Friday, August 20, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-20-10....with a little love for Matty Ice & Tom Brady can suck a fat one

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I am so glad it is Friday.  How glad?  Really glad.  I am so glad that I might just give all of you reader exactly what you want.  What that is I don't know, so I will get back to you on that.

By this time next week, we will be in Disney World, walking, eating, sleeping and sweating with Mickey and his Crew.  We are all so excited, I know the kids are and T and I are. 

A big thank you to my Mom and Dad and the kids Nanny and PawPaw for taking us to Disney this year.  Last year was the first year we missed due to the fact that we bought the kids a big backyard playground.  But this year, we pack up the mini and hit the road.  Orlando or bust!!!!!

C1, our first born will be 7 on Sept. 3rd, but since we will be in Disney he is going to have his Bday party tomorrow at Uncle Nolan adn Aunt Bing Bing's pool.  Nothing like a pool party.  We will then celebrate his actual Bday in Disney when we eat at the famous Chef Mickeys.

T and I will be cleaning the rest of the house and then we will start packing this Sunday.  I will be doing yard work so we dont come home to a forest.

I am personally excited to be going to play hoops tonight, I havn't played in a while so I am eager to see if I still have that stroke. Not that stroke, the stoke of the lefty and the flick of the wrist.  Stop being dirty.

The kids first week of school has been very good.  C1 is picking up right where he left off and doing very good and C2, honestly has surprised me.  I thought he would give T fits but she says he has done so well. She told me the other day that he wants to do schoolwork all day long.

I get home last night and I have one thing on my mind, NO not SEX, I let T have a night off, Im kind like that.  I wanted to know if my jersey came in the mail??????
As soon as I pulled in the garage, C1 & C3 were waiting to greet me.
In her loud voice, C3 tells me to close my eyes.  I tell her I can't yet baby, I have to get in the garage.
I get in and the kids lead me upstairs to our bedroom where I see................................

A MATT RYAN #2 red jersey on T.
(by the way, she looked damn good in that jersey)

She took it off, I put it on...
and oh my god.....It felt so good.
I love it, I felt like a kid on Christmas.  It is so F-ING awesome.

Look, you can tell the difference between the Norwood replica
and the Ryan authentic (look at the numbers)
To Annies husband Josh (Redskins), I hear you have a man crush on my
boy Matty Ice.....
step back, he's mine.
Josh you want to touch that jersey dont you?  Too Bad!!
To Matty Ice, you didn't take long to make your way into my heart and replace ol' #7.  I really loved him too, but when you came along, I felt things for you that I havn't felt in a while. Your clean cut, good looking, you have a great arm, your a perfect example of how a Falcon should be. Please remember that if you ever need someone to keep you company on a lonley night, call me
Love, This Daddy
(P.S.  If you get a letter from Annie's husband Josh...Throw it away, he is a stalker)

And to Chrissy's husband Josh (Your Mom)....
I want you to know, if you continue to mock me and my team while they are playing
I will hunt you down brother..I don't know what I would do to you, but I will figure that out later!!
Damn you for texting me last night while I was crying during the
ass reaming that the Falcons received at the hands of the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Yes the Falcons got wiped off the field as clean as a babies ass with fresh sensitive wipes.

And speaking of Tom (F-ing) Brady, I mentioned yesterday that I would never wear his jersey,
T told me that I would wear it.  I said no!  She said "WANNA BET?"
I said "Oh, I see....A Pants Off Dance Off  threat"
"Your Right"

And Mr. Brady, please know that it is a good thing you only play us in the pre-season.  I would hate to have to find your hotel room and seal your door shut.  Asshole.  Tom my wife might think you are goodlooking, little does she know.  You are a.....???  Damn it!!  You are good looking and your a f-ing good Qb too.  I don't reall have anything bad to say about you...Asshole

Ok, so heres the plan for the weekend.
Basketball tonight, T warns me if I get hurt and fuck up the Disney vacation, or come home complaining about being sore tonight, she is gonna punch me in the balls.  My sweetheart.

Saturday, T is going to a shower, not one of those crazy girl things where they all get in a shower together, but a baby shower.

Then we are having C1's bday party with all his friends before we head out of town.

Sunday, it all begins.  The pulling of suitcases, then start packing, laundry, yard work, cleaning house to get it ready before we leave next week.  We cant leave the house a mess before we go.



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Disney is so close I can almost smell all of the sweaty people satnding in line in front of me..



Anonymous,  August 20, 2010 at 10:17 PM   Reply to

Thanks a lot for posting these pics. Now, guess who wants a jersey! I guess I know what 0007 is getting for his birthday.

Josh August 21, 2010 at 10:26 AM   Reply to

So you will really be upset when you are losing in FFB and I text you? I think they need to bring back the dirty bird!

Megan M. August 21, 2010 at 11:02 AM   Reply to

Tom Brady and his whole crew of panty-ass cheating teammates and coaches can suck it.
That is all.

Mama M. August 23, 2010 at 10:06 AM   Reply to

Dang, you crack me up!!, I'm on T-'s side...Tom Brady is a hotty. 'Cept with his Justin Beiber hair...that's kinda gross.

I've been stalking your blog...I've gotta tell you...your kids are gorgeous!! Seriously...I am totally envious of your oldest boy's hair right now. It is amazing!

What is your twitter handle? I watched your Tasteful Selections video, and I loved it! Was gonna tweet you that, but can't find you (maybe you're *gasp* not on twitter?!)!!

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