Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And in Moody Blues fashion...........

Tuesday afternoon,
I'm just beginning to see, now I'm on my way
It doesn't matter to me, chasing the clouds away

Ok, so what if it's only morning here, its afternoon somewhere

Deviled Eggs.

Who likes Deviled Eggs?

I do!

And so does C2 and C3.  To the tune of 6 eggs worth.  I get home last night and go into the kitchen where C2 and C3 have the fillings of deviled eggs all over their faces.  "I wan't some" and the two C's look at me like I was taking their favorite toy.  There were three left on the plate. I grab the plate and two kids bum-rush me.  C2 takes one and C3 takes another. That leaves me with one.

I eat the one and C2 is mad!  C3 licks off half of the filling and gives one back to me.  C2 gets mad after I eat the one C3 licked to death.

So last night, not only Daddy, who has gas ALL THE TIME, is gonna be tooting a horn, so is C2 and the only person in the house that fogs us more than me is C3. My beautiful, sweet, blue eyed, curly haired Princess is going to be setting off fireworks out of her ass. 

Well thank the lord that, we didn't have to call the fire department overnight from C2 or C3 blowing up our house.  Have fun with that today honey.

Another thing from last night.
There is ONE BIG THING, that I CAN NOT STAND in our house.
I WILL NOT LET C1 and C2 and in the future C4 put their hands on C3.  I also will not allow C3 to take advantage of this and put her hands on the boys.  I am a FIRM believer in not putting hands on girls and women.  I will not allow my boys to put their hands on their sister.  I know T is shaking her head while reading this, brothers and sisters do things they fight and so on.  T has a sister and a brother, she knows about siblings fighting more than I do.
But I am not going to allow the boys to lay hands on C3.
C2 had this problem last night, and then did not want to tell her he is sorry and give her a hug.

C2 in the future when you read this, you will know that this is a great value I will have taught you over the years. I have never and will never lay hands on your Mommy, so I don't ever expect you, C1 or C4 to ever do it.
That is your sister and your ONLY sister, you don't have to like her all the time, you are going to love her, and you are going to protect her at any cost.  I told the boys last night, C1 is your brothers or someone else puts hands on your sister....STOP IT.  I told the same thing to C2.  C4, 14 months old today, he will get the talk later.
And another good reason to be nice to your sister.....In the future, she may have cute friends and you may want to hook up with them.

And now its time for a few Thank You Notes...

Thank You Memory..While you can remember any sports stat ever written, you can't remember to bring the f-ing Edamame you made last night

Thank You Legs...For feeling like jello after I rode my bike this weekend...I love jello legs

Thank You Sarah Palin...For bringing back the art of writing notes on hands...I know you are trying to save trees as you do this

Thank You Self...For being so tired this morning and trying to put a contact in...that was not even on your finger

I had a good workout last night.  Did my Wii fit workout and then the resistance bands and dumbbell workout.  Felt good.

Then it was time for the


Would it be Roberto or Chris L.

Ok so it goes like this...Roberto goes to meet Ali's parents and brother and sister.  They all get along and really the whole time, Ali's mom and her sister are thinking HOLY SHIT - Roberto is so good looking, please pick him so we can Salsa Dance with him.  The dad is thinking, HOLY SHIT - Roberto is good looking and he is gonna be with my daughter?
So Ali goes back to the room with Roberto and he gives her a gift.....yeah...awe..sweet.  She doesnt want to leave she loves him...Think we know what happens that night.
Roberto got him a little PANTS OFF - DANCE OFF action..

Ali, then pulls such an asshole move.  I don't care what Chris and T and everyone else says.  I think her blowing Chris off before the date is such an asshole move.  Thanks Ali, for bringing me here to meet your family, telling them I love you and then going home, and don't even get to enjoy the date.
Don't worry Ali, I will soon have 25 HOT HOT HOTTIES climbing all over me.
Know how I know, the Rainbow told me so. That rainbow is my mom and she told me your not worth it and I will have 25 Hotties.

Frank, oh Frank.  T and I skipped over the Frank update, so I can't even talk about what happened.
Let me just pretend it was like this.
Chris - Frank, how have you been?
Frank - Pretty shitty, Chris. I went back to the ugly chick Nicole and she dumped me.
Chris - Really?
Frank - Yeah, Isn't that some shit?
Chris - Guess you really are a dumbass Frank
Frank - Yeah Chris, I am. Can I be the next bachelor?
Chris - Frank, NO! You are goofy and you wear plaid shorts and v - neck shirts.
Frank - But but but but...
Chris - Ok, oh to the Bachelor Pad..

Its Tuesday





Helene August 3, 2010 at 2:28 PM   Reply to

Okay, wait..I missed hte part where Chris doesn't get his overnight date. But I did see her send him they didn't get their overnight date? So basically she did Roberto and would've felt like a total scum going on an overnight with Chris.

I had a feeling she'd pick Roberto...and oddly enough they actually seem like they'll make it work. I do wish he'd do something about his eyebrows though...those things are gonna be so out of control when he's in his 50's. She thinks he's good looking now but that dude is gonna have hair growing out of his nose and his ears like no one's business someday and then she'll think "WTF was I thinking?"

Chels August 3, 2010 at 10:23 PM   Reply to

Ah, household gas. Good times.

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