, but I am a notch above the fake American Idol losers that try to pretend they can sing.

Ok, so maybe I am not better than the fakes on American Idol.  Keep your comments to yourself.
And yes, for all of you out there that are going to comment about my overgrown beard in the summer, I am going to have T hook me up this weekend.
She is going to give me a mini makeover.  Trim beard (damn there is alot of gray in that beard), pluck the brows, shave the back, all the good stuff.

Isnt it great when the kids get excited to brush their teeth.

C4 really loves to brush his teeth
He screams "MY TURN"

C2 also Rushes for the Brushes

Bet you never thought I would but a video of C4's stool sample on here
Well here it is!

Everything has been good this week at home.  The kids are good, the wife is good.  I have been working out all week, either on the Wii Fit, the dumbbells (easy now), and the resistance training with the bands.  I plan on keeping it up this weekend and the kids are even going to do it with me, maybe.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  We T has to get things, clothes and toys and what not ready for the big church consignment sale, I need to do 4 product reviews and that means I have got to figure out how to change my blog and get some tabs or maybe just set up a button, shit I don't know, I just have to get it done.

This weekend is yard work weekend. Time to get it tight and get it right.

And now for some headlines that smacked me in the face this week

Talented Falcons could lurk as the NFL's surprise team of 2010 - That's right haters. MY ATLANTA FALCONS. Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and a re-vamped Defense.  Watch out this year!!!!

Band of billionaires pledge to give to charity - Damn it, I need my name on that list, either list the Billonaires list or the Charity list.....shit

Pregnant women who gain too much weight may raise child's obesity risk - Ok, so do women who gain too little weight raise the risk of a child be anorexic?

Officials target renegade lemonade stand run by 7-year-old - The girl was spiking the lemonade and the parents were happy but the officials were not.  I guess the officials were not able to drink that day.

Smell that????

No I didn't fart!

Its the smell of Orlando....

Disney World is getting closer.




Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sometimes a Reality Show can almost be really Real

Wide Receiver Terrell Owens is one of my favorite football players.  Why?  Could it be because he is a F-ING human muscle machine?  NO!  But he is a damn brick wall.

Could it be because he has played for one of my teams?  NO!  Never liked the 49ers, can't stand the Eagles, Dallas, nah - Buffalo, I didn't know they still had a team, and now the Bengals, still NO. But they are close since their QB has a great first name and they ave another player that I like.  Ochocinco.

Could it be because he is a great athlete and can still play at an elite level.  Well I hate to admit that he is awesome because he is coming to Atlanta to play the Falcons this year, but T.O. is still a great WR.

Maybe its because he has moments on his reality show on VH1 that make me laugh so hard that I want to piss myself.  The other night T and I watched the latest episode and it was so funny.  It hit too close to home and it was SO TRUE.

First, if you have never watched the show, he has 2 women that are his closet friends and they handle all of his business stuff and have for years.  One woman (MO) is pregnant, and when I say pregnant, I mean extra large and in charge pregnant.  Her husband is out of town and needs someone to go to the child birth class with her.  Funny as hell.  T and I did this before C1 was born and we enjoyed it, but we didn't use a damn bit of what we learned in that class.  Check out how T.O handles going to the class with MO

As T and I watched this, we were laughing so hard.  I mean, there is NO WAY IN HELL, I would ever do a birthing class with another woman, I dont care who she was.

Then it all of a sudden comes out that T.O. wants a dog.  Not just any dog, this big bad ass athlete, this stud of a guy wants a little shit dog.  He want to get a teeny tiny dog.  WHY?  I have no idea.  But watch the clip of him and his girlfriend discussing it and you can see why, I guess??????  This is just like anyone wanting something, but you can never figure out why.  Like if I wanted a sportscar, yeah it would be cool, but I have 4 kids what purpose would it serve?

So now he gets a friends dog to dog sit.  What in the hell.  The only thing I can figure out is that he can get some chicks with this small dog thing...But he has a girlfriend and shit I dont know, it just baffles me.  But this is just like someone saying they want a baby and it being cool for a while....till the baby shits itself and you have a problem.  And then he takes the dog to the gym while he plays hoops with the fella's. That is like me, back in the day, going to play ball with the boys and showing up with a friends baby.  Back then, it would have made NO SENSE.


Now the best part here is when he has a little fun with MO.  He is a good guy taking a friend to the gym with him and trying to get her to exercise.  But then he gets home and finds out that having a dog is not all its cracked up to be.  Just  like anyone else who has had this happen, he has had it.

 So while T.O's life may be larger than ours, may be more happening than ours, he still goes through the same bullshit that we all go through.  Doing things for friends in need, even if we look like jackass', trying out something new and realizing it sucks.

But the best part is when you watch it on tv and laugh about it.  I think watching some reality shows can be a waste of time and mind numbing, but for me watching this show, gives me a sense that while alot of people talk about what an asshole T.O. is, he is still just a regular guy doing everday regular things.

Sometimes watching these kinds of shows can put you into a different world and let you forget the daily stress you might have in your life.

If you would like to watch previous episodes of the T.O. Show you can go hereVH1's The T.O. Show Season 2



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We are the Beater Boys

We are a BEATER family for the most part.

I have been a BEATER for a long time. (keep it clean people, this is not a sex post)

T has been a BEATER for a long time. (ok, maybe a little sex. She's awesome, had to be me for a minute)

C1, he is not a BEATER, too tall and skinny.

C2, He is a stud in the BEATER department

C3, if we let her she would be a BEATER

C4, he put the BEATER in BEATER

So when I got home last night and saw C4, I knew exactly what I had to do.
We are the BEATER BOYS

And like MC HAMMER said


Not to be outdone by her Daddy and little brother
C3 got Mommy to hook her up

T also made the kids a
Countdown to Disney.
Each night the kids will rip the paper circle.
C1 is yellow, C2 is blue and C3 is pink.

Vacation will be here soon!


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